Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 20th April 2020 Written Episode Update: Ved loses Tripura to Karan

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The Episode starts with Tripura asking Ved to give the case to some other lawyer. Ved says Sanam came to me with the case, I didn’t go to her. She asks if there is nothing personal. Ved asks why are you worrying, what Karan will do? Later Ved comes with police and media outside Karan Khanna’s house and feel that Karan will break the gag order. Zoya tells media that Karan can’t speak, but I will speak. Media says you are supporting a guy for assaulting a woman. Karan asks did you see that? Zoya says I know Sanam better, she wants to take advantage of his single status and in that video, he is dragging her out of the party. The reporter tells that you will support even a rapist for money as you have invested money on him. Tripura comes and says you are right. Ved is watching on the laptop. Tripura tells that Mr. Khanna is guilty as hell and nobody knows his truth than me. Reporter says if you are with me or against him. Tripura says she is just a woman who wants to bring the truth out. She says I know, he is not a good man, egoistic etc, but he is not s*xual assaulter. She says I am sure that even his ex wife will say this and says Zoya has professional interest in him, but I have no interest in him. Tripura recalls Karan blackmailing her to file custody case and says then court will ask for DNA report. She says Pia is not your daughter. He says but Court doesn’t know. He asks her to come to media and clean the mess. Fb ends. Tripura tells that Mr. Khanna will not touch any woman without her consent. The reporter asks if she saw the video report. Tripura says she was his wife, but he didn’t touch her without her consent. She says she wants to say this only. Ved is stunned. Reporter asks him if he knew that she will come there. Ved says she had not told him.

Sanam is with Aryan and tells that she did as he asked her to do, but she didn’t know that Karan’s ex wife will come there. She asks if she was gold digger as she left Karan when he was jobless. Aryan says Karan’s wife was very devoted and used to take care of him. Sanam asks what is the real story? A fb is show, Tripura comes to Karan and says everyone is waiting for us. Karan asks why did you file the case. Tripura tells that Udyan will bring the producer. Later Udyan comes and wishes them happy anniversary. Karan thanks him for calling the producer. Udyan says I will call friend. Tripura takes him when he tries to get the network. Karan sees them talking and hears people gossiping about them. He gets upset. Tripura slips and Udyan holds her. Servant comes and asks Tripura to come with her to check something. Karan insults Udyan for interfering in his wife’s life. He asks him what happened in the Motel exactly between you both that you call him Tipsy. Udyan asks did you ask your wife? Karan says first you slept with her and….then? Tipsy slaps him and tells that she feels disgusted and ashamed of him. He says happy anniversary Mrs. Khanna. Fb ends.

Zoya asks Karan if Tipsy’s daughter is his. Karan says no and tells that he had blackmailed her. A fb is shown, Tipsy comes to Karan’s house to take her stuff. He sees her tummy and asks if she is pregnant. She says yes. He says he will get the DNA check. She says no need, tells that she is the mother and can say that the baby is not his. She leaves from his house. Fb ends. Karan tells Zoya that the woman had killed all his desires. Later he comes to Tripura’s house and asks her to pack her bags, says you are coming with me. Tripura is shocked. Karan asks her to bring her daughter also. She says this is not a deal, I helped you so that you stay away from me. He says you are doing this since 4 years, so do it for me for few weeks, else I will explain to Pia, what is DNA test.

Ved gets a message from her that she is going with Karan Khanna to her house. He gets shocked, when he goes to pick up Pia. Karan comes there. Ved asks what is he doing here? Karan says Tipsy plays game with everyone and asks him to go home, says she is with him. Ved says you have blackmailed her. Karan smiles. Ved says she was your wife. Karan says that Tipsy is still his wife. Pia comes out and hugs Karan. She asks Ved not to worry about her. Pia asks if I am your daughter. Karan tells Pia that she will get everything in his house, but they will not hug, but they can do hi five. She says you are my best Papa and sits in his car. Karan helps her to sit. She asks did you know how to sign like Mamma? Karan says no. Pia says today was surprise test in school. He says you want me to sign in diary and asks if she was not prepared. She says Mamma taught her, but she couldn’t catch up as her brain is small like her Papa. She says she don’t like idlis.

A fb is shown, Karan recalls telling Tripura that his child will have Punjabi food and will not have oats etc. fb ends. Karan drops her home and goes. Radhika calls him and tells that she will be there tomorrow. Karan says it was a scandal. Radhika says I am happy that Tipsy is back in your life and asks him to make everything fine. She asks him to buy everything whatever she has mailed for Trisha’s marriage, call her or Tipsy if he don’t understand anything.

Tripura comes to court. Ved tells her that he knows that Karan is blackmailing her. Tripura tells that he is not blackmailing her and tells that she is doing this for her daughter. She tells that she don’t want her to say that her mother didn’t help her father when he was trapped in a wrong case. Ved says he knows her well. Tipsy says she don’t want to lose her daughter to Karan. Karan comes there and taunts them. Ved holds her hand and tries to take her from there. Karan says you have no choice than to come with me. He takes her to court. In the court, Ved tells that Sanam Mehta didn’t make the video viral. Karan says this man has his hand on my wife and laughs.

Outside the court, Karan challenges Ved to fight with him so that he loses, so that she loses. Zoya and Karan are having a drink. He tells that he has to go home and act as a family man. He comes home, sees Ved with Tripura and tries to hit him with his car. Tripura pulls him to safety. Karan taunts Ved and Tripura. Tripura tells that he had come to give Pia’s stuff, as you have kidnapped Pia. Karan takes her with him, saying she has to lit the candles and decorate the room. Ved thinks he didn’t take Tipsy’s concern seriously and have to protect her from Karan Khanna.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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