Channa Mereya 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Adi announces his marriage with Sam

Channa Mereya 9th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Goldie mistakenly enters Manveen’s room, Ginni comes there and says sorry, he entered here by mistake. She takes him from there and asks him to stop looking around for Simran.

The Paat starts, Sam sits with Adi but he recalls everything she said and leaves from there. Amber tells Supreet that she shouldn’t have allowed Sam to sit with Adi as Chimas might suspect things.

Ginni is cooking in the kitchen and thinks Goldie is going crazy for Simran. Adi comes there and offers her a tissue. Ginni takes it and thanks him. She says congrats on this pooja, your Darji arranged this Paat for you. Adi asks if she needs any help? She says no, thank you. He starts to leave but asks if she has read Gurbani? She says yes, I read it every day. Adi says I couldn’t read it. He asks if I am standing at a cross-road and don’t know what’s the right path then what should I do? Ginni says I can’t be between a person and his God but I can say that you should look in the mirror and choose what you think is right. I think you should go to God and ask your questions, if your heart is clean then you will get all the answers. He nods and leaves from there.

Scene 2
Adi comes to back to Paat and recalls Ginni’s words. Ginni comes there so Sam hides from there. Sam runs from there but Adi stops her. All family members come there and see them holding hands. Ginni is giving Parsad to everyone. Ginni gives parsad to Adi, she is about to reach Sam and sees her face. Sam is stunned. Ginni looks at her but doesn’t say anything. Sam runs from there, Adi goes behind her and asks if everything is okay? Farnaz comes there so Sam leaves. Farnaz asks who is she? Adi leaves from there.

Ginni comes to Sam and says Simran? Sam says who are you? Ginni says why are you saying all this? Sam says I am not Simran, stay away from me, she leaves from there. Ginni says if she is Simran then why is she lying? I have to keep her away from Goldie.

All family members are sitting together. Chima says we can talk about Adi and Farnaz’s marriage now. Adi comes there with Sam. He says I am sorry but I can’t marry Farnaz. I am marrying Sam. All are shocked.

PRECAP – Ginni calls Adi and asks him to make her talk to the girl. Adi says I don’t know any Simran. Ginni says I am talking about the girl who is living in your house. Adi says there is no girl here, he ends the call. Adi tells Darji that I can’t tell you everything but this is my decision, I will go back to Canada with Sam if you want.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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