Pyaar Ke Papad 9th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Omkar forgives Triloki

Pyaar Ke Papad 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivika apologizing to Triloki. He says I m sorry to you, I have give you much troubles, I m not a good dad. She says you are the best dad. He says I will always support you now. He blesses her. Shalu apologizes. Omkar says Shalu wanted to make you proud, forgive her. Triloki hugs Shalu and says I will fulfill your dream, I will send you to acting school. Pita se hai naam tera….plays…. Triloki says I had to do mum and dad’s duty after Devki left, I couldn’t become their mum and wasn’t their dad ever. GST asks them not to get emotional. Triloki says I want to fulfill Shivika’s dream and do her bidaai. Omkar asks him to do as he wants. Triloki says you both stay here today, your bidaai will happen tomorrow. GST claps and says I will go home to welcome you. Triloki says tell Gupta ji that I will call. Omkar and Shivika smile.

Jagat comes and says its amazing, its a good news, Triloki accepted his mistake, Omkar is staying there tonight, he will do Shivika’s bidaai tomorrow. He asks Gupta what happened. Maya asks how can we do this without Jaya. Gupta says this can’t happen, Triloki can’t change. Mangal asks how did this miracle happen. Jagat says Alankar accepted his crimes, Omkar saved Shalu, Triloki got to know Omkar is right, we have to prepare to welcome the bride tomorrow. They all smile. Omkar and Shivika are in her room. He gets too happy and says I can’t believe this, I did a lot to get into this house. She says yes. They recall their past moments and talk of love. Rab raakha….plays…. He says love wins when we believe in it. They say we are lucky to get each other, we will have no problem in life, we will find solution to any problem that arises, love you. They smile.

Gupta talks to his wife’s pic. He says Omkar got his love, he will get Shivika home. He cries for her. Jagat and Mangal look on. Gupta says I m happy, I can’t sleep. Maya says I m missing Jaya. Jaya comes home. They get happy seeing Jaya. Jaya asks shall I come in. Jagat says yes, its your house. Jaya says I wanted to come and surprise everyone. Gupta says you came on right time, we have to welcome Shivika. Jaya asks where did she go. Maya says she is coming. Jaya asks what. Jagat says its a long story, come, I will tell you everything, go and meet Mikki first, she is worried without you.

Triloki recalls troubling Omkar. He regrets and says I always judged people by his caste, I have done wrong. Omkar looks on and hears Triloki. Triloki says I was wrong to judge people. He talks to Devki’s pic. He says I didn’t see Omkar’s good deeds, Omkar has forgiven me, he is great. Omkar comes to him. He says you have accepted everything, sorry I came here without your permission, I was going to have water and came here on hearing you, we will make a new start. Triloki says its not easy to forget past, I want to make present and future better, I will apologize to you and your family. Omkar says no need to apologize, its enough that the families stay happy. Triloki makes him wear a beads string and blesses.

Its morning, everyone decorates the house. Maya teases Jaya. Jaya falls in Jagat’s arms. They smile. He says I will not let you fall. Mangal teases them. GST says everyone have become couples, what shall I do, I think I will be single always. He turns and sees Dolly. He smiles and showers flowers on her. She smiles. Chachi comes and Dolly runs. She asks what’s happening. GST says I was practicing to welcome guests, don’t doubt me. He goes. Chachi laughs. Gupta gets Triloki’s call. Triloki says I wanted to apologize. Gupta says I won’t forgive you. Triloki gets shocked.

Omkar and Shivika come home. They dance. Aaj ki party meri taraf se….plays… Triloki smiles. Shivika says family isn’t complete, one member is less. Everyone asks who.

Update Credit to: Amena

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