Karn Sangini 29th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha Supports Uruvi

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Karn announces that since Uruvi could not produce evidence in given stipulated time, so he pronounces her death sentence. Radha stops her and says she cannot see injustice in this courtyard. Tilak Raj nervously says Uruvi did not prove herself innocent, so she should be given death sentence. Radha asks Kasturi if she saw Uruvi setting fire. Kasturi nervously says no. Radha says when there is no proof, how can Karn punish her. Tilak Raj nervously says they should not delay punishment. Radha says 1 day is very less to prove innocence, Uruvi should be given more time. Tilak Raj asks what if Uruvi runs away. Radha says she will take Uruvi’s responsibility. Karn gives 7 days to prove Uruvi herself innocent and Tilak Raj to prove Uruvi is guilty.

Back in room, Kasturi fumes that Radha protected Uruvi, she has to make Radha hate Uruvi and knows how to do that. Radha asks Uruvi to braid her hair and says today she is burying all her past and is developing a mother-daughter relationship with Uruvi. Uruvi emotionally says though Radha is not her biological mothr, she consider Radha as her mother now.

Karn gets Duryodhan’s message to meet him soon for some important task. Kasturi hears that and thinks she was waiting for this chance. Karn informs Radha and Uruvi that he wanted to help Uruvi find proof of her innocence, but he has to go to Hastinapur to meet Duryodhan. Kasturi says she will help Uruvi, he should get a special rudraksha for her. Uruvi insists to accompany Karn and says Kasturi is very cruel, she cannot take chance and send him alone. Karn assures nothing will happen to him and leaves.

Kasturi goes into a cave with money and meeting tantrik there says she got more money than he asked and needs what she wants. He hands over a box. She returns to palace and thinks she will achieve her goal via this box. Radha and Uruvi notice her hiding, she also notices them and thinks they will not get this box. She keeps box under her pillow and falls asleep. Next morning, she wakes up worried for box and finds it safe. Radha enters with breakfast. Kasturi thinks she came to get box. Radha shows her favorite dish and reminds her of her childhood days. Kasturi remembers. Radha says Uruvi thinks she has not lost memory. Kasturi gets tensed.

Precap: Radha hugs Kasturi while Uruvi steals box under Kasturi’s pillow.

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