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Aankhon mein Teri

Episode – 19th

`The previous day ` :- Ahil tells Naina that he’s going to get engaged due to his parents , Naina decides to give property to Kamini
Someone standing at door loudly and strongly in crooked and grief stricken voice exclaimed ” No this marriage can’t happen , Stop it right now ”

The whole audience looks there , Janki’s eyes grew larger with shock , She exclaimed ” you ” , ” Here ”

Janki Stood up ” Naina , Why are you here ?

Riya : I’m not Naina I’m Riya Rai , The girl who has real right over this ring

Ms.Mukesh : Janki Ji what’s this girl saying , Who’s she ?

Janki : She’s a fraud , Just for sake of money she wants to marry my son and nothing else .

Nitya : Does she knows Ahil ?

Janki : She’s just Ahils friend , I’ve have already made it clear to her that we don’t

Riya : You’ve said No ! But what about Ahil ! He loves me

Mr.Mukesh : What all this ? Mr.Adesh you’ve called us for our insult

Janki goes to Riya , ” Shut up , Riya or Naina whosoever you’re and get out of here ”

Riya : I knew you’ll not believe me so I’ve bought some clues too .

Riya see this , Shows them all some pictures , ” You can see here clearly what’s going on ”

Nitya : Oh god , Mom Dad did you saw this .

Ms.Mukesh : I can’t believe on my eyes

Janki : This all is a trick , This girl is misleading us

Riya: Truth is always bitter , But you’ve to believe , Ahil really loves me .

Janki : No it’s not true , No ways .

Riya : Last night , Didn’t he came home late , He called me , He said he wants to meet me at a hotel , There we was completely drunk and he confessed that he loves me and he did what should never happen , And this is clearly seen in these pictures .

Mr.Mukesh : How shameful , Shhit !! see your Naked Son Mr.Sinha , Thank god everything is clear before Engagement .

Ms.Mukesh : That is why I felt why’s Ahil always out of house , It’s horrific .


Abhay : See Ahil this is the only way we can win , Otherwise go and marry Nitya and forget NAINA forever .

Ahil : No , No ( He said in enthusiasm ) , Okay I’m ready for this .

Abhay : Go my brother and win your love , If you didn’t took a step now then for whole life you’ll regret , Go Ahil , Go !

Ahil rushed from there and Sat in the car ” Today I’ll do what my heart is saying to me , Since my childhood I’ve done what others have said , But today it’s about me and my life , So I’ll do accordingly ”

Ahil calls Pinky ” Hi Pinky where’s Naina ”

Pinky : She’s very Sad she hasn’t even visited Temple as usually she starts her day visiting there .

Ahil : If I’ll give you a task to bring your friend back to life , Will you do it ?

Pinky : Off course I’ll .

Ahil : Okay Listen then ,,,,,( silent conversation )

Pinky : Wow I’m so excited , You will really do this ?

Ahil : I’ve sent a package to your house , Make her agree and do what I told you .

S̴I̴N̴H̴A̴’S̴ ̴M̴A̴N̴S̴I̴O̴N̴…

Mr.Mukesh : Now we’re not at all interested to stand here and get humiliated , Come Nitya let’s go.

Janki : Wait please ! This girl is continuously telling lies and we’re standing still .

Ms.Mukesh : Something which we’ve heard could be false but this , This we’ve seen with our eyes , How can it be not true ?

Adesh : You know our family since so many years then how can you say like this

Mr.Mukesh : Maybe this could be the reason that you wanted to have a relationship with us just because we belong to rich status and you might have ignored your sons choices .

Adesh loudly : Mr.Mukesh we’re not like that cheap kind of people , Did you get that ?

Mr.Mukesh : Just keep your mouth shut ! Now after seeing your Son like this we’ve got to very well who’s cheap and who’s not .

