Karn Sangini 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Uruvi Accuses Karn

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Karn rescues Uruvi in jungle from wild tree veins and says good he found her here, he was going to Varnavrath as her friend Arjun is in trouble. Uruvi collapses. Karn reminisces Uruvi’s letter’s bitter words and thinks he has to reach Varnavrath and save Pandavs first. Shubdha scolds maid for letting Uruvi get out of palace saying her daughter’s future in danger because of her, gets worried what if Uruvi finds out Arjun did not receive letter, orders guards to go to jungle and bring Uruvi.

In Varnavrath, Pandavs sit for lunch. Maid gives Shubdha’s written letter to Arjun in Uruvi’s name. Arjun reads that she is nervous and confused before their wedding. He thinks it cannot be Uruvi, so he has to meet her. He tries to leave when Shakuni’s aide stops him asking to finish food first and then go, thinking his plan will fail else. Arjun starts lunch with family when all pandavs collapse due to sleeping medicine mixed by Shakuni’s aide. Bheem pins down aide asking what did he mix in food, but he also collapses. Aide orders his maids to make Pandavs sleep on their beds and burn Varnavrath to make it look it fire accident, Pandavs will burn into ashes.

Karn reaches Varnavrath with unconscious Uruvi and sees it burning. He reminisces Shakuni’s plan that he will burn Varnavrath via his aide and make it look like fire accident. Uruvi wakes up and asks people around whose mansion is this. People say pandavs. Uruvi reminisces Kunti’s love for her and Arjun’s friendships. Karn tries to set off fire and fire torch falls in his hand. People discuss it is difficult to defeat Pandavs even by agni devta, how did this fire accident happen. Uruvi sees Karn and thinks he burnt Varnavrath on Duryodhan’s order, reminiscing all the previous incidents where Karn takes Duryodhan’s side. She confronts him that she did not think even in dream that one side would take other’s life in revenge, how can Karn stoop so low to burn Pandavs’ mansion. She continues that Kunti used to say Karn is very innocent and cannot do any sin, but he and Duryodhan both are same, adharmi, sinner and murderers. She throws ash on him saying this ash signifies Pandav’s future and Kunti’s dream of seeing her children’s better future, these dreams will not let Karn in peace, he tricked and killed Arjun, he will spent his life in sorrows. Karn silently watches her in shock. Uruvi sees dead bodies and thinking them of Pandavs reminisces Kunti’s love and Arjun’s friendship. She says she wanted to meet Arjun and want to know what her feeling for Arjun is, she got her answer now, she hates Karn. Karn holds her and asks who gave her right to decide what he is and give judgement.

Precap: Karn confronts Uruvi saying she may be from royal family, but she does not have right to harm his self-respect, it is bigger than these 3 worlds.

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