Badho Bahu 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ahlawat Family requests Panch to change decision

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Badho Bahu 23rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sangram Singh says why they have made such sad faces. Ex-Sarpanch ji tells him to look at the preps. Sangram Singh is unable to focus on preps. I cannot avoid looking at them. Badho also comes downstairs. Pundit ji asks them to call the bride and groom. Sushma brings Titli. Have a little more patience. Jamuna ji will be free the moment you are married to Lucky. Everyone will be happy then. Titli thinks she will be completely quiet now. The color of my mehendi will tell everyone everything. Flashback shows Titli sending the mehendi girl home. She makes her close the door from outside. Titli picks the mehendi cone and writes “Jamuna Store Room” in her hand. Flashback ends.

Titli comes to the mandap area. Lucky is also there. Pundit ji asks them to exchange garlands first. Sushma excitedly gives a garland to Titli. Lucky’s family is also asked to participate in the family. Sushma gestures Ram ji. He tries to hold the garland but Lucky does not let him. Ram ji asks him to make Titli wear it. She is looking so beautiful today. Sushma also asks them to go ahead. Titli’s hands are shaking. Sushma tells her not to feel shy. The good mahurat will pass this way. Lucky and Titli exchange garlands. Ram ji, Sushma and Panch are the only ones clapping.

Lucky and Titli sit down for the remaining rituals. Badho looks on sadly. Titli looks at her hand. Lucky should just look at my palm somehow. Lucky looks at Badho’s sad face. Titli requests Lucky to listen to her once. You are free to not even look at me afterwards. Sushma tells her to be quiet. Pundit ji asks Ram ji to keep Titli ‘s hand in Lucky’s hand. Titli decides to unveil her Bua’s truth now. She again turns to Lucky. Just look at my mehendi once. Please, I request you. He refuses to look at her hand, her face or anything! She is worried that it will create a problem then. She tries talking to him again when Pundit ji advises her to focus on the mantras. It is very important for you to listen and understand them.

Ram ji keeps Lucky’s hand over Titli. Lucky does not exactly touch her hand. Badho looks away. Sangram Singh is happy to have taught a lesson to Ahlawat Family finally. I am at peace today. Malti ji tells her husband she wont be able to see it anymore. let’s speak to Panch. Kamla ji also says the same. I am even ready to touch their feet. Raghubir ji walks up to the Panch with his family. Please reconsider your decision. It might ruin the lives of my kids. Please think once again. Malti ji adds that they trust Panchayat as it always follows rules. Stop this wedding. This isn’t right. People will lose their trust on Panchayat if this wedding happens. Komal tells them not to fold their hands before the Panchayat. They have already made up their mind. What can we expect from them now? We only must do something. No one will request them now. Raghubir ji agrees. We trust you a lot. Do whatever you want to do. We are with you.

Badho comes to her room. She calls Payal again. I am very much tensed. Everything is going wrong. Did it work? Payal assures her that it is done. Your plan will be a success. No one will be able to break your and Lucky’s wedding. Komal is still worried. Jaimala has happened already. Don’t know what will happen now. Payal is miffed. This Sushma is very smart. She is doing everything so quickly. Komal is worried that the wedding might happen but Payal tells her not to worry. Have patience. Our work will be done. Shankar ji is also helping us. Do something to halt the wedding for an hour. Komal agrees.

Pundit ji continues with the mantras. Ahlawat family looks on unhappily. Lucky and Titli are asked to take pheras. Sushma asks Titli to get up. Sitting wont help. Titli gets up but Lucky is still sitting. Sushma keeps calling him son-in-law. Get up. Hope you understand that you and your entire family might have to leave the village if you back out now. You will be insulted. You are smart. You wont let anything like that happen. Lucky stands up against his wish.

Pundit ji explains that a promise is attached with every phera that they will take now. Let’s start. Lucky says I know the 7 vows already. Some people present here seem to have forgotten that I have already taken these vows with someone. I am also trying to fulfil them. Malti ji tries to make Ram ji understand. Is only Sushma your sister? Am I not your sister? How can you do this with me? Do you think you will make your daughter happy by ruining the lives of my kids? I never trusted Sushma. She can stoop really low but I dint expect this from you! Raghubir ji says I wont say much. I will only say that even I don’t know what will happen after this. For now, you are ruining 3 lives at once! Kamla ji seconds him. It is still not late. I say that it is never late to make the right decision. Kailash ji tells him to remember that he will regret this decision his entire life. You wont be able to do anything about this wedding later. Ram ji begins to say something but Sushma tells to Sangram Singh that Ahlawat family is diverting her innocent brother. You guys are just watching quietly. Kamla ji begins to say something but Sangram Singh tells everyone to keep their truths with them only. The decision wont change. This wedding will happen!

Sushma does the gathbandhan. Komal comes downstairs and watches them thus. How to halt the wedding for an hour? Lucky is asked to take the first phera. Komal asks Pundit ji to stop.

Precap: Bride and groom are asked to start the pheras. Titli acts to fall unconscious. Badho holds her. Titli shows her her hand and Badho reads the message. Badho has freed her mother but the goon is pointing knife at them. You both wont be able to escape from here today!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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