Karn Sangini 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Uruvi Meets Karn

Karn Sangini 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karn’s brother Shon praises Karn that his arrows were so fast and invisible like his charioting skills. If it was not sunset, Karn would have won against Arjun. Father says let us go from here. Duryodhan enters and says Kans is Angraj/Ang’s king and they will go to Ang palace with him. He asks Karn to be on his side always. Karn promises. Shakuni enters and after a lengthy dialogue asks to take oath on blood and asks Drona’s son Ashwaththama to do havan and let Karn take oath. On the other side, Kunti continues crying and says that a brother would have killed another brother unknowingly, she will inform Karn that he is also her son and walks towards Karn’s room. Ashwathama performs havan and Karn takes oath to be on Arjun’s side always and whenever he is hesitant, he should get engrasped into earth. Kunti enters. Duryodhan introduces her to Kunti as Arjun’s mother who must have come to plead for her son’s life. Karn asks not to drag a mother in verbal battle. Duryodhan asks to bless Karn then. Karn touches Kunti’s feet. Kunti blesses him to get all the respect and place he deserves.

Uruvi’s friends praise Karn and says his arrows are invisible like a thunder, he is so handsome, if sunset had not happened, Karn would have harmed Arjun. They say Karn’s arrows were so powerful that they broke such a strong pink diamond. Maid says Karn will come and go, but Arjun is an ultimate warrior. Jaya and Vijaya continue praising Karn.

Arjun in his room looks at his arrows and people praising Karn during competition. Kunti walks in. He asks reason. She says she is worried for him as Duryodhan will create a situation where he will come in front of Karn again. Arjun says he will thank Duryodhan if he creates that situation and is not afraid of sooth putra Arjun. Their conversation continues..

Uruvi reminisce her friends telling that Karn’s arrow were so powerful that they broke pink diamond and reminsces the incident when arrow hits diamond on Arjun’s shoulder. She thinks of meeting Karn and walks towards his room. Guards stop him. She orders to inform Karn that Pukeya’s princess Uruvi wants to meet him. Guards stop him and say Karn is busy in important work. She thinks what important work he must be doing. She walks into his room hiding and sees him doing surya namaskar and then bathing. She waits in corridor when Karn enters and says he saw her chariot skills, who is she. She says she is Pukeya’s princess Uruvi and everyone knows her. He asks reason for coming. Uruvi says he broke this pink diamond and if he can refix it. He says he cannot refix it, but can get a similar one. Arjun on the other side goes to meet Uruvi, but Jaya and Vijaya inform him that Uruvi must ahave gone to meet Karn.

Precap: Karn promises Uruvi to get similar pink diamond by Puranmaasi. Arjun fumes saying Uruvi met Karn and taunts Karn that she is expecting too much from a man who broke diamond. Karn confronts if diamond could speak, it would have told that a man who took oath to protect it could not do so.

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