RadhaKrishn 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha Vs Krishna

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RadhaKrishn 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna tied to a pole seeing Yashoda coming counts 3 and acts as falling weak. Yashoda runs to him worried. He asks where is he, free me please. She frees him and feels guilty for punishing her son hearing Radha’s lies. Radha reaches there. Krishna looking at her says how could maiya distrust him and trust Radha. Radha says Krishna and Balram Dau are fooling her. Yashoda warns to shut up and tells Krishna that Radha does not want Krishna to compete, so Radha tricked them, now she wants him to compete and win.

Vrishbhan announces next competition between Barsana and Vrindavan. He says Radha and Ayan will compete from Barsana’s side and let us see who will represent Barsana. He organizes kabbadi match between Ayan and Balram’s teams. They both make 1 point each. Balram

thinks why Kanha/Krishna asked to wait. On the other side, Yashoda says Krishna he will partcipate and win and sit on swinger for her sake. He acts as weak. She says forget competition then. Radha happily walks away thinking he will not compete now, she does not have to sit on swinger with him. Krishna smiles.

Radha competes in rangoli competition while Ayan continues making points in kabbaddi match against Balram’s team. He pulls one of participant who strolls away and is about to fall when Krishna enters and holds himk. Radha gets angry thinking it is waste to believe Krishna, he told Yashoda that he will not participate and now came. Ayan thinks he wanted Krishna to come. Krishna walks to Balram and says it is time to win. Ayan purposefullly slips and loses match. Announcer declares Vrindavan as winner. Balram thinks why Ayan lost so easily. Krishna friends lift him chanting his name.

Ayan meets Jatila who says he learnt to use brain with power. He says they have to lose first to win next. She gives him Kans given black magical perfume and asks to execute his plan now. Krishna participates in rangoli competition. Radha thinks she will spoil her rangoli and lose than sitting on swinger with Krishna. Krishna asks why she is doing this. She says she does not want to sit on swinger with him and throws color on her rangoli. Krishna stands sadly. Kirtida praises Radha that she prepared such a beautiful rangoli. Vrishbhan says she is his daughter. Krishna says he was telling same, Radha will prepare beautiful rangoli and points at Rangoli. Radha is shocked to see rangoli painting of her and Krishna sitting on a swinger replaced by her rangoli. Krishna smiles. Radha asks what did he do. Yashoda says it is so unique. Kirtida asks who is this. Vrishbhan asks which gods image is this and announces Radha as a winner. He says among women, Radha won, let us see who will compete among men, they have to show their power and intelligence against Mathura’s most powerful and untamed bull Hasteen and orders to bring it. Ayan goes to bring Hasteen and thinks it will kill Krishna today.

Krishna gives moral gyaan if they saw banyan tree sometime, it is so wide and they fear if it can tolerate its huge stems, but it does, its veins grow down into soil and support it as roots, similarly one should do their job and forget its end results.

Precap: Krishna competes with Hasteen bull. Bull gets out of contorl and runs behind Radha.

Update Credit to: MA

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