Kasautii Zindagii Kay 13th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Maasi and Tanvi make a plan

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The Episode starts with Anurag asking Anupam to meet him in conference hall. Anupam thinks its better if he lives life well and focus on work, than thinking about Prerna and Mr. Bajaj. Mr. Bajaj comes home and calls out Kuki. He asks her to see what he got for her. Maasi says you came early today, this is lovely. He says I got this for Kuki, where is she. He calls out Kuki. Tanvi asks Prerna where is Kuki. Prerna says yes, we were playing hide and seek, she went to hide. He asks where is she now. Mohini says you made a big mistake by giving your daughter’s responsibility to her, I also gave my son’s happiness responsibility to her, result is in front of you. Prerna says she must be here. They all call out Kuki.

Nivedita says she can’t answer you, she can’t speak, you can’t handle kids, you can handle men, you are money minded. Prerna shouts Kuki. Mr. Bajaj says you couldn’t even take care of her, I have brought you here just to look after her. Maasi asks him not to shout, Prerna is the house bahu, please. He says just pray we find her. Tanvi shouts come fast, Kuki is here in storeroom. They all go. Nivedita thinks Mr. Bajaj got Prerna to take care of his daughter, what does this mean. Mr. Bajaj hugs Kuki and takes her to the room. Maasi asks Kuki to get up. Prerna says sorry. He says you didn’t know about her, the servants take better care of her. He sprinkles water and wakes up Kuki. He asks them to call the doctor. Maasi says I will call the doctor. He says sorry, I have come to you. Prerna thinks I forgot about Kuki because of Shivani’s call, its all my fault. Maasi calls the doctor and says Sharda here, come fast, Kiku fainted, maybe her new mum was careless, anyone can make a mistake, just come, we don’t live there anymore, I will message the address. Tanvi says sent.

Maasi says thank God Kuki’s state is not so bad. Tanvi says don’t worry, Kuki was looking for Prerna, you were there. FB shows, Kuki looking for Prerna. Tanvi asks didn’t you hide, Prerna is finding you, go and hide in storeroom, let Prerna find you, it will be much fun. She asks Maasi to take Kuki to hide. Maasi takes her and smiles. Tanvi goes first and hides inside. Maasi says you won’t be scared here, there are lights, don’t shut the door, keep it open. She goes. Tanvi covers herself with a white cloth and scares Kuki. Kuki gets scared. FB ends. Tanvi says kids also tend to have phobia of ghosts, Kuki fainted and I came out, I fought with Mohini so that everyone knows we were in kitchen, I rescued Kuki in front of Rishabh.

Maasi says you and Rishabh should have got married, he did wrong by marrying Prerna, you did stupidity, you didn’t get close to Kuki, you could have married Rishabh, but Prerna did this, if you could do that, his money, his power would have been ours. Tanvi says now he is married. Maasi says there is still hope, I had gone to his room and pretended to be upset. FB shows Maasi saying I m upset, you decided to marry Prerna and didn’t tell me, why. He says we didn’t want to make it grand, I was in hurry, it was imp to marry her. She asks do you love her a lot. He says yes, I love Kuki a lot, I saw how Prerna saved Kuki many times, that’s when I decided that Kuki should stay with Prerna. Maasi says it means you married Prerna for Kuki’s sake. FB ends.

Maasi says Prerna is just a glorified nanny, he got her to take care of his daughter. Tanvi says we have to break this relation. Maasi says he has to believe that Prerna is harmful for Kuki. Tanvi says today he has seen how careless she is. Mr. Bajaj asks Prerna not to do anything. Kuki hugs him. Prerna smiles. Tuta hua….plays…. She thinks Mr. Bajaj is a business machine for the world, he is the worst person in my life, but he is the best father in the world, he was so worried when his daughter fainted. Prerna hugs Kuki and says so sorry. He goes. Prerna says we were so scared, I promise you, I will never leave you alone, why did you go and hide there. Kuki signs her. Prerna asks what, the door got locked. Maasi and Tanvi worry.

Maasi says sorry Prerna from Rishabh’s side, I will go and talk to him. Tanvi signs Maasi. Maasi goes to Mr. Bajaj and says Kuki is fine, what about you? He says relieved. She says lets sit and talk, come. She says this girl Prerna, I like her a lot, she is good at heart, so Kuki got attached to her soon, but Prerna is too young to manage this responsibility, the way you shouted on her, I felt bad, it seemed like you got some nanny for Kuki, I know you married Prerna because of Kuki, but she is your wife, you must not behave like this, everyone heard it, don’t do this again. He says you are right, I m sorry. He goes to make a call. Tanvi hears them. She smiles and goes to hug Maasi.

