Kasautii Zindagii Kay 9th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Mr. Bajaj acquires Basu house

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The Episode starts with Prerna thinking I should reach there soon, Mr. Bajaj always attends my calls. Mr. Bajaj argues with Anurag. He asks how many rooms are there on upper floor. Anupam asks why are you asking this. Mr. Bajaj says I m thinking to shift here. Anurag says just your wife can come here, your forced wife. Mr. Bajaj says I m not shifting here because I like you all, I m shifting here as I bought this house. Anurag says that’s impossible. Prerna comes. Mr. Bajaj says nothing is impossible, else how would you take over my house. Anurag says I promised 50% profits to bankers to get their support, what did you give them, your entire property. Mr. Bajaj says I had warned you, don’t make this personal, now they have to pay for this mistake, I can destroy your company but that won’t be fun, I m liking to snatch your house as you have snatched my house. He gives the proof and says you can call your faithful bankers. Nivedita checks papers and says this is not possible. She calls and asks how can you give Basu house papers to Mr. Bajaj.

Mr. Bajaj says you gave them 50% profits, I like it, you are emotional, you bought my house as it was listed in my company assets, you forgot that your house is mortgaged, I bought your house from the international banking company, my forced wife and I will be staying here now, go and pack your bags. Anurag goes. Mohini says you can’t do this, you are going to lose. Mr. Bajaj says this already happened. He goes out. Prerna goes with him.

Mohini asks Moloy not to worry, Anurag will figure something out, none can snatch this house. Maasi asks the people not to throw things. Mr. Bajaj calls Maasi. Maasi goes aside and talks normal. She asks him not to worry, they are fine, it happens in business, they can shift to guest house, family is imp for happiness, we will stay together and make a house. He asks her not to take tension, its his mistake also. He says pack your bags, we are shifting to Anurag’s house. She gets shocked. She says he is saying we will stay at Anurag’s house. Tanvi asks Anurag’s house.

Prerna asks are we shifting. Mr. Bajaj says I have a problem with you. Anurag scolds Rahil and says I told you to keep an eye on Mr. Bajaj. Nivedita asks lawyer to tell her whom to call now, police or goons. Lawyer asks did you vacate the house, trust me, give me some time, I will get you out of this house. She says we are still here, call me soon. She says we shouldn’t decide before his call. Anurag says I won’t leave Bajaj. She says Malkhani is a good lawyer, he will have a good solution, you won’t do anything. Mr. Bajaj says you don’t need to plead to anyone for me and my family. Prerna says I did this for Kuki, not for us, I know Anurag and thought he will understand, its happening because of me. He says next time, ask me before doing this Prerna, this Anurag is not the one you know, this isn’t happening because of you, he wants to trouble me. She says because of me. He says you know the reason of his anger, but he fell low because of his stubbornness, I won’t attack them until they attack my family, I don’t know how to react, no one did anything for me. She asks what do you mean. He says you did this for my family, I think I should say thank you to you. She smiles and says well, Kuki had much faith in you. He says thanks for accepting Kuki.

She says I don’t want my family to shift to any place, I don’t want this family to… He gets a call and says sorry, excuse me… She thinks I can’t see Anurag in pain. Anurag says I don’t have time, how can you say this. He angrily throws his phone and shouts. He says Malkhani is saying Bajaj is having more right on this house. Mohini comes and asks what did Malkhani say, why are you all sitting silent. Nivedita says he said Mr. Bajaj has more right on this, we can’t make him out. Mohini says he is our trusted lawyer, call him again. Anupam says Anurag spoke to him already. She asks don’t we have any way. She thinks how will I tell this to Moloy.

Prerna sees Moloy. Tapur says Anurag will fix everything. Prerna sits near him. Tapur says what do you want to say now, you married Mr. Bajaj. She goes. Prerna says I wish I didn’t do this to hurt you all, I wish I had any other way, I promise I will talk to Mr. Bajaj so that you all stay here, I will ask Anurag to return Mr. Bajaj’s house so that we return, this is your house, I want you all to stay the same way, you are like my dad. Moloy looks at her. Mohini gets dizzy. Anurag and Nivedita console her. Anurag packs his bags. She asks what are you doing. He says I m packing the bag to leave this house, I can’t stay here, I can’t accept Malkhani’s suggestion, he asked me not to leave this house and stay, how can I see Prerna with Bajaj.

Nivedita says you snatched his house and now he is doing the same. He says I didn’t intend to stay there, he wants to insult me. Anupam says he wants to make you out of this house, he came to stay here. Anurag says right, but I can’t see them together here, I m going. Nivedita says listen to me, everything will be over if you leave, you have 50% legal rights on this house like Bajaj, this will be our house, please. He says I can’t stay here. Mr. Bajaj asks did Basu family leave. Prerna thinks to request him to let them stay here.

