Ek Duje Ke Vaste 15th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 15th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan says Sumo has promised me we can do whatever we want once she becomes Mrs. Malhotra. He walks up to her. Am I right Mrs. Malhotra? She looks at him. She thinks he made such a big thing like marriage a formality for his ego and anger. Mami ji says it is ok. Take blessings of elders. Shravan asks Sumo to join him. Sumo and Shravan seeks blessings of everyone. Nanu blesses them to be happy and together always followed by Mami ji and Mama ji. Nanu asks them what they have planned next. Is another shock left? Shravan replies that a lot is going to happen now that the marriage has happened. I am talking about vidaai. He tells Sumo to pack her bags. Sumo looks pointedly at him. Mami ji sends Preeti and Sumo to pack.

Shravan gets a call from his papa. I gues he got the news of marriage. He goes aside to talk to him. Ramnath asks him if he really had court marriage with Sumo. You could have spoken to me once. What are you thinking? Shravan says relax papa. It was important to teach a lesson to the girl. she has to understand what you mean to me. Ramnath is confused. what do you mean? Shravan says Sumo did her self-respect drama again. She wanted a simple wedding. I had a court marriage. Tit for that. I wont let her be happy. she will think twice before doing any drama with me. You should be proud of me. I did the right thing for you. Ramnath says I cannot understand what I should say. Come over and meet me. I have to talk to you. no one should know you are coming to meet me, especially Tiwari ji. he would otherwise think I am not happy with this alliance. Shravan agrees.

Shravan tells Pushkar he has an important work. You reach home with Preeti and Sumo. Pushkar tells him to do this ritual as it is important. Shravan says how it matters. Nanu says it does matter. Sumo will bid us farewell. We will send her with a faith. Anyone can be close but he or she cannot take your place. How will the vidaai happen without husband? Shravan replies that he does understand him but I have to go urgently right now. Only I can do this. Mami ji asks him what’s more important right now other than this ritual. Our faith is associated with it. Vidaai cannot happen without you. Mama ji and Preeti second her. Pushkar offers to meet the person on Shravan’s behalf but he insists that only he can go for this meeting. I would have sat idle till Sumo does her packing. I will be back in 2 hours max. Nanu holds his hand. Go but go with a promise to be back soon. Shravan promises him.

Shravan sits in the car when someone hits him on the head. The man puts a kerchief on Shravan’s mouth so as to make him unconscious.

Sumo is looking for something. Mami ji gives her her clothes. Take your time for packing. Shravan went out for some urgent work. Babu ji tried to stop him too but he dint stay. Do you know what it was? Is everything fine? Call him. Sumo thinks what Shravan is doing and why. You have troubled everyone enough already by doing court marriage and now you left just like that. You neither worry about this marriage nor for the people.

The goons inform someone that they have the man (Shravan). It will be good if you do your job now. Ramnath tries Shravan’s number but in vain. Peon comes to give him a file. Ramnath asks him if Shravan is here. Peon denies. Ramnath again tries Shravan’s number.

Shravan is still unconscious. The goons are sitting next to him. Shravan’s phone rings. One of the goons is about to pick the call but the other one throws it on the floor. Ramnath gets tensed. Why isn’t Shravan here yet? His phone is also off now.

The second goon scolds the first goon for not using his brain. If you pick the call then this guy’s father will trace the phone and reach here. The first goon is scared that they might get caught. the second goon is sure of the person who gave them this task. He is not an ordinary man. He is a big shot. That old man (Ramnath) can do anything he wants to but our boss is ready with an answer. The second goon wants to meet the boss. Aditya enters just then. He looks at Shravan and drinks liquor. Goons get up seeing him there.
Kamini ji is in thoughts. Vandy shakes her out of her reverie. You are very weird. You should be happy as everything is going as per your plan. Why are you sad? Kamini ji says I cannot feel the happiness. I feel something somewhere is stuck. Vandy says you dint even have chicken today. Should I get water? Kamini ji points out that she is speaking about feelings. They should have been here by now. Is something wrong? Vandy tells her not to take tension. Call Pushkar to find out what’s happening. Stay relaxed. Kamini ji appreciates her for the idea. It is my effect on you. She calls Pushkar next. Pushkar tells her that Sumo is packing while Bhaiya has gone out for some important work. We will come as soon as he is back. Kamini ji says what’s so important that Shravan left the ritual in between. Pushkar says we all tried to find out but he dint tell us. He dint even agree to stay back. He said he will be back soon so we are waiting. They end the call. Kamini ji thinks what could be more important for Shravan than Sumo’s vidaai.

Aditya looks intently at Shravan. He is still sleeping. He calls out for Shravan to wake up. He also shakes Shravan’s face asking him to get up. Open your eyes. Look around and see who is before you now! You were acting like a lion before everyone that day. What happened today? Tonight I will settle all our past accounts forever. I trusted you. You are Pushkar’s elder brother but you broke my marriage with Sumo and married her. You have destroyed my life very much! You have insulted me before my loved ones. You proved me wrong. You insulted me before my mother. You thought you will be safe even after doing all this? I will take revenge for every little thing. He makes one goon hold Shravan’s face and throws water on him. Shravan begins to gain conscious. Aditya says you married your best friend Suman Tiwari or the one with whom you did everything that happens between husband and wife. You knew I will do something that will make me look after hearing this all and your way will be clear. You played a big game but the tables have turned. It is my turn now. I wont leave you so easily.

