Kasam 15th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Rishi smiles watching Tannu’s photo in his wallet. He calls her really mischievous, whenever she looks towards him this way he keeps on staring back, she is trying to get him late. Earlier, the world used to stop but not time and he stops whenever he looks towards her. He insists on her to stay behind him as a shadow.
Tanuja comes out of the room and looks a mirror in a lady’s hand. She was shocked to look at her face features but couldn’t see her complete face because the mirror was so little. She denies this being her face and throw the hand mirror on the wall. It breaks a mirror on the wall into pieces, Tanuja looks herself in the shattered pieces of mirror and was shocked to find Tannu in her face. She remember everyone relating her with Tannu, and Rishi’s love for Tannu at first sight. She denies this being possible, and recognizes herself as Tannu- Rishi’s Tannu. She shouts at the staff of hospital. Vidhi was coming inside, she hides herself finding Tanuja hysterically shouting at nurses that this isn’t her, this is Tannu. The doctor comes to calm her, she cries that this isn’t her. The staff forces her on a wheel chair, and give her a relaxing injection. The doctor asks her to take rest. Vidhi was relieved.
Rishi confirms being on time for a meeting. A girl passes from the front of his car, her stroller fly over his mirror. He recalls Tannu, then apologizes the lady saying he is going crazy. He asks her to come back, he is missing her. He wonders why he can see her all around, and is hopeful today something good will happen to him. He smiles, I love you Tannu and can’t live without her.
Vidhi was restlessly waiting for Bani and Neha. Vidhi tells them that Tanuja attacked the doctors and nurses when she looked at her face. Bani was afraid she would be enraged at them as well. Neha asks if Tannu has turned into a witch. Vidhi says she looks prettier now, though her body is a bit bloated because of operation. Bani asks whom she has started to resemble.
Rishi enters the office, the secretary flirts with him. He reminds she is going to get married next month and moves forward. Radhika tells his secretary that three months ago, boss hates girls specially Tanuja.
Bani and Neha carefully enter Tanuja’s room, Vidhi calls her from behind to notice if she is conscious or not. Bani comes to the side of her face and screams in fear calling her a ghost, her voices shivering badly. Neha goes to see her and was taken aback recognizing her as Tannu. Vidhi asks why they feel as if they have seen this face before. Neha gets hysterical that this is Rishi’s Tannu, this isn’t Tanuja. Vidhi tries to calm her down saying this is Tanuja, she just got a different face. Bani insists that this face is Rishi’s Tannu’s. Vidhi says alright, so Bee ji deliberately asked doctor to make such a change. Tanuja moves in bed and calls Rishi’s name, then Tannu’s. Bani backs up, then discuss with Neha that they can change their fates on this altered photo by Bee ji.
The nurse from City hospital calls Rishi that he has to make payment for plastic surgery of Tanuja. Rishi wonders why should he pay, the nurse says it’s written on their file and his Bee ji promised he would make the payment. Rishi was not ready to give a single penny, he is in no way related to her. He thinks this girl turned to be really cunning, she was responsible for fire at home. He wonders how dare the nurse warned him to complaint against him. He thinks this is Tanuja’s trick, she is aware she hates him and won’t make this payment, and she now wants to ruin his name. She took Bee ji’s name for payment and was determined not to leave her. He will teach her a lesson that she won’t come near to his home again. He heads towards office.
Tanuja wakes up, Vidhi’s shouts echo in her mind. She says everything has changed, there would be another name with hers now; what she would do now. She panics in the bed.

PRECAP: Tanuja asks Vidhi if Rishi asked her about her in the last three months. Vidhi tells her that Bani and Neha tried to speak to Rishi, he isn’t ready to meet Tanuja and even hates her face.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Sabrina

    I hate they keep emphasizing her weight that she is bloated after the operation there is no need for that.

  2. In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage drama amid Rishi and Tanu in the daily soap.

    Rishi would get shocked to see Tanuja possessing Tanu’s face post surgery.

    Finally destiny has played a cruel game with Tanuja as Tanuja is now having the face and identity of Tanu.

    Tanuja even does not know who was Tanu and just to save Rishi Tanuja put her life in danger and lost Tanuja’s identity and face in return.

    Fate reunite Tanuja and Rishi


  4. please reply me dear and kind anika.

  5. Ok first in the promo you bring a new face and the concept was though the face changes rishi will meet his destiny.And now oh god hello every one love is not about face and looks its a feel .that’s what i want to say.the serial writters had changed the total concept just because of trp and comments you have changed the view of love .this is horrible really

  6. Kratika’s acting was really good today but again I felt like I’m watching Tanu, not Tanuja and plz give some valid reason for Rishi’s changed behaviour.

  7. What the hell??? Again Bani and Neha doing planning and plotting, same story again!!!!!!

  8. All of you r waiting for rishi to meet tanuja but am just waiting now for tanuja ( kritika) to call neha chachi! Hahaha…

    1. and she will also call Sandy chacha, lol. It will be damn funny

    2. Yeah it will be like
      Tanuja – chacha mag I help you?
      Neha – nahi door Rah mughse

  9. Siddhi

    How can rishi think that because Tanuja house caught fire but because of him only house caught fire

  10. Very nice episode

  11. Shakaib

    Love kratika and sharad a lot , and love their on screen jodi, I think when tanshi will married , show will end .

    1. Siddhi

      No I think ekta will bring new twist

    2. Hi shakaib iam started to be here also yaar.

    3. Shakaib

      Nice nisha and siddhu

  12. Well I guess there will definitely be no track between Rishi’s nephew and Tanuja now, Ekta might bring back Pawan…. 80 As for Rishi, I think he has lost his mental stability.

  13. @Vafa, Even i’m also proud to hav friendz like u, Anika n Siddhi….Anika i’m also gonna miss ur veiws as u were loyal to everyone….

  14. nice eiposed.

  15. me too (sia) you are right(siddhi)ekta said that show willnot end . (referto page instagram) kasam season2 is very interesting.

  16. Started watching again. Thank you ekta

  17. Saill [email protected]
    stoped spread baseless roumours.
    kasamtere payar ki isnot going off air chil colortv sharad malhotra kratika sanger karatika dheer tanshi

  18. ekta donot bring back pawan. ekta said will have in darma alots of romance.

  19. when rishi will see kratika?

  20. At first tanuja ne naak nahi chaidi hai ab plastic surgery hote hi uski nose mein crystal stone kaise aagaya dost

  21. What a nonsense serial is this really you think that you can match tanuju with tanu she is not like tanuja phir se vahi rona dhona???? irritating so much???

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