Kawach is back with Joti and Jeevan…. Season 2 (Episode 16)

Mega episode:

in previous episode we learnt that joti is captured by goons and she was trying to save her life where she fell down from cliff….in fossa.where in home Rajbir wokeup as he smelled of danger.

Joti is fall from cliff and at about 1 feet she is stop falling by something….she is in air. At 1 feet high she is in air with her two wings.
She turns her neck and she sees two wings. She becomes shocked and screaming.

Arhaan comes in his jinn avatar.

He tHrows her blue light on her that she becomes faint. when she faints jhanvi also in jinn avatar comes(long blue maxi with a blue crown and with blue eyes).

Jhanvi: Arhaan!…she had seen her wings what will we do now?

Arhaan: dont worry my darling…”kbi na kbi tw pta chalna tha”

jhanvi: lets take home.

Arhaan lifts joti and trio disappear.

They reached at joti ‘s room.

Rajbir is calling jhanvi.

jhanvi: Dad is calling me …..

Arhaan: ?go…i hide here.

She goes to Rajbir at hall(transform into human).

Rajbir: joti….where is she?

jhanvi: in room…

Rajbir goes to her room.he reach. He sees her sleeping.

Jhanvi: i told you.

Rajbir: hmm….go and sleep.


Joti wakes up. She rememberes the last night incident shocked to see herself in her room and her wings are disappeared.

Joti: “yeh kya ho ra h mere sath”.??

she goes to fresh.

Jhanvi enters in room with arhaan.

Jhanvi: “jb usay pta chaly ga kay….wo ik pari ki beti hai”…(continue)

Joti opens the washroom door she sees jhanvi and arhaan.

Jhanvi: “R jb ghar walo ko pata chalay ga k me tumhari wife hoo tw kya hoga?”

joti: (loudly) what!?

both see her….gone in shocked.

Joti: janu what are you saying….you are …. his wife….what the

Arhaan: (i think she is not listened her truth but she came to know our truth) joti….yes it is right.

jhanvi: ? Arhaan!

Arhaan: no jhanvi….”kb tak chupaoo gi”

Joti: “us hitler(Rajbir) ko pata chala na tw jaan sa maar dengy tum dono ko”

jhanvi: shutup joti!

joti: no shutup….listen…i m not the part of this game….i m going to tell everything to dadi.

Jhanvi: jotiiii?

she runs from there.

Arhaan: “roko usay tumhari bhen hai wo”

jhanvi: “wo jaa chuki hai”

Arhaan: “toba toba (looking up)….paridhi…kya kah kay paida kiya hai tum ne ise?”

What happens next?

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  1. Jasminerahul

    luckily bcz of wings joti didn’t fall down.what?arhaan has a wife?I am confused.does he love jhanvi or are they pretending?’

    1. Rajdhi

      No they are not pretending….read more for twist

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