Precap: Shravan is conscious. Aditya picks up a stick. I will break your ego today and even out for whatever has happened. Shravan tells him to hit him. My hands are also tied. You have a good chance. Ramnath warns Nirmala ji on phone. To hell with your son! If anything happens to my son then I wont spare you.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Beas

    OMG! Poor Shravu got kidnapped. Adiiiiiiiiiii! I’ll not spare you????
    Guys Sumo’s voice……it’s so eccentric ?

    1. Yaa sumo s voice is sounding odd

    2. Diya

      Congratulations …..keep it up……Time kaise milta he tujhe ????

    3. I think someone replaced her in the thoughts because the recording happened after the filming but before that, she got really sick

  2. Wat the hell that aditya is thinking abt himself mann ur bad days r started. Datz y u r doing all these. Poor sumo??.

  3. So..guys…
    Sumonki shayadh yahi aakri jalak thi…hospital jaaney sey pehle…
    Dekha…uski chehrey..pey..dulhan sey zyadha..bimari ka rang chada hua…kitni…kamzor lag rahi thi hai na??????
    Nikki..pls…get well soon…?????
    Nthng..more than health..we will wait for you..
    And guys..not only ..we r gng to miss Nikki…but also her cute voice….Jo abh vuske liye koi aur dubbing kahengey aagey ki episodes mey..jaisey aaj hua..???????
    Vaisey..nice episode…
    All went well..
    Ye shravu ka ramu kaka sey phone convo rocking tha…????khaas..shravu..ka feelings sumo k liye bhadhal jaaye…?????
    And dosthon…
    Is adhi ko kya
    .hua…gusset mey..rishtey..naatey..sabh bhool gaya kya..??????
    Ye shravu ko bhaaiy..k bajaay..saala kyo keh raha hai..kahi sumo ko behn tho nahi maanli..?????????
    Just kidding…I understood he was scolding shravu..???
    Vaisey..namik kitttttnnnnnaaaaaaaa…????????????????
    Cute tha na….?????
    Jab adhi uska chehra pakad kar baath kar raha tha…?????(by holding his face NY his cheeks)??
    Gd nyt guys..everyone..
    Pray for Niki’s..early recovery???
    *HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRIYA*????????????????????????????❤?❤❤❤❤

    1. Priya15

      Tq sooooooooo much dear.. Luv u..

  4. Angel20

    Sumo’s voice??
    Get well soon Nikita plss.. No one can replace you!!!
    Bechara Shravan!! I hate this Aditya!!

  5. Yaar..dosthon..???
    Abhi bhi bahut sari baatey hai Jo my mention karna bhool.. gayi…
    Vo gundey… adhi ko jab seath…keh rahey they..tho…omg..I’m like???????????????
    And kamini..chachi aaj kal..itni…positive naam kar chuki hai shravu k liye..itni positive sochney lagi hai..ki…jabh shravu k saath kuch galth..I mean..shravu ka jab kidnap ho raha tha..tho..
    Tabh Jo baath sumo na mehsoos kar payi…vo kamini..chachi kar gayi..aur unkk galey.mey..baath atak gayi…?????????haha..??????

  6. It’s not suman voice because of her unwell someone dubed for her I hope she will be fine.

  7. get well soon sumo . we want ur real voice .

  8. I am getting irritated with the directors and CVS. 2 days they give us peace. Then whole month tension, a hi my a NAYA tension tuk done was, even Bathampton nah I.

  9. RANdomfANCreationz

    Welll when i was watching EDKV with my cousins my grade 5 Cousin pointed out that it is not sumo’s voice. Get well soon Nikita didi. And honestly speaking this goonda avatar suits Aditya his face is like one ??? and he does better acting in that too areh why don’t u let namik sleep Aditya ???
    Idk why i have this feeling either two things may happen
    1) Aditya is acting because he wants to make Shravan realise his mistake i don’t think so OR
    2) Like melodramatic dramas Nirmala will come to rescue and shoot Aditya
    If the second one happens no Aditya but that will be worse as it will be so dramatic

    1. Hey jo. How r u? Havnt been cumin online much. Wel.. im sort of adi fan now.( not the crazy fan).
      I came across this serial ” Tu Con Mein Con” on youtube ( prev aired on bindas channel) wr this actor plays the lead. And hes sooo funny! He has a gud comic dialogue delivery.
      Havnt seen edkv today..hmm… so i guess hes turnin negativ n0w… n if tht seems 2 suit him.. then he must b a gud actor dartin b/w different kindsa roles. if u get tym… u guys can chek out that show. Its funny n a change from usual family soap!

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey rosh happy 2 see u after so many days i was thinking 🙂 well i don’t have bindass channel so i have no idea about that show but i will say he suits more in negative role than positive role comedy idk he reminds me of the guy in this show which used to be in star plus named sumit sambhaal lega which copied the English series Raymond i know they r two diff person but they look the same i feel ???

  10. Have sad. Nirmala could not give peace to shravan as well as Susan. She lack analytical power. Ramnaths & Nirvana both failed.

  11. hey all friends…missed u all…
    first about the episode…good…I hate adimanav…
    ramu shravu convo amazing…do one thing u father son duo marry each other coz u guys can’t handle beautiful wives .. can’t value them so its better know…
    kamini chachi kya bat h bht fikr hori shravu ki .. vandy good idea…
    sumo ki voice I don’t like it…please get well soon Nikita di ..edkv is nothing without u ..missing u badly ..
    adi beta tu to pitega ..I’ll definitely kill u with my band…
    but shravu’s hair were so perfect even when he was unconscious … 😉
    n adi its really ur true face
    .suits u man…
    shravu was looking so cute when adi was trying to wake him up…
    precap mind blowing…good that ramu got to know about shravu..save ur son buddha ..
    nirmu send ur adopted son to jail this time if u really love shravu even a single bit…

    @alina, David, smile dear welcome guys to my mission 🙂
    its high time to kill him

    @nazu miss u dear..

