Kawach 21st July 2019 Written Episode Update: Sandhya’s twin sister kills Manoj and Bhairavi, their truth is revealed

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The Episode starts with Manoj asking Angad to save him and says this…Lady lights the match stick and puts on him. Manoj gets burnt. Kapil and the lady ghost looks on. The call gets disconnected. Angad says something is wrong, I will go and see. Sandhya says I will go and see. Angad says you will not come with us and asks her to rest. Sandhya insists. They come to Ashutosh’s home and finds him burnt and dead on the floor. Angad covers Sandhya. He says we came late. Jolly and Bhairavi come there calling Manoj and are shocked. Angad says he said that he is in danger. Jolly says who killed him. Angad says pret aatma and says one aatma’s name is Kapil. They ask jolly and bhairavi if they know Kapil. Bhairavi is shocked, but says she doesn’t know. Jolly says I don’t know him and cries.

Sandhya ties rudraksha’s thread to Bhairavi and asks her to wear it. Bhairavi says I don’t need it as I don’t know Kapil. She is about to take it off. Sandhya says that aatmas was behind us and asks her to wear it. Bua tells that this story started from Sandhya’s village. Pratibha tells that the ghosts are killing your friends, not us. Sandhya goes to room. Angad comes following her. Sandhya says nobody remembers Kapil and says there is surely some connection. Sandhya realizes seeing the file and goes to storeroom with Angad. She tells him about seeing kapil’s pic and file there. They start searching the file. Sandhya says something was written on it, thinks and says Agni Varsha. He says he finds the name familiar. Sandhya says they shall search on net. Angad searches on internet and says there was a news that fire broke out in Agnivarsha restaurant. He says 30 people died in the fire accident. He reads that owners claimed that it was an accident, but the people said that the owners light the fire to claim the insurance as they were in loss. Sandhya says may be Kapil was among the dead.

Angad searches more and comes to know that the insurance investigating officer went missing along with his family, who was investigating the case. Sandhya asks who was he? Angad says Kapil. Sandhya sees his pic and says he is Kapil. She says that’s why Kapil and that lady is burning everyone and taking revenge. Angad asks who is that lady? Sandhya says may be his wife. She says why they are after us? Angad searches on the net and finds that the owners were Ashutosh, Manoj and Bhairavi. Angad says now I remember that when the restaurant was launched, I was invited, but I was in London. Sandhya says Manoj, Ashutosh and Bhairavi killed Kapil and his wife after killing 30 people. She says we thought Kapil to be bad, but actually bad thing happened with them and they were killed. Angad says we shall talk to Bhairavi.

Bhairavi comes to room and calls someone. She says this project was yours, we were just the face for the people. She says it is enough and asks him to fix it. She says if her name comes then she will reveal who was behind the conspiracy and killed Kapil and his family. She asks him to do something and help her out. She says thanks and ends the call. She turns and sees Kapil standing. She says you? She thinks she must be hallucinating and asks him not to come near her. Balraj asks Vinayak and family to have food. Vinayak says no, we will leave. Angad comes there and says Bhairavi aunty know Kapil and they are behind us because of us. Jolly says she was in the house, we shall search her.

Bhairavi is in the room. The lady ghost appears infront of her. Bhairavi says I have raksha kavach, you can’t harm me. Kapil says even now you are foolish. He says what do you think that this rudraksha will protect you, they will protect you leaving their own family and thinks if you think this way then its wrong. He says this family has used you always and this Rudraksha will make you our aim. Bhairavi asks you are lying. Kapil says then why we are not getting burnt and affected. She says this rudraksha is giving us strength and bringing us near you. Bhairavi gets angry and throws rudraksha. Kapil holds her neck and says this is what I wanted. Angad calls Bhairavi. Kapil vanishes with Bhairavi. Angad comes to the room and finds Bhairavi’s mobile and rudraksha. Sandhya comes there. They look outside the window and see Bhairavi going in her car. Sandhya says we shall go and save her.

Bhairavi is in the car and apologizes to Kapil. She sees lady ghost on the back seat. She asks Kapil sitting beside her, where are we going? Suddenly her car vanishes. Her car is taken to Kapil’s house. Bhairavi pleads for forgiveness and says I didn’t want to kill you. Kapil asks her if she remembers how they killed his, his wife and their little baby in the cradle. He says that death is still burning and says that little baby died. Bhairavi says I am sorry and cries. Kapil asks her to remember that day.

