Kasautii Zindagii Kay 10th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Prerna and Anurag struggle to confess love

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 10th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Prerna coming to Anurag. They ask each other to talk first. He says fine, I will talk. He says my dad…. its about him, its about me, you might feel odd hearing it, it might sound crazy. Peon comes to keep file and goes. He says I was saying that I…. you may get angry and deny, will you deny that. She says wait, I don’t know what you want to say, you are confused, so let me say, I have firmly decided to tell this. He says yes, please go ahead, I asked you to say first. She says don’t pressurize me, stop talking. He says tell me. She says I want to say that…. Anurag I…. She holds his hands….. It gets windy. The papers fly off. They go to close the window. Tu jaane na….plays….. He asks her to say. He arranges the papers.

Komolika says nothing is impossible, we can create evidences, I will do whatever it takes to get you out of here. Lawyer asks them to come. Ronit says you are not doing it to free me, you are doing this to prove yourself in front of dad. She says say something which I don’t know. She goes. Ronit gets angry and says Mishka is not stuck in a problem like me. Mishka sees Prerna’s pic in Anurag’s stuff and gets sad. Anurag asks Prerna to say what she wants, else he will ask what he wanted. Prerna says I will tell you, I tried to tell you before. He asks when, I didn’t see you making efforts. She asks do you remember the party, it was raining. He says its raining even now. She slips over him. He holds her and asks are you okay. Her lipstick mark gets on his shirt. She says I have spoiled his shirt. He says so you were saying something. He says your shirt… He gets Mishka’s video call and says I will talk to her, can you collect the remaining papers. She says I will wait outside. He says no, I want you to be here. He answers call. She sees lipstick mark on his shirt and Prerna behind him. She asks is Prerna there.

He asks what happened, is there anything imp. Mishka says no, I think I disturbed you. He says we were just talking. She says I don’t think you have time for me. He asks why is she acting so weird, something is wrong. He sees lipstick mark on his shirt and says trust me, I didn’t meet anyone since morning, I didn’t meet any girl, this mark… but how, you are the only person I met and when we met… He recalls her slip and says so its yours. She says sorry, I slipped. He says that’s why Mishka behaved weird, anyway I will change. She asks are you going home to change. He says no, I have spare clothes here, I have to attend media meets and conferences, I go on field trips also, so I have spare clothes with me. He goes. She says what’s wrong with me, why do I get nervous in front of him, what will Mishka think, what if they break up. Mishka gets angry and says Prerna is dreaming for my Anurag, Prerna is the culprit, he is just a servant, he just mine.

Anurag goes to wash his shirt. Pal ek pal…plays…. He thinks of Prerna and says I can’t wipe off this mark, I will keep this with me, I will treasure you as a good memory, no one will have a clue of this, even Prerna won’t know, that’s a promise. Komolika shouts on servant. Mishka calls her and says I think Anurag is involved with someone. Komolika asks what’s her name. Mishka says Prerna. Komolika asks her to confront Anurag. She guides Mishka. She says you can dominate in the relation if he denies everything. Mishka says I want to know truth. Komolika says truth is nothing, its just a theory, we will talk later, be very careful. Mishka says I m not like mom to ignore everything, he has to tell me. She ends call. Komolika says I know you are like me, you are tense because of Prerna, two girls with the same name, how can this happen. The servant says Chobey has called and asked for you. She leaves. Anurag thinks of Prerna and thinks everything feels wonderful, the rain, the cool breeze…. that moon…

Anurag says its a confession, I want to confess that I… He stops the car and sees the riots. He says keeping you safe is my priority. He gets hit while saving her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ngkrishnakumari

    Wow……… What a dhamdar episode
    Thanks Amena for fast update
    Anupre struggles to confess their love
    Agar yeh bin bulaya bharsat nahin aati to hum Anupre confess hoti
    Anupre ki confession hote hote rahe gaye☺️
    ?Marks on Anurag shirt

    1. Medha

      Congratulations for the first comment Krishna ?

