Kasam 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Balraj shares his problem with Ranbir

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Kasam 23rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ranbir praising Kritika’s smile, cheeks, nose etc…Girl asks did you call me to praise her? Ranbir says no and tells that she asked me to praise her. Girl asks him to call her and goes. Kritika asks what kind of man you are? Ranbir says you asked me to praise you, and I have praised you. Kritika asks him to take his money. Ranbir says you need it for your treatment Babes. Kritika says I am not Babe. Ranbir says you don’t look like Babe. Kritika asks then what she looks? Ranbir asks her to tell. Kritika says you are the wonder which shall be kept in museum. Ranbir says I am bearing your mental disorder and you are taking advantage of me. She asks do you have anything? Ranbir shows his muscles. He says he is busy. Kritika says she has to go to interview and gives him envelope back and goes. Akki comes to Ranbir. Ranbir says that crazy girl came again. Akki asks him to stop the car and says all the best to Kritika. Ranbir asks her to hear what he said? Kritika asks him to hear what she said to Akki. Ranbir looks at her while going.

Pummy asks Ishana to check Mardani clothes. Ishana says Rani Mukherjee had worn police dress. Pummy asks her to check. Jiana thinks to talk about job. She asks Pummy if she can work. Pummy says she don’t want her daughter to work outside. She says Ishana will not take water with her hand also and need right hand, and asks Jiana to do all the work. Jiana says she can do all the work and says if she gets salary then they can hire maid and fulfill all their needs. Pummy permits her to do job.

Kritika comes to give Interview to Vikas Sharma. Vikas asks why did you leave interview that day. Kritika says she had some work. Vikas says need is the first thing which is needed to win the case. He says he looks for qualities and passion and not qualification. He says he checks three qualities and says you have passed all three qualities and says you are hired. Kritika thanks him. He asks her to work on property dispute cases and join him from Monday. Kritika says ok and thanks him.

Ranbir and Akki come back home. Balraj says Kapoor sons are back. Ranbir says I am not his son as he didn’t come to see my match. Mahima says he is actually tensed. Balraj says we have to leave this house and tells that Batra has gone crazy. Ranbir asks who is he? Balraj tells that Ayush Batra is the caretaker of the house, and tells that he thought to give house to Batra as he was very poor, and that’s why I let him take care of house. He says I have been sending him salary and maintenance amount etc. He tells that Batra have sold 25 acres land to some builder and also got their house on his name. Ranbir asks didn’t you do the paper work. Balraj says yes. He tells that Batra was trying to sell the house, but I stopped him. He says he is staying in our house front side and tells that he has threatened him. He says he has done illegal things legally.

Ranbir says I will handle the matter and asks him to take care of his health. Batra comes there with Lawyer Vikas Sharma. He says all family members are here. He introduces himself as Ayush Batra and says he was care taker before and now owner of this house. He says I asked your father to leave this house, but he didn’t agree. He says I am a good man and can’t thrown anyone out. He tells that he has brought lawyer Vikas Sharma with him. Vikas Sharma tells that he never loses the case and says it is written clearly that this house is of my client Ayush Batra and that’s why please vacate it.

Batra tells that this house is his. Balraj says I can prove in 2 mins that this house is mine and will kick him out. Batra is about to slap him, but Ranbir comes and holds his hand asking him how dare he to raise hand on his dad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Loving the scene..when ranbir praised kritika..her silky hair, cute nose, those nice n soft cheeks n beautifu smile.

  2. Loving the scene, when ranbir praised kritika beauty, her beautiful silky hair, cute nose, those cute nice n soft cheeks n beautiful smile.

  3. Loving when ranbir praised kritika..her silky hair, cute nose, those nice n soft cheeks n cute smile.

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