Anurag asks did he scold you. Prerna says he is my husband, do something for your family. He says I m doing it, I know whom you love, you love me. Mr. Bajaj says I m aware of everything you do. Maasi says we will strike Prerna tomorrow, the plan is that we will push Prerna down the stairs.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Now the new villains maasi and tanvi. According to we anupre fans. Maasi and tanvi is not at all villains becoz at least they r trying to separate this Bajaj and prerna which we want. It’s good to watch how they succeed.
    Now they r going to push her from stairs. Amazing!! I want to see that. Separate them as soon as possible!! At last anyone from Bajaj family wants to separate them and are on mission?.
    Now in coming there will be kuki s b-day celebration. Bajaj, kuki and prerna s family pic. Ohh the most irritating pic of kzk 2. That prerna is trying her possible ways to become a good mother and wife. What she thought. She can cheat anyone in this world and non will say anything to her and see as a fate.
    She must pay for her behavior. Now niveditha got to know why prerna married Bajaj. Ohh! I don’t want niveditha to support prerna.
    Precap:- oh her family matter and her husband. So simple to say this. Not caring what anurag will go through knowing this
    The reason for everything is this stupid Bajaj
    I’m eagerly waiting to see prerna falling from stairs!!!
    It means tanvi was about to marry Bajaj. Why didn’t they do it. And simply making prerna in their family. What senseless story is this?
    Ohhh why kuki didn’t liked tanvi?. Kuki liked prerna is the big problem noww!!!????

    1. I’m new to this show but I’ve got to say people like @Mehar? are ruthless towards the characters like Bajaj and Prerna.. geez calm down and take a chill pill! Its just a character and at the end of the day we all are human beings so you don’t insult the blo*dy characters??? if you guys are burning soo much blood then do it to the original Ekta kapoor and the screen writers.. I’m not asking to stop commenting but don’t show so much envy towards the characters but the writers.. this kind of attitude is not right.. and @Mehar being a woman you hate the character Prerna soo much. very disappointing ? .Imagine yourself in Prerna’s place would you go back to a house where theres nothing but hatred? then reply..

    2. Okay fine @preeshabh. U know why prerna married Bajaj. U know it or I’d u don’t know then go and watch previous episodes!!! And I’m not blaming prerna only bajaj also.
      Did anurag did the same with prerna when he married komolika
      First u reply to this!
      Anurag never adjusted or insulted. But prerna insulted much and argued much to anurag. And I was only saying that!!!
      I know this is just a serial
      I’m just saying about how prerna is behaving now. That’s all.
      Why u people are taking it so serious??

    3. And the answer for ur question is
      I won’t do as prerna did
      And there is no man who wants to marry a pregnant woman

    4. rey singhania

      i wonder you are thinking narrow minded !!!! you know nothing about love just a girl is pregnant u say no man will marry her so lame in 21st century # a man loves his love he doesn’t crave for lust # u go by face values only girls like you are credit card cravers not love but let me enlighten you that there are some man who even married a pregnant women and given them lots of love to their wife and her kid too and give him/her name and so called society pandits like you he had given her the pride in the society to live life boldly with respect !!!!

  2. Y everyone keeps bashing prerna in comments?? She married bajaj for anurag’s sake otherwise he would have to spend his life in jail..so whats wrong if she is trying to adjust in her new family? Every girl do this even in real life..nd its not prerna who is hurting anurag..its anurag himself..always he comes to prerna to get hurt nd insulted..atleast he should have some self respect..he should try to move on after getting dumped..instead he is always like prerna prerna prerna till she insults him badly..

    1. Ohhh. You all are blaming anurag!! Anurag too did the same to prerna by marrying komolika…at that time this prerna didn’t move on why???. Why is it so. She even entered his house as a wifey. At that time anurag didn’t insult prerna. And now u all r saying anurag should move on!! Why can’t this prerna move on??
      Anurag married komolika as a deal and also he sees it as a deal and never insulted prerna. But here this prerna is doing wrong by completely forgetting anurag. Every time when he comes to her. She always insults him which he didn’t do when he married komolika.
      AND ALSO
      anurag didn’t wants to adjust in komolika s family. Because he loves prerna only and never tried to adjust. But this prerna when she got new family she is becoming good wife and mother. It’s clear in every episodes.
      Those who cannot see that. They keep blaming anurag.

    2. Buddu Meher! Shanki means Anurag said with his mouth that he doesn’t want love now he wants Prerna and also stated that he wants her to show how much he hates her.. agar tumko itna samach me nehi ata tho pls go check with doc Mental Meher haha also in hindi Buddu Meher..
      Very dissapointing to see mental fans like Meher? Thoda Positivity lao bhai.. you have free speech doesn’t mean you’ll say bad about the characters.. if you don’t like then simply don’t watch like Shanki said and if you want to comment then talk nice things not insult people like Shanki and the characters of KZK

      #BudduMeher #PrernaOnlyBajajs #Prerjaj #AnuragMustBeThrownOut #BudduMeher

    3. When ur married is adjusting into the family wrong? does one have no right to move ahead? is putting a innocent child before yourself wrong? And she doesn’t even like Bajaj yet? she staying for Kuku soo yah.. whats ur point Mental?
      U just said why didn’t she move on and now shes forgetting Anu then be quiet?