    @kittu ..yep babu n birthday song was amazing ..n yeah hmlg h hasane k lie 🙂 all the best for exams…jaldi ana wapas …

    @smile babu. totally agree with u..both serials are going on same track somehow..now ego, self respect drama between both leads

    @sona. hey ha pta h kittu u its just that Mr n Mrs malhotra bolna acha lgra. 😉
    n yar ek ek bat sai kahi h tmne..

    @beas babu Congo for being first 🙂

    @sonai babu. .thanku so much dear ..that’s so sweet of u babu. .if I’d get chance I’ll definitely come 🙂 n babu s milna v Ho jyga n Calcutta ka durga puja is very famous 🙂 to chance mila to will surely cm…
    n shravu k hair wala link khub bhalo..

    @alina ..yar sch m traffic m phas jaye ya sumo shravu ko bachaye n adimanav ko thappad lgaye n hope shravu ko dimag aye Jo ki h ni usk pas ajkl. .

    @ireena. thanks for the news dear ..God knows when cv’s will bring their romance track…I wish they don’t make it typical Indian serial…

    @priya ..hey sweety…noe ur turn for my bak – bak. ur always welcome… m glad ur happy n a warm smile captured ur lips…thanks my dear…love u loatttssd…n yeah a big tight hug for my younger sister… 🙂 n wow shravu n ur birthday same day…amazing…please usko thoda dimag de do babu 😉

    I’m so glad I found so many younger sisters here 🙂 n amazing friends…
    love u all guys …gonna miss u all badly…will meet u all on Monday hopefully I guess 🙂 till then all take care n miss me 😉 just kidding…

    @pooja di. .please di update tomorrow’s episode fast as always as I’m not sure whether will be able to watch or not…

    @smile…babu once again happy birthday in advance my sweet lil younger brother…will try to come on 17. ..love u babu ..have a great birthday…may God bless u…phle hi bht lamba chauda msg bhej chuki hu birthday p advance m ab or bakwas ni 😛

    goodnight all guys…
    shraman dreams…
    pray for niki di to get well sooner ..
    will miss u all…
    love u all guys
    take care all 🙂

    1. Priya15

      Haha.. Luv u too di… Ha.. Even I think the same… I l give my brain to shravan for few days until he realise his mistake.. Haha..

    2. I want to kill the Director & CVs for not giving peace to Suman and Shravan and as well as to us. 2 din shanti phir vapas oye kuch na kuch twist turn phir apna shanthi pikado. I hate this too freequent interference of third persons in the life of Sumo &S”hravan. Marriage hoke ek din bi nahi hoa vapas tragedty. This aizaj shiak promise kya tha accha hi hone wale. Now this is what Ahcaha for shraman. I think he will any one – Sumo nahi to shravan and end the story in tragedy.

  12. Hum bura kare to hamare saath bhi bura hi hota he. Thats what I’d like to say to Shravan. Hopefully he will now be nice to Suman

  13. @,guys…hey all..as I wont be coming from today for few days , so I thought to read ff n os of edkv … and I saw a news n I was like Holly crap this is wat i was thinking…. 😉

    so here’s the prediction n news by edkv stalker anjali. 😉

    as per the current track I was thinking today n even I shared my thoughts to my Sis that shravu is kidnapped…I really wish sumo to rescue him…how amazing it’d be na when sumo will get to know that adi has kidnapped shravu..this will irk her n she’ll search shravu…n after finding him she’ll hug him tightly as he wont be in a good state …n then sumo will slap adimanav gorilla hard across his face twice or thrice. 😉
    n will warn him that will kill u if u dare touch my shravan again…I wont spare u..n then police will come n will arrest adimanav..n he’ll be out of show …even my di said this adi will definitely go to jail this time …she too hates adi 😉
    n after seeing sumo’s concern maybe qutub minar will start realizing his love as she’d take care of him n will cure his wounds…
    well it was my prediction …

    n now according to news, sumo will save shravu from adi …as both family will get to know about shravu’s kidnapping, both families will be tensed n shocked… n when sumo will get to know that adimanav is behind all this, it’ll piss her off…n she’ll do anything to rescue her love, her life, shravu … 🙂
    so guys I really wish it to be true..n I guess it’ll happen in next week as niki is not well …so cv’s will somehow manage till today n on Monday I guess there’ll be dhamakedar entry of sumo bashing adi along with shravu… I really hope niki di is good. God yar please take care of Nikita di ..missing her badly…

    so bye guys…be happy with this news 🙂
    take care all…
    love u all.
    a big tight hug for u all…
    will miss u all badly 🙁
    shraman dreams all …I guess few are already dreaming 😉
    ab bye goodnight m going to sleep …no bakwas ab 😉

    1. Alina

      I wish ki sumo hi shravu ko bachaye….nd kamimi chachi unko ehsas hua ..I can’t believe yaar..
      @anjali di ..v will miss u alooottt..come back soon…enjoy ur poojas..take care love uu

  14. ?Mr. & Mrs. MALHOTRA

    @guys…today I’ll write short cmmts..because this modu uncle is very cheap..
    So please say…
    Ya u cheap channel… U always do this with pratap too n now with EDKV… Do u have any problem with the 10:00 pm slot..chipda channel… Always crime petrol… U r crossing yr limits..n a good lecture for Mr .anoop soni….hey don’t u feel bored..n do tell ,how many kilometers do u have to walk for yr one case n on what speed…
    Each n every time…
    We know so don’t tell us…n its screenplay is too boring all black…plez of fair this …n all time crime petrol.. Even CID was much better than this…at least dya’s thappad…acp’s acting with fingers…abhijeet’s love n salunkhe’s jokes….n daya’s lady love shreya!..
    N fredicks tooo …
    N that darvaja tood do….amazing!
    But in crime petrol.. SAR phod lo…
    Seems that we r watching a horror serial…only walking walking n walking.. With talking…
    Hey this is not less than mental torture!..
    Plez off this …n pratap too was not retelecasted…well if this happens with EDKV or not..it doesn’t matter for me…because all time r not suitable for me…but what abt who gets time..n this danav is not giving attention.. I boycott this channel… But their shows r amazing…
    b)bade acche..
    c) itna karo na mujhe pyar..
    d )nd my pratap….

