Last Breath – Last Wish (Horror Stories By Samayra) Episode 1

Hi Everyone….
This is my first fan fiction….
Hope you all will like it…..


During summers, one day Shanaya, a young workaholic girl, while going for the office, met with an accident after seeing a hallucination.Someone admitted her in city hospital, where She get treatment by Dr. Aryan a surgeon, who is also a believer of paranormal-activities.

While recovering with accident, Shanaya starts to see the hallucination of unknown persons,from which she gets scared and shared her experience with Dr. Aryan.At first Dr. Aryan thought it as side effects of accident or due to heavy dose of medicines but after going through her medical report, he found that the reports are normal.

Shanaya gets discharge from hospital and for few days she didn’t get any hallucination but suddenly a day, She met with an old man who needs her help and the old man said that they had met before. after recalling him, she found that he was the same old man, whose dead body She saw in the hospital.She gets scared.Suddenly the man disappeared.
She thought to discuss it with Dr. Aryan and calls him….
Mobile’s bell rings…
Dr.Aryan picks the call and they both decide to meet somewhere….

to be continued….:)


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