Perfect Pati 14th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Rajshri confuses Pushkar

Perfect Pati 14th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajshri is shocked to know that Pushkar isn’t home. I have to ask him why he hid the news that Vidhi is alive. She notices Vidhi going somewhere and asks her about it. Vidhi is curious to find out why all this is happening with her. Rajshri advises her against it. Your life is in risk. I will help you find the truth but in our way. Just give us a day. You worry for Kabeer and I am concerned about you. Rest in your room. She instructs Badri to look after Vidhi and her every need. You wont do anything else. Badhi follows Vidhi. Pushkar looks on from far. I knew that you wont leave Vidhi alone after what happened with her lately but I am also your son. You wont be able to save Vidhi from me this time!

Rajshri paces wondering if the girl that was found in Delhi is indeed Vidhi. Bela’s mother and Rangeela come there. Bela’s mother asks her if she needs anything. You look tensed. Rajshri shares that Vidhi is alive. Sub-Inspector just told me that a girl was found in Delhi in a coffin in a critical condition. It is bothering me as to why Pushkar hid this from me when he knew about it. Bela’s mother cries out of happiness. Rangeela tells her to control or their game will be up. She asks him if he is mad. I was living with this burden since many months but I now have a chance to come clean with it. Rajshri asks her what she is saying. Bela’s mother reprimands Rangeela for being quiet even now. She kneels down in front of Rajshri and confesses Pushkar’s crime before Rajshri. We helped him in doing it. She asks Rangeela to tell Rajshri too. Tell her everything that happened in those 2 and a half month. Rangeela tells her everything (in mute). Rajshri shouts in disbelief. It is a lie! Rangeela insists it is true. Pushkar had tied Vidhi. He killed her when he was about to get exposed. He produced a fake body with Vidhi’s belongings to close the case! Rajshri is unable to believe it. He did all that? Bela’s mother says I can understand as I am a mother too. You wont be able to hear anything like this about your son. She makes Rangeela show her that same video in which Pushkar puts Vidhi in a coffin and throws the coffin in a river. Rajshri feels dizzy. They hold her. Rakshri cries. My son has become an animal! You both helped him! She pulls Rangeela by his collar. Why did you do this? She considered you (Bela’s mother) her mother. Rangeela and Bela’s mother apologize to her. We were unaware that Pushkar will kill her. We are ready for any punishment that you or law will give us but we will tell everything in the court. Rajshri asks him if there is still something that he knows. Rangeela nods. He seems disturbed since past few days. Bela’s mother adds that Pushkar locked Payal in the same room where he had locked Vidhi. Rajshri is stunned.

Badri comes to Vidhi’s room the moment she steps in the bathroom. He notices a shadow outside her room; take out his dagger and looks out. He does not see anyone. He turns and notices Vidhi looking at him curiously. He keeps his dagger back safely and steps out of the room. Vidhi fixes her bed and finds a letter under her pillow.

Rajshri wonders what relation Payal has with Pushkar. Kabeer remarks that they share a deep relation. It was blurred earlier but it is clear now. I have come to know who is after our life since we came here. You know him very well. It is no one but your son Pushkar Rathod. She asks him what enmity Pushkar has with him and Payal. Kabeer shares that the doc who treated Payal has made her face using a software. He shows the picture to Rajshri. Her eyes widen in shock as she looks at that photo and at Vidhi’s portrait. Kabeer confirms that Payal is Vidhita. She is your DIL. Rangeela and Bela cry in joy. Kabeer says I looked at the face and realised that she dint leave the house on her own. I will find her at any cost! Rajshri tells him that Vidhi is with her. She is safe. She takes Kabeer with her. Kabeer and Rajshri don’t find Vidhi in her room. Badri stands there quietly. Kabeer doubts Pushkar but Rajshri wonders how she can step out of a closed room. Badri was right outside. Kabeer notices the bed sheet hanging on the window. Someone took her from here. It is impossible to take her in this condition which means she left on her own? Rajshri is sure it is Pushkar’s plan.

Vidhi meets Pushkar in a secluded place. Pushkar asks Vidhi if anyone knows that she is here. She recalls reading the letter wherein Pushkar has mentioned that he has found out about her past. Badri has been bought by your enemy and he is looking for a chance to kill you. Don’t tell anyone and step out of the house quietly. I don’t want to put your or my family’s life in risk. They discuss about Badri. He tells her to go in the direction the bridge and try to find the guy I will check inside the jungle. She heads towards the bridge while he stands behind his car. No one will be able to save you here Vidhita! Vidhi looks down from the bridge. Pushkar looks at her. You will have to die today! He receives a call from his mom and talks to her. She asks him about his whereabouts and lies that Vidhi has been found. She is alive. Police is bringing her over tomorrow. Pushkar gets confused and looks at Vidhi. Who is she then?

Precap: Kabeer asks Rajshri how they will bring back Vidhi’s memory. Rajshri decides to present all the past memories before Vidhi. She might remember everything then. Vidhi meets her sister and Jiju Sa. She says I recognize these faces but I just cannot remember their names. Vidhi’s sister introduces her to the new member of their family. He was in my stomach when we met last time. Vidhi gains her memory. I am Vidhita!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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