Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update (UPDATED)

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 11th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

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Rani cries in front of the goddess asking why she has to always suffer like this. Back at the palace, Raja also cries in front of the goddess asking why he has to suffer for the sins of King Kaal and Badiranima. Raja Mata goes to comfort Rani. Rani tells her that she will ensure the criminals are punished. Raja Mata says she’s not to do this. Forgiving is better and a courageous act. Moreover, Raja is not the culprit. Rather she advises Rani to be strong and to do her best in life than to suffer from the obstacles others put in her place. At the same time, back at the palace, Queen Ambika comes to comfort a disheartened Raja. She understands what he is going through and advises Raja that love has no conditions or expectations. He is to help Rani in this situation and not expect anything in return from her. Let Rani makes that decision regarding him in her life. Meanwhile, Raja Mata continues to advise Rani telling her that despite their deaths, her mother and father (Ranaji and Gayatri), could not be separated. And if she and Raja are separated, Kaal will have the last laugh. Therefore, she needs to decide.

On the morning of the next day, Rani was inquiring about her parents as she rests her head on Raja Mata’s lap. Raja Mata comments proudly on Gayatri’s spoken English. A knock was heard at the door and Raja Mata answered. Queen Ambika and Raja were standing there. Raja Mata inquired what brought them here so early. Rani stares coldly at Raja. Queen Ambika replied that she’s the culprit and not Raja. She knew of Rani’s parents and their deaths before Raja did, but hid the truth to protect Rani’s love. Raja Mata assured her that she understands, that what she did was for her children’s love. Queen Ambika asked Rani’s forgiveness and Rani expressed she understands as the queen is a mother. However, throwing a remark at Raja, Rani said that some people are selfish and when you break someone’s trust, you can’t win it again. She leaves. Raja Mata says she’s stubborn just like her dad. Raja bows low before Raja Mata and asked for forgiveness for his mistakes. She replied that she knows that he is not at fault and understands his situation. Queen Ambika leaves, but asked Raja to remain with them.

Rani picks up her hand bag. Raja Mata asked her where she was going and she replied she is going out. Raja comes and offers her some tea which she refused. He told her she seems to have forgotten everything because she cried a lot yesterday. Rani told Raja Mata that when she returns Raja must not be there. Raja sadly told Raja Mata that she’s not even picking a fight with him, that he can deal with her anger but not her silence. Raja Mata tells him to give her some time as she’s been through a lot.

Over in prison Kaal sits on the floor with a mean look on his face. Food is slid to him and he refused it saying that he won’t eat grass and referring to himself as a lion. Badiranima comes to see him and Kaal asked her if she was there to make fun of him. Badiranima says neither of them can do this alone since she too stands to go down like him. However, with his strength and her intelligence, they can accomplish much. They have to combine or else, individually, they will be in trouble. Kaal asked if they should bury the hatchet. Badiranima replies that it’s the best thing to do. They then shake hands to this.

Rani comes across a group of people hailing the name of her parents. She inquired what’s happening. The people replied that justice has been served. That Prince Ranveer (Raja) has announced that he is not the real prince and further he is doing a puja ceremony for the deceased royalties (Ranaji and Gayatri) as well as for Lakhan and Swarna. Watching all of this from a corner, Badiranima says that Raja’s announcement that the real heir was alive will ruin her chances to get the throne. But no matter what people do to keep her from the throne, she will get it. Rani joins Raja in the puja ceremony. The pandit asked them to think of their parents for a few seconds as he officiates the ceremony.

As soon as the ceremony was over Rani turns to leave but encounters a group of policemen. The policemen went to Raja and told him Kaal stands to get 6 to 7 years once convicted. Rani asked who initiated a case against Kaal and the police replied Prince Ranveer. Further, the police said that her husband not only initiated the case but helped them in their investigation. He added that she was lucky to have a husband like him who goes against his own father for his wife’s sake. Rani leaves. Raja follows her, calling out to her.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a man with his face hidden with a cloth, accosted Raja with a knife, threatening him to withdraw the case against Kaal. Raja and a group of goons fought on the street. They hit him in the head and about the body even as he fights them. Raja begins to bleed. Rani picks up a stick and assists Raja in fighting the men but one of the goons hit Rani in the abdomen and she screams in pain as she fell into Raja’s hands. While all of this is happening, Badiranima looks wickedly behind a clump of bushes. The goons run away and Rani leaves.

