Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Guddan welcomes in the house

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
AJ says you will never have any shagun from me. Guddan recalls the guy asked him to give her 100 crore. He wont give it so she will get to stay there for sometime.
Guddan says you said I married you for money. So i wont go anywhere until I get the money. AJ says you are way more disgusting than what I thought. Then be Mrs. AJ for as long as you can. AJ goes upstairs.

Guddan says Mrs. Guddan AJ. I don’t ever want to be that.
Guddan says dadi what did uncle say. Dadi says don’t say he is uncle. Guddan says that’s what I had been calling him. Laxmi says go from here. You wont live here. Dadi says I will decide who lives here and who not. Not you. She says come with me Guddan. Guddan winks at Laxmi. Laxmi says what is she upto. What should we do? Durga says wait. Lets see what is in her mind.

Dadi takes Guddan to a room. She gives her money and gold. Guddan says what are you doing. Dadi says you said you married for money so take it. Guddan says you think i did this for money? i didn’t do it for money. I did it.. dadi holds her hand an says I know. I wanted to hear from you. I trust you completely. You will do everything and you can. Guddan says on heart how do I tell you where am I stuck. Dadi says today is your greh parevesh. Get ready for big responsibilities.

SAru says after everything we did she is still here. She will be our molter in law. Laxmi says to Durga because of you she is here. Because of you she is our mother in law. You made mistake and we will have to tolerate. Durga slaps her. Durga says mind your tongue. No matter who comes here you can’t talk to me like that. Go and do her greh parvesh and without me. Saru says lets go Laxmi. We have solve this mess what durga has created.

Scene 2
AJ takes medicine. Perv comes and says Guddan didn’t even have her greh parvesh done and you started your medicine. AJ says some medicines needs to be taken to be safe from your poison. Prev says please accept this gift. Forget the old things and start anew. AJ takes the gift qand opens it. It is a nighty. AJ throws it away and says how dare you. Prev says got angry? i thought you would like these gifts. Try to understand. Your wife is young. You would need these things. Image if you get a baby in this age. AJ says so you are interested in my family planning? I have a return gift for you. AJ takes out a belt. He says this is my gift. He throttles Perv with it. Perv says what are you doing. AJ says when animals are out of control we have to tie the belt in their necks. Hop you liked the return gift. AJ shoves him out. Perv says you see what I do AJ. When Guddan comes her revati will come back to my life.

Dadi says these daughter in laws will take you inside while you sit on it. Come on Saru. Guddan sits on the seat. dadi says where is Durga? saru says she said she couldn’t come. Dadi says she is mad? its okay you two can pick her up.

Scene 3
Perv comes to revati. She says what are you doing here. Go from here. Prev says I came here for you. I miss you and love you a lot.
Kaushaliya comes. SHe says what are you doing here? he says I have been hearing about complaints from your neighborhood. People are jealous of you for being mother in law. I also wanted to congratulate you.
Saru says what do we have to do. Guddan says bahu can’t you handle the saas? The seat is about to slip from saru’s hand. Durga comes and holds it. Dadi says welcome to our family Guddan. They take her inside.
Precap-The daughter in laws make it difficult for Guddan to survive in that house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Good Job Girl?

  2. Too much dragging 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  3. Storyline is interesting but dragging too much yaar but the best thing is guddan and akshat look cute together

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    Show is still toooo slow and dragging…. But I like Saas bahu nok jhok… I hope reviti doesn’t fall in parv trap again

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