Painful Love ( Kanchi And Sukor) – Episode 2

               Painful Love



Recap:- Kanchi friendship and dance.

Swara dragged Sanchi with her outside the mansion.

“Swara what happened??” Sanchi questioned her.

“Sanchi just one minute.” She answered.

They both reached the garden and Sanchi felt a pair of hands covering her eyes and inside when Kabir was going somewhere, someone covered his eyes too. Both Kanchi were shocked first then they calmed after getting who is covering their eyes.

“Do you think I won’t recognise you!!?” Both Kanchi said to the person.

Sanchi and Kabir held the hands covering their eyes and removed them. They both turned around and hugged the other person.

“I knew only you can do this.” Kanchi said and broke the hug.

“I missed you alot.” Sanchi said to the young girl infront of her.

“I missed you too and now you don’t have to miss me.” The girl said.

“Wait…..don’t tell me that now you have joined SDCH and you will live here.” Sanchi said and the girl nodded. Sanchi gets excited and twirled the girl around.


“I missed you yaar.” Kabir said.

“Now don’t tell me that you don’t know that I am joining SDCH as a mentor.” The boy said.

“Wait you are joining SDCH….Have you told Vivaan about this?” Kabir questioned.

“Yaa ofcourse I told him.” The boy confirmed and Kabir hit his forehead with his hand?‍♂️.

“Yaa as if you don’t know he is best in irritating me and hiding things from me.” Kabir said and they both burst into laughter.

“BTW I am really happy to see you here Suraj/Chakor.” Both Kanchi said in unison.


“Chakor let’s go inside.” Sanchi said and the trio went inside.

Inside Kabir went on the stage with Suraj to introduce Suraj.

“So interns, I want to introduce you to Dr. Suraj Rajvanshi who will teach you with me.” Kabir introduced him.

“Hello interns, I am your new mentor Suraj and  your Kabir sir is my childhood friend. But I’m not a khroos (Grumpy) like him so just chill and enjoy the party.” Suraj said and Kabir fumes but remained silent.

And here our trio entered the Mansion and Sanchi dragged Chakor with her.

“Chakor you wait here. I’ll just go and tell mom that you have arrived.” Sanchi said and Chakor nodded so Sanchi went from there.

After Sanchi left, a young boy with ghost masked ?jumped in front of Chakor and shouted making Chakor scared. She screamed and ran from there.

The boy removed his mask and is revealed to be Veer. (Here Veer knows Chakor too as he went Lucknow many times to meet Sanchi. Chakor is the daughter of Dr. Sunil Mishra for him and others too.)

Chakor ran and hugged an unknown man repeating “Help me please help me.” The man got lost in her innocent face and is revealed to be our handsome Suraj Rajvanshi. And as he was lost, he became like a statue.

On the other side, Sanchi saw Veer laughing and Chakor missing and got confused.

“Veer what are you doing here and where is Chakor?” Sanchi questioned him.

“Chakor….what are you saying Sanchi?? How can she be here?” Veer said trying best to be innocent.

“Veer don’t lie….I know you have done something….Wait this mask that means you scared her and….wait a minute she ran away.” Sanchi said and Veer nodded seeing no other options.

“Veeeer you…..I will see you afterwards.” Sanchi said and started finding Chakor.

On the other side, Chakor realised that she is safe so let go off Suraj.

“Sorry…Actually I was too scared that I…….” Chakor said but saw him lost somewhere.

“Hello….” Chakor shook him.

“Yes what you said?” Suraj said after coming out of his dream land.

“Yes I was saying I was scared so I……I’m sorry for what i did.” Chakor took a deep breath.

Just than Sanchi and Kabir reached there searching them and Veer was behind Sanchi and he hide behind the wall knowing very well Chakor’s anger.

“Chakor I searched you everywhere and u r here and Chakor, the one who scared u was Veer only. He did a prank on you.” Sanchi told her everything.

“Veer did this!!??” Chakor said and saw Veer behind the wall but thought to handle him afterwards. Veer also came out seeing her not reacting.

“Suraj what are you doing here and what is happening?” Kabir questioned Suraj on not getting anything.

“Actually I was attending a call and I met her.” Suraj said pointing towards Chakor.

“Kabir I’ll tell u…actually she (pointing towards Chakor) is my best friend Chakor and Veer did prank on her, she got scared ang bumped with him (pointing towards Suraj).” Sanchi told him everything.

“Oh BTW he (pointing towards Suraj) is your mentor, Suraj and Suraj she ( pointing towards Sanchi) is Sanchi and you know him (pointing towards Veer).” Kabir introduced them.

“Oh yes who can forget this prankster and hyy Sanchi.” Suraj said forwarding his hand towards Sanchi.

“Nice to meet u sir.” Sanchi said taking his hand.