      1. Ngkrishnakumari

        Thanks Medha

  2. Ngkrishnakumari

    After seeing prena Lipsticks mark on Anurag shirt chipaku Mishka consult with her sister komo
    Precap :chipaku Mishka asking Nivedita about prena in Anurag life
    I think she will done some evil things against prena in the upcoming episodes

    1. Medha

      Oh God Nive Chipaku together ???

      1. Ngkrishnakumari

        Tonight episode their togetherness will probably something evil like be cooking to snatch Anurag from prena

  3. Anaisha Arora

    today’s episode was really nycc..lets see what happens next!!

  4. Amazing amazing but this komolika should not be more powerfull than onu and prerna.. Especially their love. We want this season more lovy dovy than drama of only n only komolika

    1. Ngkrishnakumari

      Yes piya
      It’is just the beginning of the show
      Picture toh Abhi baki hai……

  5. Ngkrishnakumari

    Anupre conversation was perfect just perfect
    What a scene???????????
    Anurag :prena baba….. No no… Not baba the word that I’m going to tell you….. You might feel odd, hearing it you might sound crazy
    Poen disturb ?
    Anurag :wo main kahe raha tha ki prena, file nahin main….. Tumse Kaha raha tha Jo main tumse kahunga shayad wo sunkar odd lage, weird lage, strange lage, tum sunkar upset bhi lage, upset shayad nahin gussa kar shakti ho, gussa bhi nahin, mana bhi kar shakti ho, nahin mana bhi nahin mana karoge tum
    Prena :wait
    I don’t know what you want to say, you are confused, so let me say, I have decided to tell this???????????????
    Prena:I want to say…..
    Anurag holds prena hand
    “kaise bataye ki tujhko chahe yara Bata na paye” was playing in the background music ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    Unfortunately/fortunately That windy (bin bharsat) spoiled the lovely atmosphere of Anupre
    Prena slips over Anurag and her ?Marks get on Anurag shirt???????????

  6. Medha

    Speechless ????
    How lovely the episode was ???? I was complete lost ?
    AnuPre scenes I just loved their Confession wala convo ? Anu Priu both were hesitated & then Anu took Prerna’s hand in his hand ? to incourage her but stupid weather… Paan Wala, Doctor now Weather ? the another Hadda of AnuPre’s Love life ? I was like isko abhi aa dhamakna tha ? but in last scene Anurag says all his coincidence with Barish so I realised the value of Rain in their life & in my life ? the beautiful memory of Ye_pyaar_nhi_to_kya_hain ?
    The Lipstick Mark ? Prerna was completely hesitating to Confession the mark is there becoz of her & Anu was giving her excuses… mein to sara time yhi tha office mein meeting mein fir tumhare sath… Haye So innocent ? & then her realised its becoz of Prerna… hahaha both were uncomfortable and then he went to change… and fir Mein Ise Hmesha Sambhal Kar Rakhuga Apne Sath as a Beautiful Memory ?????
    Haye why you are so Anurag ❤?

    1. Ngkrishnakumari

      Haye haye……….. What a review Medha you wrote well….. I like it ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The kabab ki haddi in Anupre love Story were
      Panwala, Doctor, Peon and that wind as well as the rain???
      But I love the rainwala scene”ajeeb dastan yeh hai”
      Thorn birds wala scenes ????????
      Durga puja wala scenes Jab Anuragne ke dun main prena Ka dance ????????

  7. Ngkrishnakumari

    After Lipsticks incidents
    Pal ek pal main Tham sa gaya was playing in the background music ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Anurag :I can’t wipe off this mask, it’s like a good memory…… I will keep this with me and don’t worry kisi ko pata nahin chalne doonga, tum mere saat ho, prena ko bhi nahin that I promised ha janta hoon anjane main mili hai, main tumhe apane pas humesha rakhana chahta hoon
    Anurag thinking of prena, everything feel wonderful even the rain, the cool breeze, that moon…… That you share your secrets ???
    Nowadays internet gyani baba is turning into a lover baba?????????????