Riya in her mind ” Wow I could be such a great actress , I’m so talented , Now see I’ll show more of my talent ”

Riya cries more and Screams ” Please , I kneel down uncle and Aunt don’t say that My future husband is characterless , He’s very good , He himself said that he’ll marry me for sure ”

Janki : Keep quiet ! and he’ll never marry you Okay !.

ᑎᗩIᑎᗩ’ᔕ ᑭOᐯ ..

Pinky : Naina hurry up we’re going to Temple

Naina : No I’m not going anywhere ?

Pinky : Hurry up I said , Pundit Ji called me , He said it’s a special occasion today

Naina : what ? a special occasion

Pinky : Ya ! we need to reach there urgently , Just wear this costume , Come on.

After some time , Pinky took Naina to Cab .

Naina : What have you made me wear , A lot of jewelry , Saree , What is all this

Pinky : Stay calm I told you Na ! Pundit Ji told me all this , There’s a special event today .


Ahil was sitting beside Grandpa in Hospital .

Ahil holds His hands ” You said Na ! that Naina needs time and one day she’ll realise my love , She did and She told me that she loves me too ”

Grandpa : Do you know Ahil ! I don’t think I could live more than few days now , I was really stressed who’ll take care of my child if i died , But now I can rest in peace

Ahil : Please don’t say like that ! Naina needs your blessings , She can’t live without you

Grandpa : Now what are your decisions ?

Ahil : I want to get engaged with Naina , Today itself , Now .

Grandpa : what ? Ahil but did everyone knows about it , Really are you sure .

Ahil : I don’t care about anyone , I just know is I love Naina and She’s coming here , But she doesn’t knows why I’ve called her ?

Grandpa : See , Ahil now you’re young enough to take your decision but still I’ll say Are you ready to accept Naina as your Life partner , Knowing who She is ?

Ahil : Yes ! I am !

The door of the room opens and Pinky and Naina enters

Naina : Pinky this is not the Temple , Where are we ? Tell me !

Pinky : Shh ! Keep quiet Naina

Pinky : Ahil bhai , This is your Girl

Naina : Ahil ! Means ,, what ,, where are we . I don’t want to have any conversation with him .

She twists back , Ahil holds her hands .

Ahil holds Naina’s hand ” We’re in hospital with Grandpa ”

Naina : Dadu , Ahil , Pinky what is this going on ! And Ahil today it’s your engagement Na !

Ahil : Ya ! it’s my engagement today , With You , Naina .

Naina : Ahil !what are you saying , How can we secretly do anything like this .

Ahil : You love me and I love you , Then why should we care about the whole world , By the way , Grandpa is with us , He’s with our decision .

Naina : If without telling anyone else we did it then your parents would be upset with you .

Ahil :

I don’t care , Even if whole earth gets upset , But I really care if you got hurt .

Ahil : So tell will you give me your hand , I’ve bought a ring for you and in front of grandpa we’ll present a ring to each other .

Naina : Ahil ….

Ahil : No just tell me yes or No , Today if you didn’t tell me the truth then there’s no way we can live together .

Naina : Yes ! I will .

Grandpa and Pinky claps loudly .

Ahil holds Naina’s hand and puts a ring in her fingers .

Naina : But for Ahil I don’t have any ring !

Pinky : But I have ! , She took out form her bag a little piece of cloth ,
Pinky : Remember Naina you made this ring form a cloth with your hands , And you said that this ring you’ll give to one who’ll love you like no one did .

Naina sobbingly : Yes ! I made it myself .

Ahil : Problem solved , Here’s my ring much much expensive than gold or diamond ring .

Naina puts it in Ahil’s finger

Ahil : See it’s completely of my size as if it’s made for me only .

Grandpa cries of happiness ” Today I’m so happy , Finally now I need not to take any kind of tension for Naina , One who will always keep her smiling is here ”

RAI'S house.

Kamini mutters : I don’t know what would be happing with Riya , I just hope our Plan works

Naveen : What Plan now you and your daughter have made that you’re shaking like this ?

