Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 3rd December 2021 Written Episode Update: Kashi leaves Baji’s house

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Scene 1
Kashi says if you all are equal then why no one did their arti? You won and they got injured? How are you equal? Don’t have an answer. Think about it. She leaves. Baji says I am sorry to all of you. Kashi is right. All soldiers’ arti will be done once they come home from a battle and we will all win together.

Mahadji gives the wealth to Balaji. He says make an army that makes this regime strong. Balaji says I will make ths the strongest regime with your help. Bhavani says we should go home now. Balaji says you should stay for a day or two more. Mahadji says no we should go now. Radha says to Kashi if I could I would preserve all your steps. You are a good luck. You came here and the regime’s fate changed. You are a blessing. We will always remember you coming here. I promised you I will give you your favorite gift. Bhavani says it’s not needed. Balaji says a gift. She says go Kashi, take it from your Radha kaki. Shuibai says to Bhavani she’s trying to trap Kashi. We can’t let this happen. We have to stop her dreams.

Scene 2
Radha asks Kashi which necklace do you like? Kashi says this one. Radha says keep this one. Kashi says thank you. Radha says keep coming. Baji says take all of them but don’t come back. radha says she is our guest. Kashi says I don’t want it. I am not greedy. He only knows how to fight and he thinks it’s right. BAji says you also said we shouldn’t meet again. Kashi says the way you are, how would anyone want to meet you. Radha says their fights will bring them closer. Kashi says I wish we don’t meet again. Baji says am I that bad? She says you are my enemy. He says let’s fix this animosity then. She says leave my hand. Baji says come with me. He takes her out.

Bhavani and Shuibai see Kashi’s steps on the curtain Radha stamped them on. Shuibai says we have to burn it. Baji takes Kashi to a tree. Shuibai and Bhavani throw sand on the curtain. Baji brings Kashi to a tree and says when you tie a thread in right direction you become friends forever and when you tie it left side, you become enemies. So let’s become enemies forever. Baji says let’s take rounds and become enemies forever. Kashi says I don’t want to meet you again either. They tie the thread.

Radha comes to Shuibai and Bhavani. She says what are you doing. The curtain is full of dirt. Shuibai says throwing sand on your dreams that are going wild. Bhavani says I thought you would stop thinking about our Kashi but your greed is still the same. Shuibai says we are bankers, how can you expect to have a relation with us. We can give you donation like one for army but Kashi is our daughter. You can’t play a game and get her. Shuibai burns the curtain. Radha says in heart I swear today Kashi and Baji will be one. Baji says to Kashi I will always be your enemy. Kashi says I will never come your way. Kashi asks for a candle. Baji says what’s this now. She says I want my enemy to live as well. I am praying for your safety. This animosity will live when you live. The keeper asks for money. She says take it from him. I am his guest.

Scene 3
Mahadji’s family is leaving. Radha says forgive me if we made any mistake. Radha gives the necklace to Kashi and says you liked it right? It’s a gift from me. She says to Bhavani and Shui come back again. Kashi looks at Baji. Chimaji says to Baji you didn’t do right. Bhavani asks Kashi to throw the necklace. She says why? It’s a gift. Baba says gifts are a blessing. She wears the necklace. Bhavani says let’s go. Chimaji says to Baji you shouldn’t have tied that thread on the tree. BAji says she fights with me all the time and then I am wrong? He says yes you are wrong. You are my friend’s enemy. So you are a little enemy to me too. Baji says you will fight with your brother for her? Chimaji says my thoughts won’t change by shouting. Baji says okay then call me your enemy. Baji leaves. Chimaji says think about it. What she did for you and what you did. She prayed for your safety and you made her your enemy. You are very bad. Kashi looks at the tree on her way back. Kashi says I hope he never comes to me again. She sees the candles.

Episode ends

Precap-Radha says to Balaji promise me you will get me what I want. He says what do you want? Radha says Kashi. As my DIL. Balaji is shocked. Kashi says Baji is my enemy and we decided he won’t ever come here netiher would I go there. How did marriage come in question? Tell him I rejected his proposal.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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