    1. Alina

      Haaha Kittu ..agr ye short h long kya hota h..??
      Nd bht sahi ye sony channel wale ..idiots. .nonsense. .duffer sb kehlo..din bhr crime petrol..kahi aisa na ho ki hm lg sony pe petrol daal k kuch crime kr de..haha…

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yes i agreee Sony have amazing shows but they don’t show repeats much for most shows that’s why very less people watch Sony now last time every time cid and now every time crime patrol. Yes bade ache, and itna Karo were amazing. I love kuch rang too. And there are so many shows. And one of my fav you missed out pyaar ko Ho janne do that show was too good i watched from day 1 till the end but partial Sony ended it soon and they didn’t show repeats too

    3. ?Mr. & Mrs. MALHOTRA

      @Fatarjo..hey which PYAAR ko ho Jane do..I don’t know.. Could u plez tell what was it abt….?? N abt itna karo na mujhe pyar…had u watched any of its epi…..??actually it was my fav..well I can say that IKNMP & Bade acche were the shows which I used to watched with mummy..u know …..
      Me n mumma both used to talk abt coming scenes mostly for IKNMP because at the time of bade acche..I was young na..nd IKNMP was started on 18 th of DEC.(2014)…n winter was oooooo!!..nd during Jan n Feb…I slept after pratap…n told mumma to watch carefully… N I asked her after my skol…
      But it changed it’s time from 10:30 to 6:30..n I left I mean we left….nd after that it was offair… May n in sep or Oct 2015….n didn’t watched its last epi….aw..n abt bade acche…it was really bade acche… No words…n young pihu..was so cute…..but I left to watch when Priya was in coma I mean…total bed scene… But initially it was fab…well tell me Abt yr fav one…nd sorry for not including yr show…
      e) kuch rang..
      f)PYAAR ko ho Jane dooo…
      Feeling happy..

    4. RANdomfANCreationz

      Ya i hated bade ache after the leap before that it was amazing even my cousins who dont watch Hindi serials also used to watch it and pyaar ko Ho janne do is a love story and the actor is Iqbal Khan and actress is Mona Singh and is like the love story of Ishan and Preet like how they stay like a perfect couple infront of all but in actual they live like strangers until they fall in love. Ishan lives with his Uncle and his family as his first wife and family died in the plane crash only he and his Daughter survived It’s revealed in third epi i think that Ishan is actually a terrorist from Pakistan and his name is Rizwan and he lives in disguise of Ishan and Ishan actually also died in the plane crash only so his Daughter survived . So Rizwan took the Daughter and told everyone he is Ishan and the Uncle’s family believed as they never saw Ishan when he grew up as his family and Uncle’s family had a fight when Ishan was young and went away to Canada. Later he meets Preet who takes care of kavya(the Daughter) and the Uncle tells him to marry her so that kavya gets a Mom. To win his trust he does so but he tells Preet they will not share any relationship like a Husband Wife and they live like this for 5 years and well it’s a very long story and Preet hates Pakistanis as they killed her family and fiancé from before and then

    5. RANdomfANCreationz

      And then they fall in love and all that but unfortunately they both die in the end

  15. ?Mr. & Mrs. MALHOTRA

    Now its time for edkv..
    @Adi..hey monkey man…how cutely u holded SHRAVU’s cheek…omg…how cute…I said that SHRAVU was looking like chocolate milk.. Bit yesterday he was like cute little obedient n lovely infant…not of ramu’s but of a gentleman… N of curse our kala is not gentle but mantle….
    Even my mom too don’t wake me like this….ooooo how cute….n what Seth! Tell me goons when this monkey man became Seth..??? N both goons were like cousins of MINAMMMA in chennai xpress… Remember that train kidnapping of movie n srk’s fear…nailed it my Mr. Khan…
    Well how fool the first goon was….hey u ,u should watch cid for kidnapping ,how smoothly goons kidnapp the ppl..n u…must b u r low paid….but u can watch crime petrol too…PLEZ increase their trp..waise bhi.Mr.soni walk like waile …plez help them….they r in need…
    N yes yes yes…..what ! Ram won’t spare niru?…omg….
    @Guys….I read somewhere that sumo will rescue SHRAVAN…..
    N no no no SHRAVU don’t let adi to do yr marammat…otherwise the lakhs n crores of hearts of yr fans will shattered down…plez noooo…
    N what sala… So Mr. Ahuja….u accept sumo as yr younger sister, ryt?…
    Congrats…. Shravudi…u will now share two relationship from now onwards…
    Jija sala…
    Bhai bhai…
    N yeah kamini…how much u feel for SHRAVU… So cute Chachi…u too need a chocolate bar …
    Kamini Chachi zindabaaddddd!!!!!
    N puspreet again cupid…I think I should start calling them stupid…
    Shame on u guys…
    N how cutely Mr. MALHOTRA wakes up…yr this reactions stole our heart …

    1. Alina

      Really those goons were monkeys like theiir so called ..seth sahab.. ooh god seth sahab I heard this first time generally people says sethji ..na??

