Sanjivani 13th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Shashank meets Dr. Juhi

Sanjivani 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sid changing his shirt. Ishani asks him to change his attitude. They argue. He says I can’t tolerate you here. A man shouts save her, and shows the girl in worst state. Sid and Ishani get shocked seeing her. The man says she was missing since three months, someone told her dead body in graveyard, she is alive, save her. Sid treats her. Shashank does the boy’s surgery. He goes out. The doctor says thanks for coming, I will tell Sid that you have done the surgery.

Nurse says there is no sign of life, none can fill life in dead body. Sid says we can try to save her, move it. Ishani asks them to start ECG. The nurse says she is new resident, why did you give this case. Ishani checks the girl and says she is alive. Sid tells Ishani about the necessary steps. Ishani assists him. Sid says done. Sid and Ishani remove gloves. He says not bad, you did well in first case. She says its second case, I have handled a hypothermia patient. He asks what. The girl screams. They attend her.

Anjali comes after Shashank. She gets into the lift. She asks am I not a good doctor or not well qualified. Shashank says its not family business that my family will have a right on it, we shall talk later. She says relations die because of some loved one always. He asks her to listen. She goes. He gets an attack and turns dizzy. Nurse asks are you fine. Shashank says I m okay. He falls down. Anjali and others run to him. Anjali says dad, what happened to you. He says Juhi…… call Juhi.

Dr. Juhi is at a medical camp. The man asks about his granddaughter, who got affected by the storm. Dr. Juhi comes and smiles. She says surgery went well, she is fine. The lady thanks her. Juhi asks her not to worry, meet her. She stands in the rain. She gets a call from Anjali. Anjali says its Anjali Gupta from Sanjivani, dad has brain tumor, his condition is critical. Juhi recalls Shashank. Anjali says he wants you to do his surgery, can you come to Sanjivani now. The call ends. Anjali worries. Shashank asks did she refuse. She says she didn’t listen to me, why didn’t you tell me before. He says all the neurosurgeons gave up the hope, I have just one choice, to wait for Juhi. She says we will figure something out. He says we should find better surgeon than Juhi, me…. He laughs. He gets in pain again. She shouts.

Asha says where is the baby doll, senior doctors would be coming. Dr. Rishabh switches on airplane mode and acts to be on call. He boasts of big job offers. He attends the first year residents. He says I would like to tell you something, just leave if you want to leave Sanjivani, take your time. Ishani comes. He says no one left. Asha’s phone rings and falls. Song plays. Asha asks Ishani why did she get late. Ishani says you taunt well, I treated two patients. Rishabh gives her a task. Ishani says I want to complain about someone. He asks what’s your name. He says Ishani Arora, I heard this name, you aren’t in my team, you can complain to senior resident, go and get archive files. Asha thinks of her connection. The girl shouts and says I have to go to graveyard. Ishani asks Samina to talk to her. Samina says I have to go to graveyard, dead people live there. The man says she lost her mum and thinks her mum is with her, why is she saying this, is there any spirit on her. Ishani says she is in delusion, its a psychological disorder. She says she needs psychiatric consultation before surgery.

Vardaan comes and introduces himself to Ishani. He says I read your name in new joiners, are you from famous Arora family, are you Dr. Arora’s daughter. She nods and says that’s right. He says you won’t get what you are finding here, welcome to Sanjivani. He goes saying it will be fun to play with the new kids. She gets a magazine in shelf. She reads doctor or devil, cover page has Arora’s name on it.

Doctor says Sid, you have done well. Sid says thanks, new resident is brilliant. Ishani tears magazine and says I have to prove that I m not like my dad. Asha asks what happened to you. Ishani says let me work, I thought to praise myself, self love, self motivation, I love myself. Asha asks were you chewing that book papers. Ishani says I m nervous, its obvious to tear papers. Asha asks how much will you work now, no one is asking for me, senior resident is calling you. Ishani asks what’s his name. Asha says go and ask him.

Ishani goes to OT. Sid treats the patient. Ishani says my senior resident assigned me work. Sid says I know, you did a good work, we will start. Ishani says I have spotted a corrupt doctor in Sanjivani, you should make him out, I had to complain about him. Sid removes his mask. She gets shocked. He says then file the complaint. She says you are my boss.

