Kasam 28th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranbir and Kritika feel each other’s presence at the airport

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Kasam 28th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ranbir asking his father what he was saying? Mr. Kapoor tells that they were childless, but when they went to Siddhi Vinayak temple and prayed there, Mahima got pregnant. Kritika tells Mayuri that she don’t want to stress her mum and that’s why agreed to go to Mumbai. Mayuri asks her mum if she is going to Mumbai to search her daughter’s alliance. Kritika’s mum says yes. Kritika says I will enquire from mum. Mayuri then tells her that the man she talked last night was not her jija and tells that he was someone else. Kritika tells that she is sure to find her man and knows that he is somewhere.

Akki tells Ranbir that he is feeling strange about doctor’s talk and says that girl Tanu, and all of a sudden we all are going to India, this is all weird. Ranbir says all these coincidence are signing me something, and that girl’s call. He says how I will identify her. Kritika says my heart will help me identify him. Ranbir tells Akki that I will break your face if you continues to talk like this. Akki goes. Ranbir thinks of Kritika’s words calling him Mr. Flirt. They come to India. Kritika and her mum come to Mumbai. Ranbir is in the airport. His fans cheer for him. His parents say we are home now. Kritika is just behind him. She walks past him and gets flashes of temple.

Ranbir looks at her as she walks away. She stops and turns to Ranbir, but just then his fans surround him. Fans of Ranbir see him and runs to take a glimpse of him, they have selfies with him. Akki asks Mr. Kapoor to see that even aunties like him. Mr. Kapoor says he is my son. Mahima says if he had grown up in India then he would be Ram. Mr. Kapoor says we are Krishna followers. Kritika’s mum is worried and thinks to meet her husband.

A man runs behind his friend. Ranbir’s mum is about to fall as he pushes her. Kritika holds her and scolds the boy for pushing her while running with speed. She asks him to say her sorry. He says sorry and leaves. Mahima gets impressed and blesses her. Kritika thanks her. Mahima comes to Mr. Kapoor and tells that she met a girl who was very sanskari, and wishes such girl for Ranbir. Kritika sees people taking selfie and thinks it seems some celebrity came. She tries to see him. Ranbir senses her presence and turns. Mahima meets her again. Kritika says it seems some celebrity came, girls are mad for him. Mahima asks why you are not like that? Kritika says she is different. Mahima says sometimes we have nothing and sometimes we have everything.

Kritika tries to open the suitcase and sees Ranbir kapoor’s name.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The episode was nice ok types , just this time I am loving ranbir kapoor s swag , hope he doesn’t beg and apologize for kritika and maintain the attitude , and kritika should be little shy as said by someone , last time she was bossy ,arrogant , irritating and selfish . Thats why the show went worst therefore keep kritika normal not the last one playing with husband ,friend and own daughter . They should also show grown up natasha,taniya and the truth to be revealed that ranbir is their brother and soul is of father , at least they should unite

  2. Kratika is very cute now.she only suits for the chemistry

  3. Episide was really nice…writers hv gvn dashng look to ranbr…n kritka is natural beauty…plz gv kritka also some new look…plz dnt curl her hair…n yes…krtka…plz loose some weight…othrwise u r v cute…

  4. Kritika should be Shy, shanskari, smiley type and thought ful just like Tanu but writers made her just like tanuja once again talkative. And about her looks she have to loose her weight, straight her hair i hate her curly hair and she have to cover her forehead with side hair.

  5. I haven’t been watching for a while. I was surprised just like u Devon I thought they will change Tanuja’s charector but it is still the same that shouting,anger. To me that was what I didn’t like about her always thinking that she is smarter than everyone, but will always lose her selfishness and being used for dragging the story. I know they say u have to be comfortable in ur skin.she is a big beautiful woman.Now Rishi looks young,,loosing a bit of weight was going to make her look younger too.

  6. Dude I watched kasam after a year. When i used to watch kasam tge chemestry between sharad and kraitika was fantastic because kratika used to look small than sharad and sharad used to look bigger than kratika but now it is opposite cause sharad looks thinner and kratika fatter. Now kratika looks bigger than sharad and the chemistry between both really sucks now due to kratika fatness. Plz loose some weight kratika

  7. Hey guyz dont expect kratika sengar what she was. She is married to nikiten dheer and she has lost her virginity so her looks changed.

    1. This show is total flop and I guess no one with nice body wants to be part of a losing show and that is why this fatty continues!

    2. So all the married ladies are fatties? ? I don’t think so! Gym.

    3. What bullshit crap mentality u have. She is not fat and she is cute. No one asking u to watch it.

  8. Love kratika characters so much.. naughty n easy go lucky girl. I want her characters like tis always..her characters different frm tanu n tanuja..everyone loving kittu so much. As usual she looking so beautiful..hope to see her as working girl aso.

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