  16. ?Mr. & Mrs. MALHOTRA

    @Guys..our ghodibaggiwali is gonna to win…
    Well I”ll tell what is ghodibaggiwali…but first listen…
    @KRPKAB wali..see..in yr show..
    Love..confession.. Romance…breakup..mom’s magic..n ya one more lady..who says jijji???..n now on midway….
    @EDKV walo..
    Friendship.. Love with layer of hatred.. No confession.. No romance …mere fight…dad’s magic ..kamini Chachi… Nd directly marriage…..
    See now see…how far u r from us..
    We had treaded a long path n u r now chasing n copying us…
    How disgusting!!!….
    U did all this for trp..but our CVS will do now….yes yes yes!!!!…
    Now our storyline is on track…
    @friends…see how much we had to listen on no confession… N now direct shaadi….well tell me how was the shock ,our dear rival?????
    May be of 44440 watt… U r on road…PLEZ ride fast otherwise our ghodibaggiwali will winn..n I want the same…
    YR sow has done everything which a viewer want to see..like love…..I agree that u got that golden opportunity but no us…but what now….same romance again…so boring. But now we r going to enter into the new phase of our EDKV with lots of fight,obligations, misunderstandings, hatred,evilness… But with love n care of SHRAMAN for each other… N this is what which make an Indian show the epic….n this is what our show deserves…. I know u like yr kuch rang…but SOORY to say..yr kuch rang is on kuch rang…but our show us now on..
    Ooo tere sang yaara…
    Kuch rang bahraaaa!!!
    Ho jaau tera …
    Jo kar de ishara??…
    Well enjoy yr show…u too carry on yr thought..
    Now what is ghodibaggiwali…???
    Guys,actually …a day was. When we were going to skol n suddenly we stuck into traffic…n traffic of Delhi is terrific!!!..
    So our honourable n respectful driver uncle took another way something like remote area..from there we were going to get our road…
    I saw there a ghodibaggiwali…
    U won’t imagine… Se was so fast …wooooo!
    Speed of buses is faster than those of carts but this was amazing for me…
    That’s y I used here this adjective to describe here both conditions…
    Quite cute name…
    @Priya15…hey di I wished u on yr b’d.. On 14 th September pg of edkv.. N on 15 th September pg of SKR..plez read there….

    1. Alina

      Hey by this ghodibaggiwali..did u mean that slow and steady wins the race..??
      Ya this KRPKAB is coping our story..now they r also going to marry
      They can not digest our good going….bs ab Nikki thik ho jaye then I hope our show will b at first..

  17. ?Mr. & Mrs. MALHOTRA

    @guya…hey plez do me a favour…. But don’t play holi…?…actually I m asking something ..PLEZ do tell
    1. Why the pics on Twitter is not getting copied…but u all post here links from Twitter.. But I m not able to do this….y this is so???..
    N how to do this ..
    2.PLEZ tell me how to b registered here…actually I tried my level best…
    See,first I went to login option from the topmost menu.. Then provided there my email address with password… Then they showed that….my email address is awaiting verification …..
    Now what should I do??? I did this n suddenly …was like bye bye…because nothing was happening….
    Actually m asking this because.. U all know that this tellyupdates sites r nowadays has started so many new applications… N guys like me faces complications….I don’t want to leave this pg….nd don’t want modu uncle to close the door of edkv pg for me…
    That’s y..plez tell…
    I had queries, which I asked…now its all up to u….my dear sisters nd didiya…n friends.. Plez tell…
    @Smile…hey r u girl or boy???..because yesterday Anjali di wrote brother for u….
    So for this question …?
    Now see….all these 4 cmmts were once one….but this is my fate…that I had to write this second time with this cut n paste..????..
    I was saying..
    Akkad bakkad bambe bo..
    Assi nabbhe pure sooo..
    Because modu uncle had crossed his limits..
    Nd we know that “everything should b in limit”…
    “Kyunki had se jyada kuch bhi accha nahi HOTA…PYAAR bhi nahi”
    Bye …..
    Hope now no one will face any problem…
    Because I has written an attribute..now u will considere…that yes this is yr kittu..
    Because jab tak dost yaar Behan apne aap ko kuch bhala bura na KAHE..yaaro ko samajh kahan aata Hai????ryt..

    1. Alina

      Ur email id is waiting for verification. ??
      Tellyupdates sends mail to you..they will give a link 8n ur mail …u check your mails and from there u click the given links then u will b registered. ..they do this to verify that the given email id is your or not..

  18. I missed my sumo today
    Really & especially her voice
    Plzz come Back
    No one else has the talent yo be sumo
    Miss u
    shr kidnapped
    Just kill this adimanav

    I want to conduct a quiz
    2 questions daily
    Plzzz join me
    Que1. Who is the best couple in edkv??
    a.) preekar
    b) adi man
    c) ramini ( ramu and kamu )
    # u won’t get shraman in options
    As it is the most favorite of all the couple in the world 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Que2. Who is the best parent in edkv
    a) Ramu kaka ( for shr )
    b) Niru ( for adi)
    C) kamu ( for pushu )

    , friends reply ur answers

    1. Diya

      Ans 1 : Preekar

      Ans 2 : Nirmu

  19. ?Mr. & Mrs. MALHOTRA

    @Guys… A big thnx to all those who put NAMIK in their display pic….
    @Beas…yeah in yr dp…there were NAMIK, ranjeet n sana…but where is sana…okay okay…due to lack of space…ryt???
    @Marie.. Hey yr dp is amazing……
    Uuuuuummmhh…not for uuu but for NAMIK… U can take this.????
    Sorry.. Well actually I remember one incident.. Actually our Priya15 di had put the same pic of NAMIK as dp….I admired her…n she replied in kittu di…sounds strange ryt..n from then we r sis n Didi…
    N see promised me that she will keep change her dp for me. N how beautiful pic she choosesd…n one pic was no no I remember two pic of nakita(NAMIK +Nikita)…
    So thnx for giving me back..those sweet memories…
    Well from where r u n in which standard????
    @Guys…plez pay attention..

