Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Mayura finds a clue about Rukmani

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rivaaj asking Mayura if she trusts him now. Mayura says it is good that you got saved. She tells that she has some work regarding the stalker. Premlatha appreciates Rivaaj’s looks and asks him to become bollywood superstar. Rivaaj says it is very easy to fool media, they thought our lie as truth. Mayura comes to the newschannel and asks from where that audio came to you. Reporter says it is against the news channel policy. Mayura says the source is fake. Premlatha gives the credit to Kesha for fooling the media. Rivaaj thanks her and says his career would have been ruined. The reporter tells that if they show the fake source audio then news channel will close. She takes him to side and offers money, asking him to understand. He gives her a paper. Mayura checks and asks her friend to track the number from where the audio came. Premlatha tells Rivaaj that Kesha is the suitable match for him. Rivaaj gets upset. Kesha tells that they will keep the press conference tomorrow and will join the emotional angle. She says we will tell that they will tell the media that he has raised the baby alone. Premlatha gets happy and hugs Rivaaj.

Later Mayura gets a message and follow the location which she receives in her mobile. She finds that Rukmani is in the house and finds the locked door. Kesha makes arrangements for the press conference and tells that they shall look sad. Mayura thinks to open the lock and thinks to get keys from Premlatha. Rivaaj couldn’t make the baby quiet and gives baby to Premlatha. Baby is still crying. Premraj tries to give candy, but baby makes it fall. Premlatha asks Rivaaj to learn to take care of baby. Mayura manages to get the keys and tells that she has to check the security arrangements. She leaves. Tashi comes there and sees Premlatha handling the baby. She says today you are with her. Premlatha says baby is Rivaaj’s daughter and now she will shower her love on her. Tashi goes to get the warm milk. Premraj asks premlatha if she has accepted baby. Premlatha says she will never accept her even in her bad times.

Mayura comes to the room and opens the door. Rivaaj comes there and asks what she is searching? Mayura locks the door back and tells that she was checking the security. Rivaaj says today is the big day, I brought designer clothes for you and says media shall see that I am not affected by them. He says he wants to be with her. Mayura says I will make my own arrangements. She asks him to practice to lying. She asks him to handle the baby first. Roop and kesha hear them. Roop tells Kesha that he will handle Mayura and asks her to focus on Rivaaj. Kesha gets happy.

Mayura comes to Kesha’s room and thinks she is sure that audio is sent by kesha. She finds a mobile in Kesha’s cupboard and hears someone coming. She hides under the bed. Premlatha and kesha come there. Premlatha says the baby cries a lot and says how they will prove that Rivaaj is a good father and husband. Kesha says I have a solution and shows medicine syrup. She says we will make baby drinks, when Rivaaj lifts her the baby keeps quiet. Mayura thinks she won’t let her do this. She finds in the phone that Kesha paid someone to get the audio made. Someone enters the room and goes in to the secret room.

Precap: Mayura finds the lock open and thinks someone opened it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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