Kehne Ko Toh Hum Humsafar Hain (CHAPTER 1)

2010, 1 JAN (FRIDAY) (9:00 AM) DELHI, INDIA.

A big college campus is shown with students walking, talking and roaming around. The big beautiful college gate is shown. On top of the gate, MASTERS’ COLLEGE is written. One black Mercedes and another blue Mercedes came near the gate and was about to bang into each other. The driver of the black car was a boy and the blue ones was a girl.

BOY (irritated)— Oo teri!!! Isse mera gari se kya dushmani hain?

He came out of the car arrogantly putting his hands in his jeans pocket. He was looking really handsome and dashing wearing white casual coat, black high neck sweater and blue jeans. He stood in front of his car leaning onto it. A beautiful and gorgeous girl with very long hair came out of the blue car. She was wearing a simple plain beautiful white anarkali with white overcoat.

GIRL (apologetically)— Viren.

V1 (smiling lightly)— Jeevika.

J (smiling)— Sorry na.

V1 (smiling)— Tum kitni baar meri gari thokte thokte rukiho pata hain?

J (smiling apologetically)— Sorry.

V1 (smirking)— Ok, baba. Maaf kiya. Par mujhe ek kiss chahiye.

J (in a shocked voice)— Viren!!!

V1 (mocking her tone)— Jeevika!!!

J (in a stern voice and blushing)— No, Viren.

V1 (whining)— This is not fair.

J (smirking)— I don’t play fair, love.

Another dashing and handsome boy came out of the black car wearing black casual coat with blue jeans and black pullover sweater.

Boy— Bhai, what happened? Gari thik hain right?

V1 (smiling)— Nothing, Kunj. The usual. And yeah gari thik hain.

Kunj looked at Jeevika.

K1 (smiling lightly)— Aap…..

V1 (in a confused voice)— Vo…..

Kunj smiled and joins his hands in a manner of greeting.

K1 (smiling)— Namaste, Bhabiji. Kaisi hain aap?

Viren and Jeevika both were shocked.

V1 (in a shocked voice)— Kunj, tujhe kaise…..matlab…..

K1 (smirking)— Come on, bhai. Jab kisike phone mein, laptop pein sabse zyada pictures ek hi larkike ho, singles, group ya fir edits. Toh hum or kya samjhe bhai? Or toh or saved as the name LOVE……I mean… wow I never knew you were this romantic.

V1— Kunj….

Both Viren and Jeevika were blushing like mad. Another beautiful girl with long hair in a french braid came out of the blue car. She was wearing a black anarkali just like Jeevika with black overcoat.

Girl—And to add spice to that I checked Di’s phone and laptop too. Sorry, Di. And I informed Kunj. Namaste, Jijaji.

V1 (smiling)— Namaste. Namaste, Sali sahiba.

J (irritated)— Shut up, Viren. Twinkle, tune mere phone or laptop check kiya?

T (smiling mischievously)— Sorry, Di. Par aap mujhe sidhe muh bata thori dete. So research karna para.

K1 (smirking)— Waise, Twinkle, hum chalte hain. What say?

Twinkle nodded smirking and waved at Virika.

V1 (smiling mischievously)— So……

Viren was about to take Jeevika’s hand when Jeevika escaped.

J (running and laughing)— So what, Mr. Vadhera?!!!!

Jeevika ran inside while Viren walked behind her smiling.

In Twinj campus building, Twinj were walking to their class.

K1 (in  a whiny voice)— Twinki, jaldi chal, yaar. Hum late hojayenge.

T (looking at her watch)— Class main toh abhi time hain….. (in a soft sad tone) Purvi se milna hain?

Kunj laughs.

T (looking down and speaking in a soft tone)— Kunj, tum sach main usse pyaar karte ho?

K1 (in a confused voice)— Yeh kaisa sawal hain, Twinki?

T (looking down)— Batao na.

K1 (nodding his head and smiling)— Yeah, I do. I love her.

T (looking at him)— Can I ask you something?

Kunj nods confused.

T (looking down and mumbling)— Kya voh kabhi tumhari zindagi mein meri jagah le sakti hain?

K1 (in a shocked voice)— Twinki, what…..

T (looking down)— Answer me, Kunj.

K1 (in a slightly angry voice)— No.

T (looking at him)— Sure?

K1 (looking at her in the eyes)— 100%.

T (mumbling)— Whom do you trust much?

K1 (in a shocked voice)— Twinkle!

T (looking down)— Kunj.

K1 (looking away)— Both. bye.

Kunj was about to go when Twinkle held his hand.

T (in a cute voice)— Gussa hogaye?

K1 (looking away)— Nahi.

T (in a cute voice)— Sorry.

K1 (still looking away)— It’s okay.

Twinkle hugs Kunj.

T (whispering)— Please.

Kunj sighed before hugging her back.

K1 (smiling lightly)— Why can’t I stay mad at you?

T (smiling)— Because i am cute. I am sorry. I was just being insecure about you.

Twinkle broke the hug and held his both hands in hers.

T (looking at his hand)— Agar woh mujhe kabhi pasand nahi ayi, toh tum hamara rista tood doge?

K1 (in an irritated voice)— Twinki, tu puri pagal ho chuki hain. Kya anab-sanab bake ja rahi hain?

T (looking at him)— Kunj…..

Suddenly a pretty girl came wearing a blue jumpsuit, make-up. curled hair and blue overcoat and hugged Kunj from the back. Kunj smiled keeping his hand-palms on hers.

K1 (smiling)— Hey, Purvi.

P (smiling)— Hey, baby. Come. Mujhe tumhe kuch dekha na hain.

She started pulling him with her.

T (in a helpless voice)— Kunj.

Kunj didn’t turn and went with Purvi. Twinkle was standing there with teary eyes. A tear skipped down her cheek when it was held by someone on their palm. A dasing and handsome boy is shown wearing red casual coat, white sweater and black jeans.

T (looking at him through teary eyes)— Kavin. Kav.

Twinkle hugged Kavin and let out a silent sob.

K2 (sighing)— It’s Kunj and Purvi again, right? Tu kyu roti hain unhe dekhke?

T (in a crying voice)— Because I love him, damn it!

K2 (in a hushed voice)— I know but what to do?

T (in a crying voice)— I don’t know. But it hurts.

Hi everyone. I hope you liked the first chapter. The real drama of possessive and selfish Twinkle starts in the next part. So stay tuned. Please like and comment guys. Assalamu alaikum.

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