    1. Medha

      Wow wow wow…. rewind ho gya full scene how beautifully you described ???? Excellent

      1. Ngkrishnakumari

        Thanks again Medha

    2. Very well describe

      1. Ngkrishnakumari

        Thanks Zain Arora

  8. Ngkrishnakumari

    Precap :
    Anurag :kabhi tumhe yeh koshish ki main kya chahta hoon
    Prena :Aur tum kya chahta ho
    Anurag :I want
    Anurag found prena in a riots
    Prena :Jab tak tum saat ho kisika parwa nahin Mera koi daar nahin Kash yeh paal yahin Tham jaye Aur kuch nahin chahiye mujhr???????????????????
    Eagerly waiting tomorrow episode

  9. Ngkrishnakumari

    Komo want to bail Ronit in order to achieve maahal title from her father
    Blaming shivani characters
    Such a cheap thinking komo

    1. Ngkrishnakumari ryt amazing dp

      1. Ngkrishnakumari

        Thanks Zain Arora
        Anupre office wala 1st eyelock ?

  10. Superb episode.luv u anupre

  11. Medha

    Chipku Mishka ?
    She was making Anu’s room like she is his wife & she have all rights to do so… overacting ?
    She took books & they all slipped from her hand hehehe I was wondering how she will collect ? & fir aaya Madam k hath Prerna’s pic… but wait How How mean How Prerna’s pic reached there in Anu’s book ¿¿ total confused.. what she was all saying Oh No Chipaku is Physcho too ? she started all rona dhona and called Anu… how hilarious Mishka was looking on Anu’s phone display Oh God ? fir kya Jali hain uski After watching lipstick mark & Prerna behind him oye hoye Mjaa aa gya ??? and then she called Komo…
    Komolika was going to tell about Family’s condition but she stopped after hearing her Sista Rona Dhona wala voice… wow the great elder sista ? Komo said Raat bhut ho gyi hain ghar aa jaao we will discuss & she was like noo noo mein nhi aayugi & I was like Jami Baithi Reh Basu Mansion ??? and then Komo gave some Mantras to her ?
    Here Bhalu Man is worrying for her & Madam ko koi parwah hi naa… came back from after 3 years ye bhi naa ki Bhai se Pitaji se mil le ek bari Bas Anurag chaiye huh ? plz someone tell her about Ronit condition to this Physcho Chipaku ? it’s too much now ?

    1. Ngkrishnakumari

      Wow…… Medha
      Pura chobey ki history hi comments de dala

  12. I just love Anurag and lipstick mark..❤

  13. Awww lipstick and all lovely episode,the two ah them should confess their love for each other they do make a wonderful couple.I miss out on a couple of episodes so can someone please tell me where is the guy that Perna was going to marry I cannot remember his name thanks.

    1. Ngkrishnakumari

      Jayashree that guy Navin psycho was exit from the show after exposing his truths in front of everyone
      He runs away from Kolkata with his wife
      As we all know
      It’s Ekta mam show
      Somehow he will be back to revenge against Anurag
      Nowadays enjoy komo family

  14. another la la land concept from makers idiots to pehle se the hi ab viewers ko aur bhi buddhu bna rhae hai , erica was for the second time in krpkab dress finally makers are working on her dressing sense and jhumkas and parth as usual boring man
    dumbo makers are stetching anupre scenes for velle ppl tps hahahaha such a fool they are making of this show
    all they are copying either from kaisi ye yarriyan or krpkab and idiot fans are going oo aa over this so called readymade love
    parth and erica are just not meant to be together their pair is not at all acceptable unless someone bribes u hahahaha :))-
    better ekta brings shaheer and erica together then show lipstick moments , love dovey nokjhoks , marraige ,honeymoon ,kids all will bring trps to another level # better replace parth he is not at all giving couple goals it seems yuck on their forced chemistry
    erica should ask shaheer and ekta to work together in this show ten all will forget this dumbos anupreans hahahhaah

  15. typical star plus concepts hawa mein files udna , lipstick mark , bed scenes just like kis desh mein hai mera dil serial concept lol
    khud ka koi concept nhi hai in makers ke pass erica aur parth are misused by the script to another level flop show hai flop plot hai and above all its 30 minutes bullshit lol # we don’t want this anupre together better hina le jao parth ko kisi ko fark nhi padta and erica she don’t give a damm on parth hahaa bakwass story bakwass show aur bewkoof viewers lol

  16. Another amazing episode anupre struggle to confess their feelings mishka behave like anu wife komo advice to mishka ronit is amazing person komo doesn’t love her siblings she wants best in her father eyes

    1. Ngkrishnakumari

      Chipaku Mishka is too much
      She didn’t care about her own brother
      She is roaming around Basu house and behaving like Anurag wife
      OMG her expression after sawing Lipsticks marks on Anurag shirt like a psycho woman
      After Navin psycho exit from the show maker’s hired another psycho woman
      It’s horrible ?