Kamini : Oh Ji ! this is my and my daughters thing you don’t interfere Okay !

Naveen : Okay , Okay ,,, His phone rings .

Naveen : Mr.Doctor is calling

Kamini : Which doctor

Naveen : Grandpa’s doctor , Who’s handling grandpa , whom we’ve said to Plan what do with him , You’ve forgotten .

Kamini : Sorry ! Now pick the phone .

Naveen : Yes doctor , When will you tell us a good news that he’s no more .

Doctor : Naveen Ji , That I don’t know , But what I can see with my eyes is terrible really .

Naveen : What ??

Doctor : Your Daughter NAINA and Udaipur’s richest boy is presenting each other Ring in front of your Father .
It seems like some engagement is going on , Really !! Wait I send you pictures of you don’t believe .

Naveen : Haha ! What are you saying Ahil and Naina are getting engaged in from of Dady.

Kamini : what ?

Naveen shuts the phone and sees the pictures sent by him .

Kamini : No this can’t happen , No .

She grasped the phone anf breaks it down .

Kamini :Naveen Ji come we need to go to SINHA’S mansion right now !No! Hurry up .

Precap :- Ahil brings Naina in front of everybody , Before he could come Kamini keeps a proposal , Janki puts a condition in front of Ahil to chose Riya for marriage or His mom .

Hope you liked it , Put a thumbs up if you did ?? do comment and good night to my besties …

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  1. Aryan Bhattacharya

    Ooo lovely episode di…. Finally Naina and Ahil ‘s engagement happened.. Wow…
    And di if I got registered then can I msg you even after your ff is finished?? And di please tell me how to put the profile pic… Please
    Good night and sweet dreams di…

    1. Kira

      Once you’ve registered then you can do many things , Yes you can send me msg anytime dear and to anybody who’s registered here ! and setting display picture you’ll learn when you’ll get Registered

  2. Aryan Bhattacharya

    Thanks di..

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    So di what will I do now?

    1. Kira

      I’ve no idea sorry , but you can try using small user name like ArayanB or AryanBH try choosing small without space. . hop it will work

  4. Nice episode didi but it is really shocked to know that Ahil has to choose between Riya and Janki
    Have a sweet day today

    1. Kira

      Good day to you too ???

  5. Hey Kira wonderful update…..I am so happy with Ahil’s decision…. finally I hope Naina will be able to lead a happy life….
    Amazing update dear… keep up the good work
    Have a nice day ???
    And plzz can you tell me how to send a personal message after registering in TU???
    Coz I have already registered….

    1. Kira

      Tell me your user name I’ll send you a msg .

      If you want to send anyone msg then , First find that person , For that go to MEMEBERS tab , Find that person , A window will open , You’ll find a option MESSAGE , click on that and you can send msg

      1. My username is DBRSR1822

  6. AryanBhattacharya

    Hi! Di… I have registered… And I have sent a msg to you.. Thanks di for helping me…

  7. Could you please tell me where is the members tab???

  8. Aryan Bhattacharya

    Actually I don’t know where is members tab… But I can say you what I have done to msg Kira di… After registration I have clicked a message button that is below Kira di ‘s name…

  9. Aryan Bhattacharya

    But Kira di now I am having a problem… Actually after registration I have msged you but then due to less charge my phone became switched off… And after that when I restarted that, then after that when I tried to again msg you it’s again showing to register… Then I tried again to register it’s showing that “this is linked to an existing account”…
    So di now please please please again help me.. Please

  10. Aryan Bhattacharya

    And in my wall paper Luice said me “hi” but I can’t reply also bcoz of that problem… Please please please please please di help me

  11. Kira

    Try using following :-

    1:- when you’ll open telly update , On right top corner it will show LOG in , Click there and enter your ID with password , Then click KEEP ME SIGNED IN

    1. Kira

      If you’re logged in then on right top corner it will show your display picture

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