Kasautii Zindagii Kay 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Anurag seeks an answer from Prerna

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The Episode starts with Prerna saying how did you think, that you will celebrate honeymoon with me, I m pregnant with Anurag’s child, I m not here for honeymoon. Mr. Bajaj stops her and says this room wasn’t for us, management took this decision knowing I got married, I m bad, but not so bad to ignore that you are pregnant, you are emotionally attached to Anurag, I can get better girls than you for physical touch by paying less money, you are standing here, I can tolerate you for your qualities, I will not touch you with any intention that you misunderstand me, you will always be pure. She asks why did you marry me. He says this is not the right time to tell you why I married you.

She says I know. He says I didn’t know you know psycho analysis, tell me. She says you did this to break Anurag and me, that he goes mad after me and you take over his company. He says you are wrong, I respect women, I don’t use women for business, I will never do this, I will wait for you in lobby, Mrs. Bajaj. He goes. She thinks what’s the reason for this marriage, I thought he married me to belittle Anurag.

Anurag sees the bed. Bekhayali….plays…. He ruins the things. He recalls Prerna and cries. He burns her red dupatta and throws it on the bed. He shouts and sits crying there. Mr. Bajaj and Prerna come to the hotel and collect keys. The man says Nivedita was asking about you and your wife. Mr. Bajaj says its okay, she knows my wife. The man says there is some fire in your suite, sorry for the trouble. Mr. Bajaj says I have some files there. He goes to get files. Prerna goes to get Anurag’s souvenir. The man gives them some blankets to cover up. Mr. Bajaj says tell me what you want, you don’t go in, I will get it. She says no thanks, I will take it myself. They get in. They see Anurag fallen unconscious on the ground. Prerna says Anurag. Mr. Bajaj says there is fire here. He ask the men to take Anurag out.

Police comes to Basu house. Mohini asks where is Anurag, is there anything wrong. Inspector says no, we got details from credit card company, he is in Zurich right now. She asks Zurich? She thanks the inspector. She calls Nivedita. Nivedita says mom would be so tensed. She answers the call and says Anurag has reached Zurich for the business conference, find out and tell me where is he, its good that he isn’t after Prerna. Nivedita says fine. She ends call and says he has come to confront Prerna and Mr. Bajaj, but why, Prerna doesn’t care for him. Prerna asks Anurag to wake up. Mr. Bajaj says calm down, I will get a doctor. He goes. She hugs him and cries. Anurag opens eyes and sees her. He makes her away. She asks him to wait. He goes out.

He asks her to keep the fake concern to herself. He asks what wrong did I do that you did this with me, we were getting married, tell me, this is my right to know, why did you do this, if you think I did the same by marrying Komolika, then sorry, I had a reason to do this, mom doesn’t know I m here, tell me, why did you marry that man, you wanted a marriage with all rituals, I was giving you that, I had sindoor on this right, I had told Komolika clearly that this is just your right, answer me. He pushes her and says sorry, just tell me why did you do this, I m requesting you, I burnt that wedding bed, I can’t see you with anyone, I can’t even imagine, tell me the truth, why did you do this with me, why. She says leave me, you are hurting me. He hurts himself. She says stop hurting yourself.

He asks so what, do you care, it doesn’t matter to you. She asks him to go back home and talk. He says you think this is a drama, you know what you did to me is a drama, you disappeared on marriage day and made a joke of me, what are we going to talk, tell me, why did you do this, lets forget everything, forget this marriage, leave everything and please come back with me, I will forget that this has happened, what matters is love, I won’t be able to live without you, you are my soul mate, you must be under compulsion like I had been, let me know, there must be a strong reason, tell me, I will listen to you, won’t you say, how did a third person come between us, we had made promises to each other, I had promised you that we will never leave each other, you promised me, say something. He gets on knees and says I beg you, I m sorry, just tell me, why did you do this to me.

Anurag says money matters to you, will you go to any guy richer than Mr Bajaj. Prerna asks him to leave. Anurag sees Mr. Bajaj and says I will take my thing back, be it by love or hatred. He insults Mr. Bajaj. He holds Prerna’s hand and runs.

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  1. Everyone of prerna s family and anurag s family know that anurag and prerna loves each other a lot. But why this BAJAJ can’t see that????. Did he doesn’t see prerna s concern for anurag when he was unconscious.??. Why can’t prerna slap that Bajaj??. He is telling himself that he don’t want prerna to misunderstand him?????. He is the big trouble to everyone’s lives!!! Is snatching another person’s wife who is pregnant is also a good thing for him. #CheapBajaj???.

    By the way prerna is pregnant right??
    Did she ever gone to the doctor and done a check up.???.
    Not even doing that and all time running there running here jumping there slipping here!!???
    Two boys, Bajaj and anurag there to control her slippings??

    Everytime anupre has to sacrifice ???

