Anupama 3rd December 2021 Written Episode Update: Kavya Misbehaves With Anupama

Anupama 3rd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama rushes to Shah house blabbering its good today is Sunday and week off or else it would have been difficult for children alone to handle wedding arrangements. She prays tulsi plant to keep rain away today. Kavya gets jealous seeing her and thinks of clearing her dues with Anupama. Anu and Dolly get Baa ready as a bride. Baa says sometime mother gets a daughter ready and sometime a daughter gets her mother ready, its a circle of life. They both say she is looking very beautiful. Vanraj gets Bapuji ready as a groom and says its good that Bapuji’s fate is not ill like him regarding marriage. Bapuji says one has to handle issues, even he should. Vanraj gets a message that his parcel has arrived. Baa gets emotional. Anu asks not to cry today and keep smiling. Bapuji enters wedding venue dancing on Sajanji Ghar Aaye.. song with a swag. Family joins and dances with him. Anu performs Baa and Bapuji’s aarti. GK asks Anuj if he is feeling jealous seeing Anu and Vanraj together. He says they are together for children and family and he doesn’t mind. Baa and Bapuji exchange garlands and celebrate their golden jubilee wedding anniversary. Family wishes them to be together for another 50 years.

Anuj gives them a gift and wishes them happy golden jubilee wedding anniversary. He says they should make this couple play a game. They agree. He gives them ropes and asks them to make a knot with 1 hand to evaluate their compatibility. They succeed. Everyone clap for them. Samar calls everyone for a group picture. Vanraj stands keeping his hand on Anu’s shoulder behind Baa and Bapuji. Kavya gets jealous and pulls her out. Vanraj gets angry and asks why is she misbehaving. Kavya says Anu misbehaved with her during Toshu’s wedding when she slapped and kicked her out of house, then Anu was a gharwali/insider and herself baharwali/insider, now she is gharwali and Anu baharwali. Kinjal says it was a different situation that time. Vanraj says she should talk later. Kavya insists to talk right now. Anu says they should speak in a room instead of spoiling Baa and Bapuji’s wedding anniversary or else she will show her old avatar again. Kavya says this is her house and she will take her to a room and drags Anu along, remembering Anu doing same. Family feels embarrassed with Kavya’s misbehavior. Anuj says he knows he shouldn’t comment, but kavya’s misbehavior with Anu is wrong.

Kavya takes Anu to her bedroom. Anu remembers Vanraj’s betrayal. Kavya says she must be having problem in this room. Anu says she has problem by coming here without a reason. Kavya asks then why she barges into her house and life without a reason. Baa tells Bapuji that situation was stabilizing with great difficulty, but Kavya started it again. Anu says she is here for Baa and Bapuji’s wedding anniversary. Kavya says why she is always here instead of working, she is a partner of a big company, even the she and her boyfriend are here all the time. Anu replies that they work and not act like her. Kavya shouts why she hijacked all her celebration ideas and took over every arrangements. Anu says that’s because Kavya couldn’t and incapable, she doesn’t like seeing her and Vanraj’s faces, but comes here for family’s sake. Kavya asks then she shouldn’t come. Anu says she will not if she takes cares of Baa, Bapuji, and children, but she is busy conning them. Kavya says its easy for her to say this as she had a house. Anu says she hadn’t grabbed a house by conning and betrayal like her. Kavya says she wanted security. Anu says she got security now, then why she is afraid of losing it; she is losing her family and even Vanraj with her heinous act. Kavya shouts there is nothing like that. Anu says there is. Kavya shouts you blo*dy embarrasser, just shut up.

Anu picks her phone and checking its meaning and says she could directly say a fool in Hindi instead of using hifi English words; asks if she is done with her argument and gives gyaan that to keep Mr Shah happy, she needs to keep his family happy or else she will be left alone. Kavya shouts she doesn’t need a family. Anu says she needs a family in happiness and sorrows and once she gets old, she needs a family; one needs 4 people to bury them when they are dead; she should stop her heinous acts or else will be left alone. Vanraj gets a courier. Anu continues that she is still young and can buy 4 more houses with her hard work as nobody is benefitted after stealing someone’s stuff, she change before its too late and remember her words or else will break down.

Precap: Vanraj offers divorce papers to Kavya and says Baa and Bapuji’s remarriage has finished, its time for his breakup again.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. I loved Anupama’s Makeup, it was light and really matched her eye shape, and really made her look youthful and cute. I love the hair and the makeup a lot! It was nice to see them compliment Anupama’s face with the hair and makeup.
    Okay so the parcel was not drugs but in fact divorce papers. Cool.

