Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 17th April 2020 Written Episode Update: Zoya suggests Karan to bring Tipsy back for case

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The Episode starts with Pia practicing to tell Tripura that she is having stomach pain and she don’t want to go to school. She tells the same to her. Tripura tells that her acting was bad and asks her to switch off the TV. Just then they hear the news about Karan’s arrest on molestation charges. Pia asks her about Karan’s arrest. Tripura says she doesn’t know. Pia says you shall go to school as you don’t know. Tripura asks Servant to get her ready to school. Karan is in the Police station. Zoya comes to him. He asks if you really think that I will go for Sanam Mehta, how did she talk such cheap thing, s*xual assault. Zoya says starlet Sanam Mehta has managed, surely someone’s hand is behind her. He asks about Friday’s matter. She says it is difficult to get bail till Monday, but she used her contacts and got him bailed. Ved comments. Karan leaves from there in a hurry and comes home. Zoya comes with him and stops him from drinking. She says your image will be ruined. He asks if you think that I will be jailed. He says I am the superstar. Zoya says your first wife divorced you and your second wife vanished suddenly, and you became alcoholic again. She tells that they shall call a press conference and he needs a wife to stand by at his side. He says you are with me for that. She says you need your wife. He says I had lost my legs at that point and asks her to call Media, tells that he will tell his side of story.

Ved comes home. Tripura asks him what he is teaching Pia and tells that she is not like her. She then asks Ved, why did he arrest Karan? She says Karan will never molest any girl against her wish. He tells about the syndrome which Karan has. A fb is shown, Tripura tells Udyan that she needs to spend more time with Karan. He tells that his friend wants to make film with him. She gets happy. Later Karan calls her and asks her to come home soon, tells about their anniversary. She reaches the resort with Udhyan and slips. He holds her. Karan sees her pic with Udyan and breaks the laptop. Later she comes home and Karan scolds her for going with her boss to the resort. Tripura tells him that she had went with Udyan to the resort to get contract deal.

Zoya enquires about Tripura and comes to her house to invite her for Karan’s press conference, but she refuses to go. Zoya sees Ved bringing the birthday candle and asks if her daughter is 4 years old. Tripura says I am busy and asks her to excuse them. Zoya leaves. Tripura tells Ved if Karan khanna comes to know that Pia is his daughter then? Pia hears them and announces in the party that Karan Khanna is her father. Tripura scolds her for insulting her and asks if Karan Khanna is your father then who is Ved? Pia says Ved is my namesake Papa. She tells that she will unite her and Karan Khanna. Tripura asks her to go. Ved hears them. Tripura asks him why do he want to have enmity with him.

Later in the court, Ved asks Karan about his condition. Karan says I gave you this marks on face. He taunts him for staying with Tipsy and says she fools nicely. Inside the court, the judge tells that accused and complainant can’t talk to Media and postpones the next hearing. Ved thanks him. Zoya asks why did he cancel the press conference. Ved tells Karan that his next film’s box office will be flop. Karan holds his collar. Ved tells that Zoya had come to his house. Karan gets upset with her and asks why did she go to her. Zoya tells her that Tipsy had a daughter whom they can use to win the case. She says we need to fix this damage, lost and damage story is good. He asks her to stay away from him. He leaves.

A boy asks him to buy the telescope. Karan recalls and thinks of showing the stars to her using the telescope. He tells that he has named the stars after them. She says she knows that the gift is delayed which he ordered online. She wishes to see his film on next Diwali and tells that Udyan is coming tomorrow with the producer. They wish each other happy anniversary. FB ends.

Ved tells Tripura that he knows that today is her anniversary. He gets a call and goes. Sanam Mehta watches the video going viral. Ved comes to her and asks her to tell the truth. Sanam says why will I ruin my reputation, tells that her first film is still not released. He calls someone and tells that the video is not leaked from his side. Zoya tells Karan that her 120 crores are risked and tells that Ved planned good, first gag orders and now this video. Pia tells Tripura that she got her acting genes from her Papa. Tripura asks who is teaching you all this? Pia asks her to make her meet Karan Khanna. Tripura asks her to go and sleep.

Later Tripura comes out of her room. Karan comes to her and asks why did you return after 5 years and asks why you are doing this with me? She asks what? Karan says your boyfriend or whatever filed case against me. Tripura says she doesn’t know what ved is doing, says Sanam came to him. Karan says you will clean the mess which your boyfriend has scattered. He then blackmails her saying you have a 4 years old daughter.

No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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