A fb is shown, Kapil tells Ashutosh, Manoj and Bhairavi that he won’t let them be safe and says he will get them punished. Manoj asks him to think about himself. Kapil says you opened restaurant at an illegal place and got money from the insurance company after burning the restaurant and killing the innocent people. He says I promise that I will expose your 4th partner and will get him punished as well. His wife says we came here for meet someone. Manoj and Ashutosh laugh on her and tell that you came for death. Kapil asks what did you say about my family. He starts beating them. Bhairavi hits something on his head. Kapil falls down. His wife asks him to get up. Manoj, Ashutosh and Bhairavi go out and throw petrol on his house. They see them throwing petrol on their house. Kapil asks them not to burn them and let them go. They burn them. Then they call someone and say their enemy is dead. Fb ends.

Bhairavi apologizes to Kapil and his wife. Angad and Sandhya see her car and come there. Kapil tells her that today her death came. Sandhya and Angad come there. Kapil says I will kill her infront of you both. Sandhya says we came to know what happened with you and your family. She says we know this and asks him not to take the law in hand and asks him not to do this crime. Angad promises that he and his family will get justice. Sandhya says we promise this. The lady ghost says who will punish you and tells that the main guilty person is you. She asks who will punish you. Sandhya says I don’t know you, then why am I responsible for your death. The lady ghost holds her neck. Sandhya says I really don’t know. The lady ghost reveals her face. Sandhya is shocked to see her lookalike. Angad is also shocked. Sandhya says your face resembles my face.

Angad says how can this happen? Sandhya asks who are you? The lady ghost says you are still acting to be innocent and asks her not to act. She says you know everything. Sandhya says I swear that I don’t know you and asks do we have some relation. The lady ghost asks are you playing game with me and says your game will not work now. She makes Sandhya and Angad fall. Angad asks Sandhya to come. Sandhya says I will not leave Bhairavi aunty here. The lady ghost kills and burns Bhairavi fully. Kapil looks on. Sandhya says Bhairavi aunty. Angad says she is dead and takes her from there. Sandhya comes and tells Usha, Vinayak and their family about Kapil’s wife to be her lookalike. Usha asks are you sure? Sandhya says this happens when…Usha goes near Vinayak and slaps him repeatedly. She says this happens when there is a twin sisters. She questions Vinayak why did you do this and cries badly. Usha asks why did you lie to me and others. Sandhya tries to pacify Usha.

Vinayak says Usha. Usha says I hate you, don’t touch me. Sandhya asks why Aai is behaving like this and asks what is the matter? Vinayak says the girl whom you have seen is your twin sister. He says when your mother was pregnant, she was having twins. He says I can’t forget that night and whatever happened that night. Usha gets labour pains, her mother asks her not to worry. Vinayak asks Pandit ji why usha is taking so much time to deliver. Pandit ji says something wrong is going to happen and says according to kundali, you will have twin daughters, but the second girl will become the reason of your elder daughter’s destroyal and your family’s destroyal. Vinayak is shocked.

Precap: Vinayak tells that Pandit ji had told that your sister will ruin your and our lives so I couldn’t be silent. The lady ghost comes there and says your sin pot is full. Doctor informs Angad that Sandhya is pregnant. Angad and Sandhya are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. i did not see this serial for a long time, becozz fan of Kapil and hated the fact he turned completely antagonist, however I got an urge to see yesterday’s episode to know Kapil’s past life. But now i feel these writers are confusing again. Wasn’t that lady in maharastrian sadi the same lady who killed Sandya’s bua years ago, so how can that be Sandhya’s twin sister. Because Kapil and his family were murdered two years back, but Sandy’s aunt got killed even before she was born. Secondly, since Kapil is non-living being how can he provide his sperm for creating his child in Sandy’s womb, and how can that child be his and his wife’s because he got intimate with Sandy, so technically this child is his and Sandy’s. At first i did want Sandy-Kapil pair, but now since i wish good people’s win over evil,,,i hope all the good win over evil in this serial, no matter who is with whom

  2. Kapil didn’t intimate with sandy,, he just read some mantras and make her pregnant by keeping his hand on her stomach.. like Hukum and vish child in naagin 3

    1. No he did, that is why he kept asking her for a cricket team (as he was impatient) and tried to be close with her every time not even allowing to stay close to her own family members nor jindal family members, even on 6th July episode he did say to Angad that he consummated his suhaag raat with Sandhya. We can justify that he did so to make him jealous and torture him, but i don’t think because all his actions and words do prove that he had been intimate with at some point of time.

  3. I heard that Kapil’s character is going to be removed due to change in story line and low trps, but i guess it is only because of his character the plot has some interesting pace, i wish the makers change their mind and not remove Kapil

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