Kanfi ‘s Belated birthday special Ishqbaaz OS Part 4

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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Before starting the part please note :

>>Gouri loves Om and wants to reveal her feelings to Om at last day of Art exhibition.
But she can’t able to go that day.
>>Anika falling love with Shivay at first sight. He was try to helps that old lady for crossing the road . That was witnessed by Anika
>>When Gouri asks to Anika about Ranveer. Anika too asks to Gouri about her sister Bhavya. I was forget to add about it .Bhavya is Gouri ‘s only sister. She was two years younger than Gouri. Both Bhavya and Ranveer are same age.

Please ignores the grammar mistakes

Continue from part 3

G”You will meet that unknown man and u will get him as your life partner like I get OM ”
A”I hope so ,and Revu when is Bhvya come? (I mentioned that When Gouri asks to Anika about Ranveer .Anika too asks to her about Bhavya. That time Gouri says about Bhvya too Anika. Bhavya is doing her post graduation at Delhi.And she was engaged with Rajveer, an Mumbai based business Man. (The Jody from Do dil bande.. Bande ek dorise ))
G”I informs her about our meeting. She is very excited for meeting you. She says that she will come to Kerala with Rajveer for meeting you and will join with us in August 5th ”
A”ok,I wants to meet her. This days are most memorable day of my life. I was meet you after a long years. And will meet kanfi, Neha (pls notice Anika is Neha ‘s friend.Anika do not know Ahsana and Sumitha)and Bhavya too .

G”Ya dear. These days will become most memorable days of our lives ”
A”And Revu.. You didn’t tell about your would be bhabi till now ,you says na you will tell about it later. ”
G” I will tell about my would be bhabi dear (please note :Gouri didn’t says Shivay, She says Bade bhayya, so Anika don’t know Gouri ‘s Bade bhayya ‘s name)

Gouri narrates to Anika about her bade bhayya ‘s would be

“You know Anamika Om is second grandson of oberio family. Bade bhayya is first grandson of oberios. So all are wants bade bhayya ‘s marriage happens first .But he is not believing in Marriage. He says that he wants to live bachelor forever. He didn’t agree for the marriage. So all are thought to do om ‘s marriage first later do bade bhayya ‘s Marriage. Om ‘s marriage happens with me. After that all are pressurise him for marriage. But he didn’t change his decision. When all are known about my pregnancy all are decided that they will do bade bhayya ‘s marriage before my delivery. After so many emotional blackmailing of choti maa he is agree for the marriage. All are happy for that. Yesterday, (the Day Anika come back from Mumbai) Choti maa calls him and inform him about a proposal and asks to him to came for meeting that girl.

That time he says that he don’t want to meet the girl. And says he was loving a girl and he marry only her. All are shocked after knowing about it. Choti maa says he was lie about loving someone. We all are decided to ask him about it when he comes back to OM. He was come back to OM at 9 pm. Me&Omru are asks to him about it. That time he says that when he goes to offlice at morning he saw a girl. He was falling in love with her at first (August 1st).After meeting her, he was follows her. He only know her name. When her friend calls her ,he was understand her name. And he knows she is from Kerala and came here for an interview from their talk. After she goes to Kerala. He enquiry about her from Airport and gets details ,she is goes to Trivandram.

Bade bhayya didn’t reveal her name to us. And says that he will reveal her after finding her. Bade bhayya decided to go to Kerala for finding my would be bhabi. Me &Om are already decided to came here for meeting you. So we are decided to came to Kerala together. Rudra and Priyanga are join with us. Elders are very happy after knowing about bade bhayya ‘s love. They all are exited for sawing her. So they all says that they to coming with us to Kerala.

But bade bhayya didn’t agree for that. And says that first he will find her and about her family, after getting her details he will inform her. After that they can came here for fixing their marriage. Elders are very happy. All are says these years he don’t wants to do his marriage but he was very eagerly wants his marriage happens now with her lady love. And me &Om, rudra, Priyanga are coming to Kerala with bade bhayya. After coming to kochi he decided go to Trivandram alone for finding bhabi.Om also goes with bade bhayya. They will join with us in August 5th. I hope they will find my bhabi ”

A”that girl is really an Angel of your bade bhayya ‘s life. She was changed his ideology of leading an bachelor life. If they are real soul mate then they will surely meet each other. I hope he will find her. I wants to meet her ”
G”Ya dear I hope they will find her .I too wants to meet her ”

A”its was very late dear. While talking each other we didn’t notice that the time is goes .

They both are goes to sleep. The both are sleeps peacefully.

Next day, August 3rd ,Trivandram

Neha and Ahsana goes to Trivandram Airport for bring Sumitha. Sumitha goes to them and hugs each other. The three are very excited for meeting Kanfi .They all are decided to goes to Shankumukam beach. While going to Beach all are thinking about ideas of surprising kanfi .That time Ahsana check the Entertainment news. After reading the news she says I get an idea for surprising Kanfi. Neha and Sumitha are asks to her what is that idea?. That time Ahsana asks them to saw the news. After checking that news Neha and Sumitha are looking at Ahsana. They didn’t understand what she mean by.


Next part will be the last part. I will post it after Tuesday. So fathi wait for the surprise

Written by
Ahsana ?

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    There is so many mistakes
    >>Rajveer is Delhi based business Man not Mumbai
    >>Rajveer and Bhavya are the Jody from Do dil bande bande ek dori se. Ragu &Shivani, I like their Jody
    >>Shivay didn’t reveal the name of His lady love to omru and Gouri ,Priyanga and says he will reveal after finding her
    >>he says to elders after finding his lady love he will inform about them.

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