  2. I feel like they are rushing to end the show, I wanted to see Kavya slowly torturing Baa, but they brushed it off quickly, and now Kavya and Vanraj’s divorce. Hopefully we will get to see a good track of anupama and anuj soon.

    1. lol which would be a reason to end the show. A show only ends when the TRPs are constantly decreasing and not increasing, which is not the case here.

    2. Hahah now see kavya will again blame anupama for these divorce papers mindlessly like a stupid woman and thats how the story will change, She will become a real daayan and make these people suffer like hell to take badla for these divorce papers. Then she will also give a dialogue – aap logon ko dard hoga toh udhar anupama tadpegi hahahaha 😛
      They are going the stereotypical way,, i expected them to be more innovative and different..
      sadly they arent.. :/ now some new character launch is also there.. i just hope they dont mess even anuj;s character now,.. he is the only peace when everyone is a torture.

    3. Haliru Haruna


  3. M just fed up of vanraj playing sympathy nd victim card,wht did he said???his fate is ill to not have a good life nd wife,stupid u r the one who spoiled everything,anyways he wasn’t completely wrong,his parents got him married without his consent,nd this happens when a forced marriage takes place

    1. Ishani Nomani

      That cannot justify vanrajs affair though

    2. M not at all justify his affair at all,but wht m saying is all tht even parents shouldn’t do the forceful marriage thinking tht they will accept each other by end,bcoz in most of the cases it ends brutually

    3. I think he is still the villain just he wants to get rid of Kavya

    4. he is neither gainaing sympathy nor playing victim card. Sadly he isnt realising that kavya conning him is the game of karma. he cheated anu and he got it back.. but he is deeply hurt due to this i think. thats why he has taken this move.

  4. So..Vanraj doesn’t love Anupama and also Hates Kavya now. He got his human senses back. That’s why he was saying he will help Anu and Anuj to get married… cause he should since Anu also help him to get married to Kavya.
    Vanraj is someone who has a good heart but his Ego, Anger overpowers everything else. And when it cools down, he regrets. Same for Baa. Baa really very attached to Anupama..infact she is fond of Anupama very much..But she doesn’t accepts it. The things she should say..she keeps in within her (her true feelings) and the things which she shouldnot say..she yells out loud(her insecurity).

    Kavya was always overpowered by her insecurities,negativities…etc. She has a blind faith on herself that’s why she can point out the true faults of other but can’t see her own faults. She don’t have any heart. The last time her Heart beated was when the last time she was with Anirudh. Her heart gone with Anirudh. Now it’s just her sanity which is currently rushing towards insane mode at high speed.

    Everyone is ignoring her,hating her,breaking ties with her and that’s the best punishment she could have. I am afraid if she will become a criminal after the upcoming Divorce.
    I want her to fall and then rise again as a good Kavya and not as a revengeful criminal.

    1. Well mate neither Vanraj is good at heart nor baa . They are just some selfish human beings who change according to their will . How conveniently they started talking nicely with Anu when Kaavya broke their trust . Remember how baa reprimanded Anu in the road that she is neither her DIL nor Daughter and Assraj Wow Another Devil . He is telling his marriages dont work due to his ill fate ? seriously ill fate? I understand his first marriage was arranged one and that too forced . but what were the faults in Anu? That she was only 12th passed and couldnt spend time with him ? The reason why she is like that is his and his family’s fault . She couldn’t get a degree due to his familys fake promises and couldnt spend time with him because she was taking care of his family . Then he was in a illegitimate relationship with Kaavya for 9 yrs . but he had no plan to make Kaavya his wife . He wanted Anu for his maid work and Kaavya for lust . And for Kaavya I agree totally . She should have realized long back that Vanraj dosent love her . He only loves himself . There were many incidents that took place for her to realize . She should have better given Anirudh a second chance .