    U HOOO..
    TAA TAAA….??

    @Guys..do u remember how khushi kumari Gupta Singh raijada rescued ASR….wow ..Arnav in white vest was looking best…n khushi amazing girl..
    Hello hi bye bye…nd Hai re nandkishore..
    N pagal bitiya..n ya lord governor..yeah.. Rani sahibaaa..so ewww,I hate that guy..but di of ASR was nice n sweet girl..how sweetly se says..”khushiji”..wow…n Nani was outstanding.. N Mani’s three roses…terrific.. N aakash..n mamu..good ..well he has not much role..n lavanya kashyap..ha ha…nice one..n dialogue of khushi: him Hai khushi kumari Gupta Singh Raijada…ha ha..?
    I want the same way rescue should happen with sumo’s presence but may b not.. Because sumo is hospitalized..
    Well leave this..
    Hey when the movie of arnav will come…?

    1. Beas

      No Kittu di as I don’t wanna include Sana that’s why ? I only want shravu and pushu

    2. Alina

      Ha mujhe b ye scene dekh k ASR ka yaad a gya…khushi ne kitne acche se use bachaya tha…ventilator scene. Ummah..did u remember that?? Soo good
      Pata nhi when his movie will come ..4 years will complete on nov 30 show ko end hue ..
      Kitna milta h na..EDKV nIPKKND ka story…they were in love..didn’t confessed..but got married without confession…and nok jhok woowww…
      There lavanya here urwashi.
      There Aakahn payal..cupid ..here preekar..
      Bt there mamiji here chachiji..
      These 2 shows r my favourite. ..
      Okk thats all
      Ok kittu did u watched Ipkknd season 2 of arnav khushi which aired on hot star only??

    3. ?Mr. & Mrs. MALHOTRA

      @Alina di….oh no di…well I watched it’s ads but didn’t watch on hotstar….well it was quite difficult for me di….n ya season 2 of IPKMKND m talking abt second season which aired on *+(star plus)…I didn’t like that…n not even a single epi…Jo mujhe YAAD ho…because IPKMKND was for khushi n ASR… Not for those…n ya there name was ??
      Even I don’t know there names…
      Well which ventilator scene di???..
      Plez tell…
      N ya …no info about ASR’s movie…Ab to sushant ki MSD bhi aa rahi h…but don’t know when his will come??
      Kahin oolo to nahi bana raha???
      Well di..I did whatever u told…
      But see
      .when I gave my address with password.. They were not showing anything …nd when I gave them my father’s email address with his password.. They were showing that there is no account of such name…to kya mere papa ka email account nahi Hai….oolo,WO PHIR email receive kis address pe karte Hai….pucho koi inse…nd what abt copying on Twitter???
      Well di…the ad was fabulous ,I thought that it will come on TV…but hotstar NE paani phair DIYAA…
      But really IPKMKND was really amazing n will always live in our memory.. Hope ki hum us wu k pg pe milte..well this is my first pg…but m just saying ..kitna accha HOTA….but no problem Jo bahan Ab ban gaye WO pehle ban JAAYE…but m happy…
      But tell abt ventilator scene…. N do u remember?? Means jalebees of khushi….how cities…n the grahpravesh of khushi… Waah waah in ASR’s hand…n that eyelock…I can’t forget… N ya both our favorites r similar.. See ASR was rude towards girls.. N here SHRAVU too..
      He was rich..SHRAVU is…
      He has no one except di..SHRAVU has no one except babuji(?)means papa..
      N there was di’s husband… N here is adi…
      ASR was hurt by his mom’s act…nd here SHRAVU tooo…
      So lots of similarities t there.. N liked it (IPKMKND) n like this(EDKV)

    4. Alina

      @ kittu..maine b season 2 nhi dekha ..wo astha norn shlok wala I even didn’t watched that …nd also missed ippkknd 2 of arushi on hotstar..but I read updates it loosed its charm they just showed arnav telling their past ..many people who saw that Were disappointed..
      And about jalebi how can I forget..she was fan of cooking jalebi but here our sumo is fan of cooking everything …how much similarities na…
      Now Ventilator scene..after their marriage that was the first time when they both feel each others presence their pain pian of sepration everything..
      Khushi and arnav talked through ventilator. .

    5. Alina

      [email protected] mai apna na baat complete nhi kr payi..my father came..he doesn’t like me using mobile ..so I leaves my cell when he come…
      Ok so about ur problem…tmne sari information daldi tellyupdates registration pg me..??na ab tmhare diye hue email id pe ek link aayge from tellyupdates. ..so tm apne mail box refresh kro..refresh krne pe tellyupdates ka msg open kro ..given link ko click kro ..then they will take u to the page where it will b wriitten u r registered…u can add profile pic nd personal infos..
      Nd twitter ka photo share krne k liye Kuch links diye rhte h na use copy krlo…pic ko long press krne p copy option nhi aata…
      AGR tellyupdates pr register fir b na ho to Gmail p dusra account bana lo..

    6. @kittu…
      Hey HiFi..dear..????✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋
      Kidnapping ki spoiler k baadh mere dimak mey aaiyee huge..pehli baath..