  2. Anurag is behaving like a gunda a psycho lover..will he keep following prerna nd bajaj throughout his life? On one hand he is insulting prerna nd on the other hand he wants her back

    1. What u mean? Prerna cheated him!! And this Bajaj is the real gunda here not anurag. Anurag is the hero.??? actually anurag is heartbroken that’s why he was like insulting prerna. But he wants to know why she left him and that prerna is not telling him instead insulting him..??.

    2. lol haahhaha anurag seems bechara :p

    3. what a super performance by ksg he is the master of all qualities # spot on he cleared all missunderstandings of mrs bajaj # waqt lagega par mr and mrs bajaj will be together at last # soulbond

  3. @bee I have greete you . I don’t know why bajaj wants to destroy love story of anupre. Other hand I heard there is old enemity b/w bajaj and basu famil specially mohini. Tell me if you know more .

    1. @ Rashka….the robot is looking for a nanny to look after her little girl and the robot wants that particular nanny who saved his daughter in a shopping mall…pregnant or not it does not matter….sindoor and mangalsutra gives him the legitimacy on the woman who did not have any choice as she wanted to sav3 her lover. She is just an object and money buys anything. The robot what a crappy actor. He says that he does not use woman and the silly woman is buying all this. He forced her into a deal to save her lover and the script writer is confused and has already forgotten what they told him to say in a previous episode. Now he is saying it’s got nothing to do with Anurag and the poor woman is looking perplexed. Well the crappier the story line ……the healthier the TRP.

    2. so lol watching you people pleading to regroup anupre hahaha # mr bajaj is the real hero while secondary subject is komolika’s chapter

    3. @rashka. Rashka I don’t know whether they have an enmity..I don’t know about that. On somewhere I heard that prerna will get kidnapped and Bajaj runs to save her anurag too. But Bajaj will save her and he will realise his concerns for prerna something like that ..if u get or know anything tell ok?

  4. But in hindu rituals 1st marriage is valid & so 2nd one is nakli that is what they said isnt it in case of komolika anurag marriage….then can bajaj prerna marriage become suddenly valid ????
    Especially when anurag has filled 4 times already sindoor in prernas maang (2 times in temple, 1 time on holi day & the next in jail)..plus she is carrying his child….??
    Omg such illogic sensless serial with no connectivity at all & we fools still encouraging???

    1. ??agreed to you divya.she was keep on telling I stay only in my husband’s house,I’m anurag’s wife.she proved it with pandit.now why can’t anurag say the same thing instead of getting frustrated.now people will ask if you don’t like why you watching it.im not watching but still sometimes reading to know what’s happening

    2. now get ready to see anurag filling hairline of sampada and some other girl too he does nothing except to apply sindur lol what a confused guy is he

    3. This is the most stupid and laughter-provoking theme of Ekta’s serial.Sindoor and other marital things get highlighted only to forget later.If Prerna is still married to Anurag then her marriage with Bajaj is invaild according to law and logic.To prove her marriage in front of Mohini and Komolika,Prerna brought panditji to bear witness of their secret marriage which eventually consummated in the jungle while running away from grooms.There was no social acceptance of that marriage that’s why Anurag decided to marry her again.Unfortunately Bajaj beech mein aa gaya then he married Prerna with all the rituals of marriage.Now the question is-Who is Prerna’s husband?Anurag yeah Mr.Bajaj?Not to forget Komolika also got married to Anurag.Anurag-Prerna’s romantic jungle private marriage,Anurag-Komolika’s blackmailed half marriage,Prerna-Bajaj’s full forced marriage.We only got different variety of Shaadi and full time lecture on fulfilling promises and hume-koi-judaa-nahi-kar-sakta dialogue.Twists will be there but a limit should drawn.If those are not enough then Prerna’s continuous running being pregnant is most ridiculous.Jab dekho tab daurti rehti hain.Kaunsa mahina chal raha hai iska?Prerna ko bacche ke bare mein bhi sochna chahiye bacche ke baap ke saath saath!!

    4. its comedy in name of motherhood in a way they are showing things which is not real a pregnant lady is the goddess of the the embryo and they have shown prerna falling 1 crore times at least i wonder is she a super woman or spider women or mr bajaj’s better half with hidden magical powers itni baar giri hai to koi magic hi uske baby ko bacha sakta hai i guess its mr bajaj who is shaktimaan here and prerna is geeta and anurag is kilvish the demon and ekta is gangadhar here lol

    5. Workload was perhaps heavy in the office no Modij?Thoda fresh ho jaiye.Khana khayi hain yeah phir woh bhi bhool gaye kaam ki pressure mein?Don’t worry,Prerna ki baby ko Ekta ki blessing mili hain.Use kuch nahi hoga.Agar kuch upar neech ho gayi toh aap sambhal lena aapni khud ki superpower se?

  5. anurag’s puppy face was a treat to watch

    1. No!!?. Anurag is the hero. And I’m sure he will get his love back from that Mr Bajaj soon as possible. I’m sure of it. That Bajaj is just a small trouble and anurag will just shove him of from his and prerna’s way.

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