    2. No no no no noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo divorce for Kavya.
      She is the only hope that dils can demand a rightful position at in laws place.
      Devika, Anupama, Kinjal all are waste.
      Devika is free spirited, happily single/detached?
      Anupama is too innocent and escapes incase of betrayal.
      Kinjal, I am not sure how to describe her.
      Kavya followed her heart, was ready to die for her love.
      She is a perfect example where a bright life is wasted due to bad decision.
      I was against Kavya till she explained her motives.
      She believed Anumapa and Anuj can team up to bring them on road as they were not in good terms, she correctly understood that Vanraj or any other family member dont care for her happiness.
      She knows Vanraj may not be loyal to her and has soft spot for Anupama, still she is trying to maintain that relationship.
      Why an independent woman like her need to tolerate this? If she is a gold digger she can vanish with property.
      Even after acquiring the property she is scared of Vanraj’s wrath, she thinks to patch of with family and make everyone happy why?
      Even she is the owner of house she doesn’t command, rather brood about Baa not helping her in anything.
      I might have missed the sections where she has planned, plotted and executed against Anupama but mostly I have seen her jealous and tries to instigate against as everyone runs to and asks for Anupama. At the same time, she is the one who supported Anupama to earn and had agreed to be a part of her venture.
      Even in today’s episode, she went mental when Vanraj posed with Anupama.
      And yes she has that superiority complex and she need to understand that Anupama is not the cause of her problems, better she team up with Anupama, learn her experiences, work with her to mend Vanraj.
      Anupama, devika moved on and may be Kinjal will also move out, but its Kavya who is trying to maintain the relation despite all red flags since beginning, who dares to go to this extent?
      She dares speak the truth on face and has to guts to express her unhappiness if needed. She could ask Baa not to call Anupama, most dils don’t dare to utter anything.
      I am super happy with Kavya for being true to herself, she just need to come out of her insecurities and superiority complex and should try to mend Vanraj instead of focusing on Anupama.

    3. Please get yourself evaluated once. Cause all that you are sprouting is nothing much complete nonsense. So according to you, Kavya is the only person who can demand her right. Fair enough, but where do I see that demand going on? She never demanded anything, cause if she had, I am sure as hell that Bapuji would have given it to her. But instead, she snatched it. And please don’t start with the story that she was feeling jealous, or she was insecure about her future, cause that is a load of bull shit. It is just an excuse for her heinous act of treachery. And she does not care about patching up with family members. If that was so, she was given Toshu in a golden platter. She could have mended things with him, as he was the least against her. But she botched it up by setting him against his own wife. Same thing with Pakhi. Pakhi actually preferred Kavya over Anupama, but in her path to destroy Anupama, she lost that too. She is a type of daughter in law, who wants all the rights of one, but doesn’t care to take up any responsibility of one. The main responsibility of earning which she is actually capable of, she isn’t doing. Why? Because the ‘evil’ Anupama gave her some suggestions which she could not digest, boo hoo.
      So you want to make someone ideal, please look outside the TV industry. Cause in here, there is no ideal member depicted at all. And I really hope, that you lose your hero worship of Kavya, and see her as she is, a stuck-up, arrogant, entitled b*t*h, who always wants to blame Anupama for each and everything bad happening to her.

    4. @Ram, what had happened for between Toshu, Kinjal and Kavya? I have missed them completely. Please do let me know.
      And for Pakhi as far as I know she left her in middle of her dance completion to finalize her job discussion. Which doesn’t sound wrong from her point of view given the fact that all are jobless.
      I don’t have a habit of branding anyone as psycho or evil. I normally try to understand the things the way they are.
      I strongly believe all GOD are same, all its creation are also same, all have different purpose of existence and duty to carry out. And by trusting the reflection of same GOD in its creations we can
      co exist in harmony. Ameen.

    5. @Wolky, Vanraj is evil? he started earning @14 to support his family.
      Baa and Bapuji don’t have any complain against him.
      His children were never neglected.(Apart from differences with Samar which he tried to fix as well)
      Dolly says him the father figure. And I believe he is egoistic and has anger issue as Dolly says.
      He lost Anupama due to his own mistake and due to negative impact of Baa and society. He has repented enough for this.
      Loved the way he agreed for Anupama’s kanyadan and marriage when Anupama & Anuj are ready. I believe he has moved on and is friendly with Anupama now.
      Strangely most Indian men are like Vanraj, they are good with everyone and have this fashion of neglecting wife’s rights, feelings and taking them for granted.
      Ideal Indian men are
      1>best son
      2>debatable good fathers considering their affinity for their ego, honor and respect
      3>Dominating, controlling husbands
      Whoever pampers wife are looked down on.
      Its difficult to find Anuj without family in our society. So we have to mend the huge male ego which can bend if needed.
      Kavya tried instigating, Kavya tried snatching, now as per Anupama’s request, Kavya please focus on family, keep them happy, united and safe and at the same time take care of own interest and cheater Vanraj. Its not good to be too good. Women have to be that sharp as a minister to manage house. A fool like Anupama or detached like Devaka can’t manage home.
      And They are a lesson for Kinjal also not to be like them.

