Muskaan 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Muskaan steals the keys

Muskaan 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak and Muskaan coming to Sir ji. Sir ji asks why did you come. They say don’t make Gayatri work in the brothel, she isn’t fine. Sir ji shouts on them and asks them to leave. They leave. Sir ji says I love Gayatri a lot, she is my wife, I can do anything for her, she is facing this because of the situation, they think I want to trouble her more. Tara says leave it, tell me what will you do today. He says Ronak is playing mind game with me, I will play with his mind today, I will hurt him mentally.

Ronak and Muskaan get troubled when Mala gives them much work. Mala asks Gayatri to make food. Tabassum says Gayatri won’t do any work, she will stay with me. Muskaan, Ronak and Gayatri see the keys. Ronak says we got loss for you, we will pay for it, we felt bad, I have an idea. He gets the soft toys and some people are on strike in the factory, I told them to import the toys, until workers come, it will be beneficial for both. Tabassum says fine. She takes the keys. Tabassum asks the girls to make the toys. Muskaan collides with Tabassum. Ronak picks the keys. Ronak gives the keys to Tabassum.

Tabassum asks him to become bodyguard of the girls when they meet clients. Ronak gets angry. Muskaan calms him down. Tabassum asks Gayatri to be careful and not let anything get missed. She goes to take a bath and leaves keys there. The client asks Ronak to go and leave him alone with the girls. Ronak says I m the bodyguard. He stops the man and says don’t touch any girl. Muskaan stops Ronak. Ronak says I wanted to slap that man. Muskaan says I know what you are feeling, this is a brothel, you know how people treat girls here, we have to send Sir ji to jail, tell me, did you find the key. He says yes, I think the right key is ancestral type, it looks different, we will find the secret. She asks what’s the secret behind that red door that can ruin him. She asks Ronak to go. Gayatri says I will do the work. Tabassum says as you like, you are Sir ji’s wish, I can’t argue with you. She sends Gayatri out. Sharma comes.

Tabassum welcomes him. He goes upstairs. He sees the girls. Ronak says stay far and don’t touch. The client says its a brothel, two types of men come here, buyers and agents, why are you becoming a superman. Ronak slaps and twists his hand. He says I m third type, superman, I m protecting the girls here, you learn to respect them. He slaps Sharma also. He makes them leave. Tabassum scolds Ronak for making loss for him. Tara comes there and flirts with Ronak. Muskaan shouts lizard. Tabassum drops the keys. Muskaan pick the keys and gets the red door lock key. She throws the keys back. She says lizard went there, why are you so worried, its auspicious if lizard falls on you. Gayatri comes home and gives the coconut water. Tabassum asks why did you get late. Ronak scolds her and asks her to talk well with his mum. Gayatri says it took time because of crowd. Tabassum asks Ronak to remember that he is a servant.

Tabassum looks for her keys. Muskaan gives the keys. She says one key is less, where did it go. She scolds them and asks Mala to check everyone well. Muskaan sees the girls making toys. The key goes in the toy. Mala says no one has the key. Muskaan says this toy is really good, I designed this for you. Ronak says my mood is not good. Muskaan says have it, I made it by all my heart. Tara says don’t be stubborn, I will keep this. Tabassum says Muskaan, I want the keys until I come back. Muskaan says the key was inside the soft toy. Ronak asks what, you should have told me. She says get it from Tara, go.

Ronak and Muskaan unlock the secret room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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