“Oh please don’t call me sir. I’m too young call me Suraj.” Suraj said and Sanchi smiled.

“And you are Chakor right?” Suraj said seeing her and she nodded. They both shook hands.

“I think somebody has forgotten me.” Veer said and turned around with his arms crossed in front of his chest. Seeing this, Suraj hit his back head.

“Oye Mr. Prankster if you get more emotional then I’ll change your name to Mr.  Emotional.” Suraj said which made Veer to turn.

“No way I love my name Mr. Prankster. Don’t you dare to change it.” Veer commented and hugged Suraj.

“Veer you see…I didn’t say anything here but our hostel is same, I’ll see you there.” Chakor said with a evil smile and Suraj saw something.

Suraj**Oh so she is also an intern but she is different and that smile….it’s not the real one, she faked her smile…she is just showing a smile…and her eyes she is……uff I can’t say anything about her….but I think she is hiding something….wish to see the real smile on her face** and he smiled to himself.

After sometime, Chakor was seen going outside of the mansion with sadness visible in her eyes and a fake smile over her lips. And a pair of eyes saw her leaving the Mansion and decided to follow her.

Chakor went outside the mansion in the big garden. She stood there with her eyes closed, her smile faded and a lone tear escaped her eye. She opened her eyes and went a little far and sat on a bench with her head down. Every night she couldn’t control herself and the flashes of her horrible past give more pain to her. She now started to cry. Tears of sadness were making their way down. And the person who followed her was witnessing all this. He was feeling sad for her. He wanted to go there and wipe her tears and hug her so tight to let her know that she doesn’t deserve any tear but he couldn’t do that.

“Again again these tears.” Chakor said in between her tears.

She looked up and saw moon glowing and she like everyday cried seeing Moon.

Inside, Sanchi was talking to someone when something strike her. She quickly excused herself and checked her watch and saw everywhere in the hall as if she was finding someone. Kabir who was starring at her followed her as he saw tension on her face.

Sanchi after searching everywhere took a deep breath and made her way towards the garden. From the door she saw someone sitting on the bench and a weak smile formed on her lips.

She made her way towards the person and Kabir who had followed her saw Suraj hiding behind the wall but remained silent and hid behind another wall.

Sanchi went and put her hand on Chakor’s shoulder. Chakor quickly hugged her without opening her eyes as if knowing the person. Seeing her, Sanchi also started crying but quickly removed her tears.

“Chakor….Calm down.” Sanchi said in a low voice and Chakor break the hug. Sanchi sat on the bench besides her.

Chakor took a deep breath and said,”Let’s go Sanchi….anyone can see us.” And with this she stoop up and removed her tears and went inside the Mansion and Sanchi just smiled at her friend.

“Chakor you are really very strong. But….” Sanchi lost her words. She too got up and went inside.

Now the two persons remaining there were hell confused. Kabir went towards Suraj and put his hand over his shoulder and Suraj turned, he had tears in his eyes but he didn’t let them flow.

“Suraj what is this??” Kabir questioned seeing his friend like this.

“Kabir I was right….she has gone through something bad…..she….I don’t know why I feel bad after seeing her crying…..She is trying to be strong my heart says….I…I want to know about her why she is like this?? I don’t know why but my heart says I want yo help her. I want to see her real smile.” Suraj completed and removed his tears. Kabir just smiled at him as if knowing that what is going on with him but didn’t utter a word. Suraj just left from there as he was confused why he is feeling like this??

Kabir**Suraj I know what this all meant but I want you to know yourself about this. Don’t worry my friend, you will see her real smile soon and I’ll help you to realise that you have fell for her at the very first sight. I saw your eyes when you first met her.**

“I think I need Sanchi’s help in all this as she is only one I guess who knows about Chakor.” Kabir took decision to help his friend but who will help him with his love matter????


Okay so does this make sense??!!

About the story, I want to saythat it will be a mysterious one and a leap is soon gonna happen.

I need a help if anyone can tell me how to add images in the story?? I’m really confused.

What do u think about Sukor and ofcourse Mr. Cupid a.k.a Kabir?

A humble request to all the writers, please continue your stories… I love all of them. I miss Kanchi alot and I wanna read stories please continue your stories.

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And thanks for reading my weird story.

  1. Are they related to Sukur from Azadgang or not?

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      No they aren’t it’s different

  2. I think the love story of Sukur in Udaan was very very unique and no other Sukur-story will be as sweet as it.

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      I agree with u but this is just my love towards them….if u don’t like to read then plz don’t give such comments dear it’s a humble request

  3. Oh! I’m so so sorry!
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    I won’t repeat such comments again.

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  5. Nice story, wonder what’s Chakor’s hidden pain. Does Sanchi know the truth?

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      Thanks Nemo dear??…and yes Sanchi knows about her past..??

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