    6. @ Ram, I might have missed past equations of Kavya, Toshu and Kinjal.
      But when I see current conversations between them, I don’t feel anything evil about Kavya.
      Toshu wants to take his MIL’s help, wht is wrong in that? We normally make use of the privileges we have. Kinjal also should try mixing with her mother to keep her sane, Kinjal completely detached make her more vengeful! Is Kinjal the only daugher, if yes, then her responsibilities increases even more.
      Team Anupama has not touched anything about a daughter’s duties towards her parents. Possibly in Kinjal’s case they can showcase it while handling both sides effectively. We call daughter as [Duhita], it means they are beneficial for both set of families.

  5. Please don’t tell me they are planning Vanraj-Anu-Anuj love triangle

    Vanraj chose Kavya
    He dated her for a long time and then married her
    How much more thinking one needs?
    If he was thinking that after marriage Kavya will change then he was crazy
    She was always like that
    Instead I wonder what made Kavya marry Vanraj

    I mean what part of it was a surprise to her?

    Even though Vanraj never loved Anu he also never imagined his life without her because she is important to his family

    Kavya knew that from very beginning

    Even Vanraj admitted in Mumbai that he hasn’t moved on… Not in a romantic way but someway

    In situations like this if Kavya still wanted to make things work then why did she instigate Vanraj to be more jealous of Anuj?

    Being jealous of Anu’s friend is not healthy for Kavya n Vanraj’s marriage
    How could she not realize that?

    Vanraj always wanted the best of both worlds
    Anupama who loved Vanraj more than anyone could ever love him left him knowing he isn’t completely hers

    Usually women like Anupama want to get back their husband
    Vanraj at a point would have done that too
    But Anu knew it wasn’t worth it
    So she straight away moved on

    Then how come a strong independent woman like Kavya compromise with half love of Vanraj?

  6. Well mate neither Vanraj is good at heart nor baa . They are just some selfish human beings who change according to their will . How conveniently they started talking nicely with Anu when Kaavya broke their trust . Remember how baa reprimanded Anu in the road that she is neither her DIL nor Daughter and Assraj Wow Another Devil . He is telling his marriages dont work due to his ill fate ? seriously ill fate? I understand his first marriage was arranged one and that too forced . but what were the faults in Anu? That she was only 12th passed and couldnt spend time with him ? The reason why she is like that is his and his family’s fault . She couldn’t get a degree due to his familys fake promises and couldnt spend time with him because she was taking care of his family . Then he was in a illegitimate relationship with Kaavya for 9 yrs . but he had no plan to make Kaavya his wife . He wanted Anu for his maid work and Kaavya for lust . And for Kaavya I agree totally . She should have realized long back that Vanraj dosent love her . He only loves himself . There were many incidents that took place for her to realize . She should have better given Anirudh a second chance .

    1. I agree… Anirudh even after knowing everything wanted to make things work with Kavya
      If Kavya chose Vanraj over him then its totally her fault
      I seriously don’t get why would anyone choose Vanraj

    2. Ya
      I will not deny they are not selfish
      They are self centred that’s why they don’t care if they are hurting/disturbing others. But soon after they cool down, they regret their behavior cause they have heart. Like Vanraj know that he shouldn’t bother Anu (heart wants) but still he created disturbances(mind wants)

      Same with Baa
      Baa love Bapuji a lot and also Anupama (heart) but Baa being a triggered brat want to take the control in her hands(Mind game). Even if they do mistakes over Mistakes atleast they realise it afterwards. Accept it(most of the times)

      Kavya doesn’t regrets or doesn’t had a self realisation for over many months cause No Heart,no feelings.

      Anupama wants to make thier hearts dominate over their evil minds so that they change for good forever..thats good…but at a cost of her self respect is not appreciable .🙄

  7. Ye baa babuji bacho…. Bla bla bla…. Ye log khud k kayal nai rak sakthe he kya. Woh sab kavya ko kyu karna he. Anupama ki tara kavya ko bhi spineless creature ki tara rehne keliye bolrahi he ye anupama mahaan ji

    1. She wasn’t asking her to be spineless
      She was asking her to be more like a family
      When we live with our family we do take care right?
      That way

      And caring for parents n kids doesn’t make you spineless
      But only caring for them and not yourself, only thinking for them and not standing up for yourself does.
      She didn’t ask Kavya for that

    2. Anupama ko uss ghar me jane ki sirf bahana chahiye. She could stay away, if she wants.

      If she wants to be with her children and ba babuji and all, thn she shouldnt divorce at all.

