Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Baji doesn’t go with Mastani because of Kashi

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 9th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Guruji thanks Baji and Kashi for doing the pooja. He tells Baji that husband and wife are a unit and they always face everything together. Radha says to bless them to be together always. Mastani is angry seeing them together. Radha says people will know now that Baji might be distracted but he wouldn’t back down from his duties, he is strong with Kashi and always face things together. Radha asks Baji to make Kashi wear the garland, she is your wife. Mastani is hurt seeing all that. Baji and Kashi exchange garlands. Mastani says I should have been there with Baji, not Kashi. Radha says I have made a new mangalsutra for Kashi as it’s a good omen. She asks Baji to make her wear that. Baji makes Kashi wear it. Kashi gets emotional. Mastani says I can’t see all this, nobody celebrated me with Baji like this. Kashi tells Baji I felt like you are my Rao like before. Baji says nothing has changed, nobody can take Kashi’s place in my life. Mastani tells Matank that Baji can’t be mine fully till Kashi is in his life. She leaves from there. The pooja ends. Baji tells Kashi that I have to leave now. Chimaji says please stay here. Baji starts leaving from there, he turns to look at Kashi and nods.

Baji comes to meet Mastani and says we will go but I have called Kashi to talk. Kashi comes there. Baji tells Mastani that I can trust Kashi fully, if she takes the responsibility for you then I don’t worry about your protection. He asks Kashi if she can take the responsibility of protecting Mastani more than her life? Kashi says I have always taken responsibilities that you have given so I promise to protect Mastani, death will have to face me first before reaching Kashi. She won’t be hurt till I am here. Baji smiles and asks Mastani if she will stay here now? Mastani nods. Baji says then I will tell everyone that we are not going anywhere, he leaves. Mastani tells Kashi that you promised to not stop Baji. Kashi says he came to me, he chose both of us. Mastani says you won right? Kashi says I just know Baji will be with his son, don’t be stubborn. Mastani says I won’t let you win again. Kashi says time will tell. She leaves from there.

Mastani is angry and comes to her room, she finds Radha there. Radha says you didn’t go with Baji? Mastani says he stayed back. Radha says you pressurized him but Baji stopped because of all of us. If you think you own Baji then you are wrong. He is my son and Kashi’s husband so you can’t just take him away. You talk big about your love but Baji stayed back because he married Kashi again. You wouldn’t know about marriages as your father never married your mother. You lost to a pure wife and you will never win because you are another woman. She leaves from there. Mastani is angry hearing all that. Mastani cries and says I lost, how could Baji forget that I am here too. He remarried Kashi without even thinking about me. Matank consoles her. Mastani says I am not liking anything. Matank says we will plot to show them that Baji is yours. Mastani thinks I will show how cruel I can be to Kashi now.

Precap: Same as yesterday.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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