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Hii Good Morning My Lovely Readers

Thanks alot dear jasmine sia anuva anu tanshi Aliya Love u all

Thanks a tonne asma dear good to know u were reading this ff

Thanks a tonne silent readers

Recap- Zoya n Adi together convince Hooda’s n Siddqui’s for Arnoor’s marriage

Zoya is standing near window

She is looking at moon

She is lost in her thoughts

Adi comes with two cups of coffee

Adi-Zoya we did it so lets celebrate coffee party

Zoya laughs

Adi feels good to see her laugh

Adi-Zoya what makes u so worried now also

Zoya (teareyed )-Aditya Noor is my small sister she is like a baby I feel I didn’t take care of her properly see Aditya ultimately what they did was wrong now ppl will pass so many remarks Iam feeling bad maybe I failed as a elder sis

Adi keeps his fingers on her lips

They look Deep in eachother’s eyes

Adi-Zoya u didn’t fail u can never fail in any role u are perfect daughter, bahu ,sister ,Bhabhi, mother n wife

Zoya is surprised at adi’s words

Adi-zoya u are perfect in every rone n Dnt wry about what ppl will say it is our family matter they have no rights

Zoya smiles looking at adi

Adi gestures her towards coffee

They bang mugs n say cheers

Bepannah bepannah Pyaar hain tumhse plays

Scene shifts

Its morning

Zoya is running here n there looking after arrangements

While hooda house is decorated

Zoya seems tensed

Zoya-aree bhaiyaa u haven’t fixed this garland properly  I will do it myself

Zoya climbs on stool to fit garland

She is fixing  but her balance is going

Adi notices He rushes towards her

Zoya falls in adi’s arms

N garland in adi’s neck

Also petals fall all over them

Pari claps in excitement

Adi n zoya are lost in eachother’s eyes

Anjana admires them

Dil diyaan galliyaan plays in Bg

Scene shifts

Zoya is busy in making ladoos

In one hand she is holding her phone talking to someone

Instructing some one

Her hair is again n again coming on her face

Adi notices

She is getting irritated

He goes to her

Gently makes  her hair side

She looks at him

He helps her in making ladoos too

Zoya feels nice

Together they are shown making ladoos

But adi’s ladoos are not circle

Pari n zoya laugh at him

Scene shifts

Zoya is supervising Mandap decorations

Adi comes with glass of juice

He goes to zoya

Adi-Zoya  zoya listen to me Zoya

Zoya  is busy

Adi pulls her by hand

Zoya is puzzled

Adi brings her in corner

Zoya-Aditya so much wrk is there y have u got me here AdiTyas

Adi-chup chup ek dum since morning u haven’t eaten anything have this juice now

He makes her drink juice

They share a beautiful eye lock

Scene shifts

Zoya has dressed in a beautiful blue lengha

She is making her hair

Adi is looking on intensely from outside

Adi just cannot  get over her

She is totally clueless

Adi goes

Adi is trying to control his emotions

He sits on sofa

He imagines zoya coming  near him

He realises he was just dreaming

Adi closes his eyes

Flashes of zoya laughing come before his eyes

Adi opens eyes quickly

Flashes of all good moments come

Adi gets confused

Zoya calls him

Adi ignores feeling he is dreaming

But now its really zoya

Adi is mesmerised by her beauty

He keeps looking at her

Zoya -Aditya when is panditjii coming? ??Aditya Aditya

Adi is lost

Zoya shakes him

Adi-yes yes I will call him

Zoya -yes pls quick am going to check whether Noor is ready u check Arjun

Zoya walks fast

But her duppatta gets stuck in adi’s watch n pulls zoya

Zoya once again in adi’s arms

He is holding her by waist

They gaze deeply

Bepannah bepannah plays in Bg

Scene shifts

Aditya looks at arjun

Arjun hugs him

In other room our beautiful bride Noor hugs zoya

Everybody gathers for marriage ceremony

Zoya brings Noor with her

While Arjun is looking  at Noor

Adi is lost in zoya

Precap-Arnoor’s reception is shown pari forces adi n zoya to dance

They dance on Tere bin chen naa ayee

Adi is walking on roads

He is drunken

He sits on road

He cries he yells

I love zoya I love zoya

Once again God is snatching my love

I will not let zoya bear the pain anymore I will leave her n go …….

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  1. Anuva

    Today’s episode loved it core… full AdiYa scenes… romantic… lovely… awesome… fabulous… what to say? each and every word for admire… as Adi said Zoya is perfect in every roles… coffee party is nice… Adi holding her when she falls down and Garland fall on them is fantastic… Adi helping Zoya in making ladoos… wow… he makes her drink juice… how much caring… finally Arnoor marriage… precap is nice also irritating… sorry for using that word… why Adi never understood Zoya’s love for him? She is an angel. Who loves him immensely. Adi please understand her feelings… totally super duper episode.

  2. Nice update.arnoor wedding.adi nd zoya moments

  3. Sonali Rathore

    Oh god why ADI is not realising Zoya’s love.
    Btw today’s episode was amazing….
    I just loved it yaar each n every moment of adiya was really mesmerizing…..

  4. Wow wow so amazing ?? loved the scenes were adi was telling zoya to drink the juice and caring for her ???? loved it

  5. Today’s episode was so romantic,lovely and cute…..loved a lot….every scenes was so nice..and thanks a lot for adding more adiya scenes..adi holding zoya in his arms was so lovely…adi helping zoya in making ladoos was nice…finally arnoor is getting married…but precap made me worried…why adi is not understanding zoya’s love for him…he is always thinking of making zoya free… anyways the episode made me so happy… eagerly waiting for the next……

  6. Jasminerahul

    adiya conversation was scene was cute.zoya falling in adi’s arms…garland over adi’s neck..flower fall ..eye lock were romantic. adi moving her hair was romantic. adi helping zoya to make laddoo was cute.adi is so caring that he made her drink juice.adi imagining zoya..mesmerized by her beauty …duppatta part…falling in adi’s arms were romantic. this chapter was very romantic

  7. Nice story. You are doing a great job. Keep it going.

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