    3. I hate she going to shah house more than anyone
      But she didn’t divorce her kids right?
      And even if her in laws aren’t her responsibility she still loves them

      But yes… It would have made more sense if she was equally if not more dedicated towards her maternal family

      And it would have made much more sense if the story focused on Anupama instead of shahs

    4. Absolutely agree with you @Jazz Bee

    5. Exactly kin
      Anupama wasted her career for bein the perfect so called bahu. Baa and v fought and jealous of Abuja relationship and humiliated anipama a lot . Shameless anupama wants to be servant again after all this humiliation. Family picture was the worst , she was shamelessly standing in kavya spot. Kavya did a mistake in snatching house from old people, then how about baaa who asked Anu to sign off her owenership in the house, how aboutv who asked his sister to sign off

      All of a sudden how come kavya is the villan

    6. Do you really not understand the difference here? Baa asked or rather demanded Anupama to relinquish her right to the property. In this case both partied knew what was exactly happening.
      In the next case as well, Vanraj and Dolly knew what was happening to the property and to whom it will go. But what Kavya did, was a legal fraud. She stole the property from Vanraj without his knowledge. There is a huge difference.
      And yes, just because a person wants to just focus on the good aspects of every human individual, does he or she become shameless? Seriously, what great logic? In the real world we see people being abusive to each other, and thay is accepted. But a person who just wants to be kind and humble to the other person regardless of the past, becomes shameless? Shame on you guys for degrading the person who’s behaviour is what our society should aspire to become. In this, I do not include Anuapama’s tolerating insults against her. There she is wrong. I concede the point. But she wanting to be with her family, when they are inviting her, is not wrong. And if Kavya had an issue with Anupama being ij the house, why did she let her do the work? She could have done it herself, or hired someone to do it.
      And her wanting to talk to Anupama about the group photo is all fine. Anupama may not have the right to be there. But she wasn’t the one who put her hand on Vanraj, it was actually the opposite. So Kavya should have effectively raised this issue with him, but as she is ‘jealous’ of Anupama, she took this opportunity to try to humiliate her.
      With all this, I do not deny that Kavya is bad. No. She has the potential to become a better role model compared to Anupama, but presently she is a b*t*h, and nothing you say is going to change that.

    7. @Ruhi Exactly, When husband or in laws boss around dil, claim that house belongs to them, demand chastity test, restrict her every movement, make her to banish all talent(like dancing for Anupama here) for life time and turn in to a slave, restrict her family/friends, we don’t raise voice. But dil thinking of is evil?
      Our society has to change here. Even prenup are not helpful, they are post divorce proceedings. how dil is secured during marriage? What are her rights for her responsibilities. Where is the security for dils? away from own family, they are just dependent on in laws/husband’s sympathy.
      Finished watching chhorii and loved nushrat opposing men eating 1st and not sharing or caring.
      Remembered her in Titu ki Sweety, she had correctly said there, I am leaving everything, literally everything for my marriage why my name shouldn’t be there as co owner of the property?
      Though that movie had a different message not to trust your love interest blindly, I always believe women have to be that chalu like Chanakya to maintain the house and to safe guard own interests.
      And truly Vanraj was shameless while touching Anupama. Anupama was stupid to trust Vanraj’s affair as friendship but why Kavya will tolerate it? Once a cheater is always a cheater.

    8. @Kin, ditto. vanaprastha ashram stopped for good as elders are needed at home.
      But elders at least need to understand that message, they need to evolve spiritually, they need to represent that master in our lives, they have to be that benevolent and unattached.
      Gurukula system stopped because of its own demerits as children completely disconnected and were not safe.
      But juniors need to understand that its time for their overall development and hard work, instead of aimless adventures/time pass. ​
      But here everyone behave crippled, offended to drink a glass of water themselves.
      I have observed one peculiar thing in Indian household, here everyone believe dils have to do everything, no one else is responsible for anything.
      Sharing caring everything gone with wind. That is why many girls run away from marriage.
      No one wants responsibility without right.
      Hope Anupama doesn’t want Kavya to turn maid like her.
      Hope while adjusting with Kavya, rest all family members will start contributing to household chore as per their capacity instead of being on Jhula all the time/watching movie whole day/roaming out all the while.