    2. Ngkrishnakumari

      komo didn’t care about her siblings
      After talking with chipaku Mishka
      She said that”this time I should be with dad team, that is more important than other things”
      So she only wants to look best in the eye of her father
      Something is cooking in komo mind
      Looking forward for it

  17. better komolika marries anurag and finish of this crap show and it will be a heart break for all dumbo anupreans LOL , I wonder how their followers on insta will be getting minimised day by day
    erica and jennifer are two talented actresses but flop concept doesn’t match to their class !!!!
    harshad chopda shaheer sheikh barun sobti all these three deserved to be anurag but ekta had choosen parth its really a joke hahhaha
    had their been barun with erica dhamall ho jata aur shaheer rehte to bawall ho jata
    ekta ji aankhein kholiye aur VELLE viewers ko aur bewkoof na banaye aap LOL

  18. POOJA is just not getting screen space she deserved in kzk serial , pooja and parth are very very close friends in real life, parth is so much free and open to pooja which is seen worldwide but is hesitant to senior pro erica be it in acting or sharing views , its said well u gell with those whom u feel happy with and this is no where seen between erica and parth , rather than being professional they can’t stand each other for too long such harsh is the reality in this modern glamour world LOL feeling sad for those anupreans fans

  19. defination of amazing has changed for some head hurt anuprean fans these days @ rip their logic !!!!

  20. I totally agree with you
    But if u don’t like it the n just stop watching like I did
    But why this negativity

  21. Fenil

    Bachpan yaad aa gaya Jab Anurag ne kaha Sir takrana hoga wapas warna humre bich mein jaghda ho jayega…… My Beautiful Memory of childhood.

    1. Medha

      Ha hme pta tha aapko aapka Bachapana jarur yaad aayega is scene ko dekh kar yun yaad aa jata hain aapko sara kuch isliye parhej kiya ye line chipkane se….

  22. Fenil

    Mishka toh achhi kaamwali sabit ho rahi hain bhai wah !!

    1. Medha

      Maid Mishka matching matching

  23. Fenil

    Lipstick wala Trademark and Copyright register ho gaya Anurag pe woh bhi sidha DIL pe wah wah wah !!

    1. Medha

      No chance for Delete or Clear

  24. Fenil

    so sweet , Anurag started giving explanation to prerna about Lipstick mark…hahha Denewali ko hi safai de raha hain !!

    1. Medha

      So innocent ?

  25. Fenil

    dekha Medha mene kaha tha na ki yeh chipku mishka CRAZY LOVER HAI

    1. Medha

      Physcho bolo ab to… Sadu

  26. Fenil

    (lipstick mark) I will keep you close to me forever ….awwww Anurag ko Loveriya hone laga hain confirm by Dr.Fenil

    1. Medha

      Doctor Sahab…. bda der kar diye ye confirm krne mein

  27. Fenil

    Komolika Komolika Komolika

    1. Medha


  28. Fenil

    precap is wow and waiting

  29. Meharin

    #fenil bhaiia aap doctor ban gaye!!Bataya bhi nahi!

    1. Fenil

      hehehe…Medical walon ki samant aayi hain

  30. Fenil

    There r two different Precaps one on Hotstar one on Youtube

    1. Medha

      Aur khi bhi dekh lo teesara bhi mil jaye shayad

  31. Meharin

    #fenil bhaiia samant ka matlab nahi samjhi.Waise bhaiia yeh dr.Fenil konse hospital main hain tu hospital??

  32. Thank you dear for the information will have to keep watching thanks.

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