Ishani says complaint will go to your boss. She goes to Anjali. Juhi comes and sees Sanjivani. She says I can’t take such a big risk. Shashank asks will you let me die. Sid asks do you have a mental problem.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. SsiyAa

    i want to say one thing.. serial misses something.
    1) humour… remember watching DMG, there were so many characters making us laugh, few were interns and few were patients and few were from staff, remember nurse lovely?…
    2)immense emotions… that song “hum toh chale the dost banke….” and karaoke of that touched us and raise our heartbeat too with that dhakdhak dhakdhak…,
    dr. shanshank is the face of this serial as he gives us the vibe of HOD and foundation of Sanjeevani and entry of gurdeep as Dr. juhi too adds something good to this.
    i wasn’t expecting rohit roy to play vamp sorry negative protagonist, i wished to all of them to be happy persona working as a team and mentoring each other directly indirectly.. and their character should had something unique to be remembered as always, like dr. ketki her anger on her face with raised eyebrows whenever meeting interns, dr. atul cracking jokes in every situation, nurse lovely flirting in every scene, etc.
    i mean to say SC is good actress and she is playing her role very well, dr. shashank is same as always fit in his character…. but other somewhere lacks something they miss that uniqueness that can HIT them among viewers… instead of keeping the show dark (slow and sad) they could have kept it light with little fun.. along with namit and SC few more characters should have been included to make the show interesting and addicting…

    1. What’s is written in the magazine
      Who is Arora’s
      Is Arora story in old season

    2. SsiyAa

      it was written, “arora, the darinde”, that tells there were some dr. arora (or arora family) who was vermin as they killed many people to run their business… no it has no connection with previous seasons as far as i know…
      may be this is the future story behind ishani and she will be blamed for parent’s crime or she will be on mission to prove them innocent… i predict so..

  2. Luthfa

    Everyone is having this or that issue still moving on.That’s life.
    Deep buried pain keeps on surfacing every now and then.Dr.Shashank’s smile told many things.Anika ki ek dialogue yaad aagayi unke smile dekhkar-“Dard ke saath jeena,dard ke saath muskurana,sab kuch sikhna padta hai…..” Dr.Juhi is returning.In few situation,we want to rely on only one person,we believe and trust more than ourselves.
    Ishani’s complaining against Sid won’t stop that early.Sid is going to give her more and more chances.Together,they are looking good.

  3. Cinamotography is good…it looks fresh and I love Dr.shashank…I thought that maybe ishaani would be his daughter…what happened to neela here?????feel like becoming doctor watching surbhi….just hate asha….does she even look like a patient….doctor??????many faces r Missing….u will only find ishaani and Sid as treating everyone…let’s think of a couple name quickly
    How about

  4. Can anyone pls tell me tht why dr juhi left sanjivani? I haven’t watch sanjivani first season till it’s end..n not a single episode of dil mill gye..

  5. it is possible that ishani’s parents did not do any mistake at all . may be ishani will find out about that later . loving both ishani and sid . sayantani is all time favourite , she is wonderful as anjali

  6. Can someone tell me original sanjivani story?

    1. i also want story of old sanjivani
      pls anyone tell me

  7. ShivikaSCNM

    Good episode it’s the beginning so let us wait and see how it goes in single episode we can’t judge.

  8. ShivikaSCNM

    Surbhi is in sso mode?Asso

  9. u r rocking surbhiiii…….Really enjoying

  10. Astmasiddika

    As expected the episode ws good something is disturbing Dr. Ishani , Surabhi ‘s acting is so nice , she is complaining about Sid to himself??? , waiting for today’s episode
    Precap- Dr Juhi entering Sanjivani after a long time it seems , she got emotional

  11. Shekhar

    So it is nice to see SC again in SANJIVANI. I hope she will keep to acting naturally as in IB’s first two phase, with suggesting her, don’t lose the rhythm with natural acting as in IB after entering in 3rd phase.

    Directors also should be careful in serving crap stuff in the name of secrets and suspense which lead IB to the all of sudden death where they lost everything gained in first two phases. CVS should remember, they collected fame drop by drop across the span of 300+ epis, but lost all that fame within a span of few epis.

    Like GK, don’t allow stubbornness ride over your ego which eventually will prove to be a SUICIDE as the CVS. Rights as CVS should be used intelligently otherwise viewers when find option, they will not spare any CVS to throw them in dustbin. The,e of serial is common to all class of people, and there lies a lot of scope to progress story at the satisfaction level of viewers. IB CVS when challenged the intelligence of viewers, they have to put it OFF AIR , so why I hope, you will not repeat the history.

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