  20. Diya

    Kittu di……is this A SHORT COMMENT ??????????

    Episode was good but…..Sumo’s voice…in fact it was not Sumo’s voice…but some dubbing artist’s voice !!!!
    ADI……….How dare u kick my Shravan….how dare u……..I’ll kill u !!!!!!

    Repeating ACP’s dialogue……..ADI TU JAIL ME SARTE REHENA…..PHASI KA ORDER AANE TAK…… !!!!!!

  21. Priya15

    @KITTU… Dear.. I have replied u in edkv 14th page and skr page too.. See to it..

    1. ?Mr. & Mrs. MALHOTRA

      @Priya 15 di…hey di…I want to both pges..n read tooo…love uuuu…n m too overwhelmed to see yr lovvveeeeeee?

  22. Hi,I am very sad Nikkita is sick with 2 very difficult diseases,which to recover is going to take a long time.Hope all our prayers will be answered and she will bounce back to her usual (most lively) self.she has been an awesome actress and so natural that she has captured all our hearts!!!!I suppose she was so good the”evil eye”has struck her so badly!!!!
    Under these circumstances,I would like to suggest to the makers of ek dujeke ke vaaste,that they can now end the show with Suman and Shravan’s marriage,as this is what all the viewers were waiting for because we are not prepared to see another person acting as Suman.
    The two can always start the sequence of the show after Nikkita gets well!!!

  23. Asmita...

    Hey guys… plz tell me… what happend to NIkita… I mean which disease ???

    1. ?Mr. & Mrs. MALHOTRA

      @Asnmita..hey dear may b dengue?she should use odomos…ha ha..how cool fans r we ..se m laughing.. But what to do we r like that only…

    2. Alina

      Dengue and leptospirosis…but I don’t the second..I didn’t heared it before..I think its ‘chickenbunia’ in hindi..¿¿

  24. All the people feeling sorry for Sharavan please stop, this Daddy’s boy deserves it, how can you forget how horrible he behaved with Sumo so many times. TO continue the story they should actually get a temporary replacement – someone who looks similar to Nikita

  25. Chanpreet0815

    Mr& mrs. Malhotra. I liked that u had commented on this page. and if any one had criticised edkv show. Then i m sorry for that. And plzz don’t say sorry. and u r right. Both serials have there own storylines. Nd yaa we r happy that devakshi will marry soon. And i hope that shraman will also reunite soon.

    1. kittu(Mr. nd Mrs. MALHOTRA)

      @Chanpreet0815..oh how sweet…thnx chan…I m happy that how sweetly u took my opinions… N thnx for watching EDKV… ND don’t say sorry on another’s behalf… Nd thnk u again for not scolding me..n yeah both the couples Will unite soon..I’ll pray for that ..?

  26. Chanpreet0815

    I liked that u had commented on the page of krpkab

  27. Chanpreet0815

    by the way. I also watch edkv. But i had not commented on this page. It was my first comment

  28. Please show some understanding between sumo n sravan otherwise edkv getting boring.

  29. Devga


    I PERSONALLY AM FAN OF BOTH SHOWS BUT SINCE HERE WEN I COMMENT THEY FEEL I am COMPARING both shows… So i stoped commenting here…. But wat is it bothering u all…




    1. Good reply Devga….. ???

    2. Diya

      R u in love with sony tv ??? We edkv watchers r fed up with sony as no repeats of edkv r promoted……….and it is done by sony only and not any krpkab !!! I don’t care which serial is better but for ur information….most commenters in this pg watch both the shows edkv and krpkab…..however I’m not the one….and I comment only in this pg

    3. kittu(Mr. nd Mrs. MALHOTRA)

      @Devga. Ya ofcouse…now see…
      I don’t know whether u watch EDKV or not..n even I don’t mind whoever watches EDKV or KRPKAB….. Well I m a die heart fan of edkv…n u guys,can’t u b humble…well if I say ,yeah I watch KRPKAB thennnnnn….u guys r soooo awwww…I thought that I would mend relationship between these two shows…but but but u guys(sorry to say) have lost yr brain…..are what the hell yr show has….so chipda things they r showing (sorry fatarjo)…n I don’t care how do u feel..n yeah KRPKAB is not yr personal property… Well I don’t care,either u watch our show or not… I only care abt my SHRAMAN… N u guys always do comparison n we come to show u all yr real faces u feel it like unbearable.. Oh god! Well again sorry ,ya u r write u used to cmmt on ourrrr pg of edkv nd I had read yr cmmt many times…n don’t want to know y u not do cmmt here…
      Now ,I m taking m soooory back….
      U guys r really alien…
      N for abt comparison….
      If I say ,,ya I ‘ll do…thennnn….
      When u do ,then okay…n. When we do the same ,u say we r copying u…well its all up to our thinking…
      ND listennnnnnnn….
      Yeah I didn’t watch ,don’t watch n won’t watch KRPKAB …never ever….whoever likes this go to hell(except Anjali DI n fatarjo)…n except my frnds…
      Nd listen one thing yr show is is is jusstttt
      A big cheater…..
      N what u know abt EDKV even I had written shayari too…u can imagine how humble I m….
      I never said that yr show is bad…u can Read my coommt..
      N u all r …omg….
      I was wrong…
      Well if I asy in KITTU’S language…
      Then hey my dear rivals….
      I would like to call u sweet…
      How sweet…thnkkk uuu for reading my cmmt..
      CHALo ,pasha to sahi…
      @Ganga….hey u should go with yr flow n add yr tributaries ..okay..then bye bye till sundebans delta…okay deary…
      @Devga….now u tooo should not compare ,I don’t know whether u do or not…
      N ya u all r copying us..see when accident scene happened… Everywhere u spread that news of copy… On Twitter, fb,Instagram…. Omggggg….
      How cupid u all were… Well HAR KISI ka time aata Hai,Meri devga…
      Kal TUMHARA tha….
      See aaj hamara Hai…
      Our hero is handsome hunk n style icon…
      So adorable.. So hooottt…mammoth personality… N good body…n with attitude ryt…
      N yr…oh ..
      I had seen him in navya n Mahabharata…
      Okay cool…
      But our is hottty…
      U can see..
      N our Niki mam is not an actress in daily soaps.. But one movie n miss famina’s participant tooo
      N our guy handsome see..this is his second show ..QUBOOL Hai n EDKV but he is much appreciated by ppl than your one…
      In fact I love him..
      N u should take yr dev ohhhh!!!!…
      N ya yr saas babu drama is so sophisticated… O my goodness… Thnk god m not watching otherwise that bahu wala dimmag n saas l kaarname…
      N SOORY to say u can say yr show is fabulous… But for me it is not of edkv’s level….go to Goole uncle n find for yr level…
      No offence ..
      Loads of love…
      Yr culprit kittu…
      Sorry for my miss words…
      But u guys …ohhhh!!!!
      N I know u ‘ll surely do anything ..no problem do do..we r not fighting any civil war because this is much more than a war…
      @Ganga…go go gangu taiii..
      U need energy… Get some refreshment ..actually u have to tread a long way….okay deary…?
      Ise kehte Hai….apni gaali me bulaake insult karna…
      Bye byeeeee
      Kittu (yr Mr n Mrs MALHOTRA)
      No offence dear,bye..n ya u have no copyright on any show..
      N not on accident scene.. So better to keep mum otherwise u don’t know…how much insult I can do.. Agar maafi maang maang k upar uthaya tha..to itna khara khota sunaungi ki jameen pe utaarke girake patakne me time ni lagega…
      Okay my dear devga..?????

