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  1. Plz update it soon

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  3. plz someone update it soon

  4. Plz update it soon its my fav serial

    1. Yes yrrr u r ryt its mine 2

  5. Plz update it soon

  6. very nice episode.

  7. Plz update the epi

  8. Where is 11th October 2016 written update?

  9. tanshi hug scenes is dream in here but tanshi hug scenes cause mouse isnot dream.

  10. @ anika wheare are you? I miss you so much. whether you are upset ?
    I am really worried about you?
    please reply meز

  11. Oh oh.. I didn’t watch the episode.. Please someone update it..

  12. @ adithi . watch this episode. episode was nice. and tanuja start living in bedihouse.why that sshe save rishi and malaika .

  13. Avishi

    Episode was soo good

  14. I didn’t watch the episode today please keep the update fastly

    1. Avishi

      I have given the update when it will be reviewed you can see it

  15. Please Update this. Sorry if I miss any…

    Episode starts with Malaika taking Tanuja to her room that she needs rest. Ahana comes to room and says to Manpreet that thanks for lying Rishi. But Manpreet says that I did not lie for anyone. Ahana gets angry and they start quarrelling each other.
    Mallika comes to Tanuja’s room and thanks for saving Rishi. She says that she will repay her favour if time comes. Mallika sees Tanuja’s wound in hand and asks about it. Tanuja remembers confrontation with Rishi’s mother and changes topic saying that it might be of accident’s time. Malaika leaves from there.
    Manpreet comes to Rishi and convinces Rishi saying that Tanuja has done a favour on Bedi’s family by hiding the truth that Malaika has done accident. He says Tanuja had a chance to take revenge but she didn’t use that. Manpreet leaves from there. Rishi starts thinking about Manpreet words.
    Ahana comes to Biji’s room says that Manpreet really said bad about her. But Ahana gets cooled when Biji says Manpreet loves her a lot. They both go Rano to talk. Rano says that she has taken a decision.
    Tanuja remembers all her confrontations with Rishi after incarnation. She feels that she has to leave the house as there is no need of her. She prays to Kali ma to gibve all happiness to Rishi in future.
    Rano says to Biji she has decided that Rishi to get married with Malaika. She says even she has spoken to Malaika and confirms that she also likes Rishi. Ahana asks to confirm with Rishi. But Bani says I will send that Tanuja out of the house and speaks bad about Tannu. Ahana gets angry and asks Bani till when she blames her sister Tannu?
    Raj comes to Tanuja’s room and finds that Tanuja is leaving the house. He requests Tanuja not to leave the till the accident case problem gets solved. He further adds that he will leave decision on her. He leaves from there after she says yes to stay there.
    Tanauja remembers all her previous confrontations with Raj in this birth as Tanuja and as well as Tannu also.
    Bani tells Ahana that she never liked Tannu. Only because of Rishi, she accepted before. But now Tannu is no more but still she feels that Tannu separated Rishi from her mother.
    Precap: Seems to be dream… Tanuja and Rishi stare each other and come close to hug…….

  16. Hai mannu thanks for the update.but it is not bani who speaks bad about tannu with ahna.it’s rano rishi’s mother.anyways nice update thank u?

    1. Maanu

      Ya Sandy, it is my Mistake. Bani was not shown in this episode. Please replace Bani with

  17. good news:

    upcoming scene of kasam

    tanuja to everyones suprise trun out to be rishi and malaikas life saver once again proving rishi wrong .
    rishi is shocked to eye that tanuja is so grateful towards rishi and rishis family that despite of constantly receiving nothing else but negative comments also tanuja saved rishi going to jail.
    malaika uptil now had only heared about tanujas exclusive charitable and forgetful nature , but now also witnessed the same at rishis place.

    rishi start leaning towards tanuja leaving malaika behind
    heart to let go off rishi and malaika even when mistake was solely of malaika was a big thing for tanuja it would be very interesting to watch as to how would tanujas this one big act would make rishi start leaning tanuja?

    upcoming funny scene of kasaam:

    Rishi get bit emotional when he see tanuja because herface now change into wife tanu.
    RRishi and tanuja came in to same room where both Rishi and tanu shared romantic moments together.
    Rishi and tanu read something on theirphone and suddenly a rat passes of tanujas feet.

    she jumps and shouts while rishi also gets scared seeing tanuja and teases her for getting scared with a small rat.

    Rishi starts feeling tanuja being tanu but tanuja starts cry and hugs Rishi while Rishi also hug seeing her in pain.

    tanuja then Realized as he is in Rishis arms and both share eye lock moments for awhile .

  18. good news

    upcoming scene of kasam:

    Rishi would fall of tanujas feet upon knowing the reality behind tanujas sacrificing nature.
    Rishi would be very convinced as in regards to tanujas exceptional behavior when it comes to saving the Bedi family from problematic situations.

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