Anurag asks what shall I tell you, my love or…. Prerna says Mrs. Bajaj. Maasi shows Kuki her mum. Prerna hugs Kuki. Anurag gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Ngkrishnakumari

    Egoistic Mohini can shut her mouth only Mr Bajaj
    Bajaj is the one stand strong for his family and can’t tolerate the humiliations of his wife
    From the beginning of the show
    I literally want someone who shut egoistic Mohini mouth
    Can’t tolerate the humiliations, taunting, cursing on Sharma’s especially prerna for being born in a middle class family
    Yesterday episode fulfilled my wishes by the maker’s after 11 months ?
    Precap :kuki and prerna emotional hug
    Desperately waiting two dhamakadar episodes on Monday
    7pm n 8pm as usual
    Thanks Amena for fast update
    Again boring weekend

  2. Bajaj and prena are so high and entitled…only they have rights hurt others…only their motives are important…only they can fight for their rights, only bajaj family is precious…only his daughter deserves to live with a mom and dad…only bajaj can take others things without expecting any consequence…
    Anurag should have married mishka…that girl wasn’t an evil witch nor mahanta ka devi but a decent human being who sometimes might have been angry or jealous but never wanted any wrong for others.

    1. Who is kuki’s father?

  3. Indian law me murder ka punishment “hang till death” hoti hai agar Prerna be Anurag ki haan bachane ke liye use chod dia to usne much galat nahi kia. So ur anger towards Prerna is unjustified. @Pia

    1. She is not fighting…in normal case when someone is forced at least she rebels, be rude or show no interest and hatch plan to come out of this situation but here she is being an ideal bahu, wife and step-mother when she couldn’t even be a good daughter to her own mother…nor a loyal wife to first husband…nor a caring mother to her baby. It doesn’t make sense she was so strong in komolika’s time but a poor majbor bechari with bajaj…no offense but her character have been shaped into a gold digger…her innocence and simply is lost for so called storyline.

    2. Bajaj and prena are so high and entitled…only they have rights hurt others…only their motives are important…

    3. Komolika track me Prerna was a ghayal sherni and Anurag, the broken one.
      But now Prerna is the broken soul and Anurag the ghayal Sher.
      Ghayal Sher/sherni attack karte
      Tute hue me himmat nahi ho pati. It’s Anurag’s turn now

    4. Komolika track me Prerna was a ghayal sherni and Anurag, the broken one.
      But now Prerna is the broken soul and Anurag the ghayal Sher.
      Ghayal Sher/sherni attack karte
      Tute hue me himmat nahi ho pati. It’s Anurag’s turn now.

  4. today episode was ????⚘⚘ mohini expression was and anurag shocked face was so funny waiting for monday episode I don’t like bajaj but love the way
    he said thanks prerna
    wow mohini your house is precious and nobody can take it from you and when same happen with others you celebrate disgusting women

  5. looking at anurag expressions i feel he has seen some ghost lol overacting

  6. Bajaj uncle is taking about low level i want to ask him do you know what is level? You have crossed all the level by forced for marry a pregnant lady now you are talking about level it’s looks like very funny.. And what about prerna is she sacrifice her heart also? Now a days she is behaving like a dumb girl when she talks with Anurag it’s look like Anurag is her enemy she never know him.. She has no feelings and sympathy for Anurag.. So heartless girl yaar i can’t believe how can a woman n forget her love so easily and move on in her life.. Is it a true love?even she never thinks about her own baby it’s totally illogical and a crap show only…

  7. This serial is becoming more worse day after day. This is too much. There r many more serials were the lead actress sacrifices their loves. In tu ashiqui serial, pankti sacrificed her love ahaan due to rangoli s blackmail. She said and insult much too ahaan. But on other hand she was so much heartbroken ? and hurt ? in her inside that she hide from everyone. And she was in senses and didn’t forget her love for ahaan. ( Not like this stupid prerna ). So much time she sacrificed becoz of JD also. That serial was normal. Finally they were together.
    And what is kasautii zindagii Kay 2 ‘s special. Why can’t they show some different than showing the same copy of S01. We already watched that.
    But in this crap show villain hero and hero villain. And make actress hate hero and love villain of the serial.
    That bajaj is really a kid who don’t know how to react in any situation. A very big business man having power and wealth. When it comes to any situation. Here he is!!!?? Don’t know to react and seeking prerna s help??.
    Now prerna has to look both the kids ( kuki and Bajaj ) ??

  8. Stupid show

  9. Shesha485

    This show has no strong base since its beginning. Only for Erica Fernandes, I didn’t criticize it much as she portrayed Sonakshi in KRPKAB. The makers have destroyed the story. But anyways, Bajaj-Prerna Jodi is far better than Anurag-Prerna jodi.

  10. Shesha485

    This show has no strong base since its beginning. But anyways, Bajaj-Prerna Jodi is far better than Anurag-Prerna jodi.

  11. GeetanjaliGeet

    After bajaj’s entry this show becomes interesting

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