  8. The latest developments had me thinking how Kavya reached this stage. There is no denying that Kavya loved Vanraj deeply and madly. She gave up the rights to her previous flat so she could get her divorce and marry Vanraj.
    However, Vanraj neither ‘loved’ Anupama nor wanted to leave her. Yet Anu was adamant about separation and they got divorced. From Anu’s point of view so far so good. But, when the time came for Vanraj to marry Kavya he just wanted to run away. He didn’t want to marry Kavya. Vanraj’s ficklemindedness messed up Kavya…she threatened to put Shah family in jail if Vanraj didn’t marry her. Even at this point when Vanraj didn’t want to marry Kavya, Anupama almost forced V to marry Kavya.
    I do not understand why..oo..why Anupama had to compel V to marry Kavya. Why did she have to bother with whether V married K or not. It was none of her business. From the consequences of this marriage and the havoc that Kavya created IN Shah family, I feel Anupama took revenge on Shah family by compelling or you know instigating Vanraj to marry Kavya!!

    Kavya actions have been majorly because of her extreme immaturity and insecurity regarding Vanraj’s affection.

    1. Anupama didn’t force
      She simply put the point that if he loves that woman he needs to stand for her
      No matter how bad Kavya is what Vanraj was doing to her was wrong
      He wasn’t willing to leave Kavya but also he wasn’t willing to marry her

      You can’t say you love a woman for 9 years straight and then not marry her coz she is not “marriage material”

      If so he should have made it clear to Kavya that they’re just hooking up for 9 years somehow and are not it love

      But here Kavya should have realized her worth and walked out of this mess.

      Instead she became psycho possessive girl who wanted her man no matter what.

  9. I can see the future of this serial. Anupama will convince Kavya to be good bahu and wife, Anu will take her under her wings. Once again she will not focus on her partnership with Anuj. Anuj as usual was waiting, is waiting and forever will wait and see her growing bond with sautan Kavya. In the parallel, Anujs sister/Gf god knows who, maybe be negative and again anupama will be shown convincing, changing the negative character to good one. Again her office would be sidelined. Mind you Anuj is still waiting and making Anupama sit on the highest Altar. Uff so done. Haa, every Monday without fail #MaAn day would be posted on IG. Tweets would be shared, trp would be on the peak. Aur chaiye director ko.

  10. In fact I feel kavya should divorce vanaraj and throw out Shah’s. I feel her point of no view is not wrong. Why should Anupama keep going to Shah’s house ever after huge humiliation how can she even be civil towards baa and vanaraj. She should simply move on this 50 years marriage celebration and anupamas active participation will irk any woman.

  11. once a slapper and a b*t*h always one

  12. Kavya is Vanraj and Baa’s karma. They were truly served. She is so self centered and money minded. Kavya is plan has always been to separate the Shah and chase them from the house. Vanraj and Baa is jealousy and stupidity enabled that to happen. At the end of the day, they are reaping what they showed. The unfortunate bit is people like Bapuji, Kinjal and Nandini are collateral damage in all this. They are being served the same wickedness as the evil people. She didn’t outrightly chase them because she knows that will be the stick that broke the camel is back. Vanraj would have left her in the house alone yet she wanted to usurp it and stay with Vanraj. She never wanted a joint family. Vanraj is divorcing Kavya when she owns the entire house….what foolishness is that!!!!

  13. Arey somewhere I feel.. these people have lost the sequence.. they are messing up the writing.. classic example of this is ba’s outburst on bapuji… uska itna after effect dikhaya .. bas 2 din k liye and now they are getting married again… kitna shallow writing h.. dhatt

    1. @Anu, yaar you are against something that we need to practice!
      We cant allow anger to destroy our relations.
      Whom do you love the most in your family? And how long you want them to be angry with you for your mistake when you repent honestly? Please do let me know! Bapuji is the bestest gem.

    2. Girl you are not getting the point here… the problem is .. they start an issue… hype it the entire week and then suddenly drop it… it should be like a gradual process… jese dheere dheere problems start hota .. vese hi dheere dheere jaata hai… you just simply cannot move on from a topic in a snap.. its not natural human tendency… wounds take time to heal… they don’t heal
      Immediately the moment you listen to a sorry… pain jaate jaate jaata hai.. aur bohut baar reccur bhi hota hai…

  14. Jayanyi Seeram

    Please go ahead with Anu and Anuj romance. They both deserve some happiness

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