Badiranima is angry and verbally abuses the goons for failing to do the task. She asked how it was that they can be thrashed by a weasel. That Kaal would be upset at hearing this. Queen Ambika overhears her from behind a wall. Badiranima says that Raja has to be stopped at any cost.

Update Credit to: Jess

  1. Oh no! Would love to help you out except I don’t understand Hindi or speak it. Oh dear!

    1. And the TV show with English substitles comes on late tonight in the Western world. That will be too late for you and your readers, my dear Tellyupdates. I’m a very good writer so if there is no update and after I look at the episode with the substitles tonight, never mind that it’s late, I can still do a write up and send it to you. Better to have one in your archives than none at all. It serves well for viewers who go back to read these episodes and even catch up to keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the serial. I will help you out, but sadly until later tonight. ??. Hang in there.

    2. ?? Alas….. I’m on the same boat as you Jess, got to wait until 9.30pm to see episode. You do the honors, my friend, I know it will be appreciated.

  2. o wow rani realizes in the upcoming episode that raja didnt have any fault and go to apologize him and love him but as usually bindu have some evil plan becoz she was mixing something in raja drink………..what gonna happen ….happy for raj rani everlasting soulfull love……..

    1. Bindu was brought up by the wicked witch, so this is why she is so vindictive.

    2. yes exactly …………….but raja only loves rani hope so……… no misundestanding accur betveen raja rani

  3. Rishti

    some one help me?

  4. Rishti

    Jess then tell me the exact time!!

    1. Unfortunately it comes on at 10:30pm on zee. It might be 9:30pm for some other countries.

  5. Viewers, I understand a little Hindi to get by, it’s not perfect but I watched the episode on ozee, may not be the whole episode but I hope you understand what I write. Going to do update below.

    1. Looking forward to it Naz. Thanks

  6. Raja and Rani cries in front of the diety. Raja asks for strength, that his love is his strength and not to be punished for Kaal’s mistakes. Rajmata talks with Rani while Ambika explains to Raja about what transpired.
    Rani’s head is on Rajmata’s lap, where she listens to her dads relates some good incidents about Rani’s parents, Rani smiles as she listens. A knock on the door, Rajmata opens it, Ambika enters with Raja. He looks very sad and beaten. Ambika asks for forgiveness from Rajmata , she told Rani not to punish Raja for his father’s mistakes ,that Kaal and badiranima are the real culprits. Raja stands silently, sadly. A fb is shown where Rani recalls asking Raja if he was aware of the secret before or after
    the marriage. Rani tells ambika that she isn’t angry with her. Rajmata is forgiving towards Raja, she brings him in front of Rani,she averts her face, is so unfeeling towards Raja, she ignores him. Raja brings tea for Rani, Rajmata smiles, Rani refuses the tea. She asks Rani how long will she be angry with Raja.
    Kaal is in jail, refuse food served, badiranima visits, they join forces to destroy rajmata and Rani.
    Rani is walking along the village, recalls some of dadu’s words. Rani meets a group of villagers who were chanting names of Rani’s parents, she asks why, they tell her about Ranaji and Gayatri and Swarna and Lakhan. Rani opens the gate to the palace and sees Raja performing puja with photos of Rani’s parents and Bindu’s parents. She joins on the alter with Raja and pundit, she performs arti with Raja and both asks to bless the souls of the departed royalties. Badiranima fumes while hiding. Rani leaves, Raja calls out to her. Police arrived and talks to Raja, Rani looks on angrily. Raja looks at Rani, he has a pained expression on his face. She walks further off. Some goons approach Raja and threatened him with a knife, they attack him, he fights with them but also gets beaten up and on the head with a piece of stick.rani picks up stick and both team up to fight off the goons, she gives a good fight (for a first timer, I must add). Rani gets hit on her stomach, she doubles up in pain, Raja hold her but she manages to walk away from him.
    This is as far as I could view. Hope it’s helpful to you the viewers. It’s my best.

    1. Wow….Naz…very, very good. This is really awesome. Thanks. I will try to add where you ended. I’m still waiting for the episode to come on the television. But thank you so much. This really good. ?????

