Karn Sangini 14th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Karn Donates His Armour, Earrings

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Uruvi tells Karn that she saw a dream early morning of him donating his kavach kundals/armour and even Krishna had come in her dreams, so she wants him to stay at home tonight or at least take him along to meet neighbor king. Karrn says it is her worries that she is dreaming, nothing will happen. She insists to take her along, but he leaves alone. Uruvi thinks she has to follow Karn’s footsteps and make sure he does not donate his kavach kundals. Karn heads is chariot to meet neighbor king. Krisha reaches and wipes out Karn’s chariots marks and says he has to do it to protect dharma. Uruvi passes and sees no chariot marks. She sees a Brahmin passing and asks if he saw any chariot passing. He shows wrong direction and misleads her, once she leaves turns back to Krishna.

Indra dev disguised as rishi waits for Karn and thinks he has to take kavach kundals from Karn before sunset. Karn reaches there and greeting him asks what he needs in charity, reminisces about Uruvi’s warning to remember what she saw in dream. Rishi says he needs charity before sunset and if Karn is skeptical about his decision. Karn says he is not and gives all his gold. Rishi says he has still some gold left and asks Kavach kundals. Karn says he knows he is Indra dev and is afraid of his son Arjun’s life, so he came seeking his kavach kundals. Indra takes his god’s avatar and asks if he knew before, why did he agree to meet him first, will he not donate his kavach kundals now. Karn say he never backs off from his promise and gives his armour/kavach and earrings/kundals. Uruvi reaches there and is shocked to see Karn bleeding after donating his kavach kundals. She confronts Indra dev that Pandavs as so weak that they took god’s help by trick to take Karn’s Kach kundals. Indra dev says he feels very small in front of Karn’s greatness, Karn proved that he is daan veeer, and if Karn agrees, he can return his kavach kundals. Karn says he will never take back his charity. Indra requests him to take some boon at least. Uruvi asks him to give a magical arrow which can kill anyone. Indra dev gives magical arrow to Karn and says he can kill anyone with it, be it human, asurs/demons, or gods.

Arjun practices archery and tells Kunti that he is eager to kill Karn in battlefield. Kunti asks what is Karn’s mistake in it, even his mother would be feel sad if Karn is harmed, so he should forget thinking of harming Karn. Arjun says he is waiting for the day to face Karn and has fulfill his oath of finishing Karn. Kunti gets tensed.

Precap: Radha orders Karn that he will not participate in war. Uruvi sees soldiers surround someone and asks what is happening, sees Arjun.

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