    4. @Devga whenever edkv makes a promo sony shows it rarely but krpkab promos are shown all the time. And comparison was started by krpkab fan I saw mr. Mrs. Malhotra (kittu) comments. She didn’t compared.

    5. @Shobhit…
      Tum DONO LAGE rahe…him tumhare saath Hai..
      N kittu,u r a sherni…waah ,I too read yr cmmt on 15 th September pg of KRPKAB… Tune hila dala unkoo..
      Kittu Kumar zindabaad!!!
      @Shobhit…thnx for supporting this sweet angry girl…
      Agar mai ambani hoti to puri property tujhe de deti…????

    6. @Devga…omg kk..
      In Terrance language..
      Chumeswari cmmt…
      Yaar u r Jaan of edkv pg. .
      Bhukamp da di…
      Keep yr anger up..
      Yeah gangu taaiii…ha ha

    7. @kittu.. Meri jaane -e- man…yr frnd…u should b in military….yaar hum AISE hi TUJHE neta those hi na bana rahe Hai…u r a rock star….
      My CR…u r beyond my thinking….
      GO TO HELLllllllll…
      N how dare to say such words to kittu…mai SOCH hi rahi thi ki y she is saying that much sorry…now oh ho…accha Ab aaye na kittu..the king…
      My Jaan uuuu…
      Jam k DIAA…
      Joota bhinga k maarna koi tujhse sikhe….
      Ha ha…
      Kal ek chocolate bar..Meri taraf se ..
      See u tomorrow… My frnd..

    8. Hey devga krpkab bhi vale hamesha bakte hai on every page against edkv lekin edkv fans kahi bhi krpkab ko blame nahi karte.so tum sony ki ya krpkab valoki side Lena band karo.aur cause bhi krpkab vale pura ka pura edkv ko hi copy kar rahe hai,from aditya entry in edkv.and sony TV is very partial I never seen like any channal like idiot sony. Aur edkv fans kabhi bhi kuch nahi bolate krpkab fans vale hi hamesha bakte rahate hai without any reason like sony and their krpkab.kuch bhi promo karte hai sony vo promo dinbhar dikhata rahata hai dusro ko irritate karne ke liye.

    9. Sonai,kittu and shobit good reply.I absolutely agree with ur every word.

  30. Diya

    Can’t understand gyzz……….What’s the motive of Adi behind this kidnapping ??? If he wants to tell Sumo the truth of Shravu….he could simply tell her without getting into the drama of kidnapping !!!!
    Maybe he wants to beat Shravu as much as he had beat him on Sumo Adi marriage !!!

    OR maybe just like that the director started this major drama due to Niki illness…….
    How come Ramu come to know that Adi is behind Shravu’s disappearance ???
    Why is Preekar not playing as cupid ???
    What the hail is Kamu doing ??? Kuch bhi ayve !!!!
    Nirmu should have known ShramAN’S ALLIANCE AND SHOULD GET INTO THE FACT THAT THEY LUV EACH OTHER………..So why is she interfering ??????

    Ooooooo soooo many questions !!!!
    Another one………when is behadd starting ??? Not the date but the time as I’m still in the fear as it may replace EDKV…… !!!

    For the first time I have written so long comment !!!
    All credit goes to Kittu di and Anjali di….as they have inspired me !!!

    1. Alina

      Hey Sonai ans of your ques lies itself in your comment dear …they r showing this kidnapping just becoz of nikki’s health..
      And I also hav same fear of behad’s tym..becoz they r showing that it will start in the month of october but not mentioning the tym.i don’t think it will air on weekends becoz time slots r already booked by super dancers nd kapil sharma show…
      I wish sony tv give evening time slot to Behadh..

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