      #MentalMeher the more bipolar shit u comment the more this name will suit u I don’t know about ur face but god didn’t give u brains for sure.. maybe wait till u become mother yourself.. Anurag thinks just about himself he’s one selfish b*t*h?and prerna realised that she and that anu can’t stay happy.. unlike anu who hoped to get Prerna after being married at least also Prerna has accepted her marriage and moving on.. this is called a “WINNER”? Your statement has nothing valid And your Anurag is a loser who is incapable of moving ahead and letting others aswell… If things don’t go his way he will sink and make others sink with him. In simple words, all I’m saying is “Live and Let live” your Anu is a loser face it
      Anu should focus on getting together with his wife Komalika and move ahead and stay happy simple! Pls don’t go round the bush and kindly decide what u want!
      Pagal ladki! Meher if you can’t be positive then just don’t post.. simple no one likes u here.. shanki was soo right

  3. The episode was amazing
    Waiting for precp!!!!!✌✌✌✌


    Tu to the fans who think Bajaj and Prerna’s seperation will bring Prerna and anurag together.. anurag wants to get Prerna to destroy her and plus everyone in basu family hates Prerna except malloy who is currently handicapped anyway.. over here Prerna only has two enemies called tanvi and maasi and int eh other basu even the ladka anurag hates her.. who wants Prerna to go through hell again? I think Prerna and bajaj should be together! Prerjaj.. and people like @meher needs to look in the perspective of prerna not anurag because he’s not right and has no valid reasons against Prerna.. Prerna should have let him suffer in jail maybe then he’ll become straight.. Idiot Anurag!!!

    1. Ohhhh!!! U confirmed that anurag wants prerna to destroy her??… Bajaj is the villain of their lives. He snatched everything from anurag. So he must pay for his actions. And who will marry a pregnant women with someone else’s wife. It’s entirely a cheap behavior. In real life no one accepts that couples
      Anurag and prerna loves each other. It’s all clear in every episodes. People like @SHANKI cannot see that. Bajaj is villain and always. As this story is about anurag prerna love story. Not an old man Bajaj love story. .
      Bajaj should marry tanvi as they r good with each other. Bajvi?

    2. LOL @Shanki is so funny I completely agree.. @Meheru you have bipolar disorder or something? ? I have been observing your non stop desisive comments..

      sometimes you say that Anurag should marry Komolika and sometimes you say you hate Prerna then say that you have no problem with her and want her and Anurag together then you also say get a new girl for Anurag? then you also say Bajaj is bad but KSG is good? you either are illiterate or have some serious mental issues kindly pls go check with the doctor..you never know and if positive pls post the link to your shocked face???..

      Mental Mehar haha???????????

      #MentalMeherMustBeBanned #ShankiBestComedy #Prerjaj


    Amena ap kuch comment karo mera support karo

  6. Meher..
    That time anurag didn’t adjust with komolika coz he didnt see anything good in her nd har family firstly..nd secondly prerna only entered basu badi to take revenge..she never wanted anurag back..thirdly, it was anurag’s choice to not move on with komolika..apna apna choice hota h..husband/wife k saath adjust hona galat naiii

    1. But I’m just telling she completely forget anurag. As he is her enemy…?????
      Ur right?? But it’s not good to see them separate….?????????????

  7. And also anurag loves and wants to be with prerna. He didn’t want to get married to komolika. After he finished his deal he go back to prerna…but she didn’t do as I thought she will do???. It’s very disappointing ??. At least this time anurag should get prerna
    Why same repeating?????then what the need to start this show?? Hoo???

  8. @ meher just coz she is rude too anurag it doesn’t mean that she forgot him..she is only attached to sneha nd not mr bajaj..she still loves anurag but she dnt want him to waste his time on her..may be later she will fall for bajaj but not now..usually girls like to accept their fate nd get settled instead of creating unnecessary mess thats y

    1. @Sj please don’t say she will fall for Bajaj.
      No way this time for anupree?????

  9. @Sj Yes.ur right???…. I’m sorry if I say wrong…????
    I was actually talking about that only. Not blaming neither prerna nor Bajaj.

  10. Meher haha dont be sorry dear..apna apna view h sabka..nd i dnt mind if she ends up with anurag..all i m telling is right now anurag should take a break from prerna nd focus on his business..nd prerna should not be forced for any decision..coz every time she is forced for something..now this time let her decide

    1. @Sj ??ok…yes ur right! Nowadays he is not focussing on his business and yes I agree prerna should decide now??

  11. This comment session is so cheap. Who is blaming meher? If she has a prob with it. Let it be. Ignore it. Why u people bashing her. So disgusting. And a nameless guy who is badmouthing her. R u a human being. Chee. Everyone has a right to argue here. No police is here and u don’t try to become a police here.
    So cheap behaviour. Ur full cheapness is revealed here. Don’t know which demons face is urs???????. Like a big dinosaur ur saying. Meher has full right. Don’t try to bad-mouth her. She is also a human like u. Ur so cheap that all girls will hate u. Ur disgusting comments!!??.

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