    2. Thanks Jess, now that I actually watched the episode, I didn’t do that bad. My translation wasn’t that good but I understood the episode better when I watched it. ??

    3. You did extremely well since you did that without English subtitles. I’m very impressed, Naz. You do have a good understanding of Hindi. That’s really impressive. Really. The only Hindi I know are the names of films and serials. lol…but you’re good. keep it up!

  7. Correction in first line, the word should be “diety “, not dirty…… Sorry.

  8. In conversation with Rani, Rajmata told Rani that her parents loved each other dearly and together that was their strength in life. I believe she told Rani that because she wanted Rani to forgive Raja and make their love, their strength as well. When Rani had refused the tea, Rajmata told Raja to be patient with Rani, she will understand one day. I hope I translated correctly, forgive any mistakes.

  9. I think that because Rani is still immature, that’s why she is acting this way. I’m sure she will soon understand and forgive Raja and together they will defeat Kaal and the wicked witch. I like how she beat the goons, she gave them a good beating…… When she has to administer justice towards Kaal, I hope she is merciless. Just imagine, this old witch still thinking that she will sit on the throne. All the years Kaal was there, why didn’t she take it from him. Time to prepare for your death, woman……..

  10. i really love this episode. I hope Rani comes to her senses soon and starts to think maturely. Raja is not at fault for her parents death. So why punished him? I really love how he is doing all he can to help her. I love the dialogue in this episodes. They were so good. The action scene was fantastic. Love how both Raja and Rani fought the ruffians. I look forward to Rani maturing herself and she and Raja fighting their enemy together. I have to say Raja and Rani look really great together as they fought. As usual, Sartaj Gill did an amazing job in this episode. The fighting scene especially.

    1. ??????,you were marvellous with the update. Bindu is one misguided young lady, salvaging her emotional and mental state is going to be a task for those writers. You were too good, my friend, the other viewers know who they can turn to the next time the writer becomes unavailable ….only problem, you get to see the episode late just like me. Each day I come on telly update just after lunch so that I can read the update, yesterday I was like a fish without water……. Lol lol…

    2. Thank you very much. Much appreciated. Yes, unfortunately, the only setback is I see it late with the subtitles. Whilst the video episodes are posted online early, even before the written update, my inability to understand the language is the challenge even from that option. Yesterday, I was the same too when I didn’t see the update. I’m really anxious to see tonight episode as I really, really, really love the fighting scene and want to see the outcome of it. Poor Raja was bleeding!!! . He was totally awesome in it. So …when I was looking at the episode my sister came and saw Raja/Sartaj Gill on screen. And she was like “so this is the guy you are crazy about?” With a big smile I said “yes!” And she agreed that he was extremely handsome. ??☺️☺️

    3. osm written update………well done…….

  11. vincent de silva

    Why me is during tough times is a universal response during prayer and it was a good choice
    Queen Ambika and Raja visit Rani and Dadu to make her confession and Rani and dau forgive
    That was a sincere thing to do rather than live a lie.I loved the part Raj organized prayer for Rani’s and Bindu’s parents. What can I say about King Kaal in jail and visit from Badiranima
    to team up to plan a revenge .That’s the nature of the heartless.
    The actors all did a good job. Eisha Singh is gorgeous. Sartaj Gill handsome .Finally I want to show my appreciation to the writers , and to Jess for the translation so it is easy to understand the story .Thank you so much

  12. ADDED UPDATE on 11 Oct 2016 Episode (This piece of dialogue is central to the story but was amissed in notes):

    “During the conversation in the initial scene between Raja Mata and Rani where the former tells Rani to forgive, Rani asks Raja Mata if she was able to forgive them for the deaths of her son and daughter-in-law. Raja Mata replied sadly no, but in the absence of Rani’s parents, she got Rani and having her beside her brought her all the happiness. Thus explaining to Rani that the future was more important than the past and so she has to consider her future with Raja or let the past affect it.”


      “Queen Ambika told Rani also that she hid the truth from her because she feared losing her and didn’t want Rani to severe ties with them.”

  13. Thank you for the update. The show is at 10pm in Canada with subtitles. I sometimes watch online and pick up a few things but then have to depend on the written updates. 10pm is late when I’m trying to set an example for my kid to go to bed early. 🙂

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