Kanfi ‘s Belated birthday special Ishqbaaz OS Part 2

Before starting next part please note :Kanfi is Gouri ‘s friend. She is have Friendship with Shivay, Om, Rudra and Priyanga .

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G”You know Anamika. I’m very lucky to get a husband like Om. He was trying to fulfills my this wish also. We are coming to Kerala today ”
A”really …Iam very excited for meeting you ”
G”I too very excited Anamika for meeting you ”
A”And Revu Do you calls Kanfi for coming to Kerala with you. I wants to meet her too. I was chat with her via Hangout and WA but didn’t meet her till now. Do you call her too? ”
G”I calls her for coming with us to Kerala.
You know na she is busy with her studies.
But she says that she will join with us in August 5th and when we all are go back to Mumbai she also comes with us ”
A”Iam very happy dear. I’m going to meet
my two besties and you know August 6th is her birthday. We can celebrate her birthday together ”
G”I know about it. And she too wants to meet you and her other friends they are living in Kerala. Do you know them? What’s their names…… Ah Neha, Sumitha and Ahsana ”
A”I knows Neha. She is my friend also. I will inform her about kanfi ‘s arrival. She will informs others about it. And we all can gives her a birthday surprise ”
G”sure dear. We can celebrate her birthday ”
A”And Revu when did you come ?”
G”we all are comes to kochi at 3.30’s flight. You will come there he na? ”
A” I will come to kochi for meeting you dear. You says we all are comes, that’s means your all family are coming to Kerala ”
G”we have two aim for coming to Kerala. First meet you and secondly meet my would be bhabi, bade bhayya’s would be ”
A”oh !she is also Malayalee,where is her place in Kerala? ”
G”She is from Trivandram. We don’t know more about her. We all are coming here for finding also ”
A”you don’t know about your would be bhabi? ”
G”thats was a story dear. I will talk about it later ”
A”ok,Dear. I will come to kochi. So we can meet each other. First I wants to inform my patents about it. Will meet you at evening ”
G”Bye dear ”

After ends the call Anika jumps from her bed, she is very excited and happy too, she was going to meet her bestie after a long years. After taking bath she goes to her parents and inform them about Gouri ‘s phone call and her arrival to Kerala. They all are happy. They know that how much Anika missing Gouri. They allows her for going to kochi and asks her to take Soumya also with her. Soumya is Anika ‘s younger sister. Before going to kochi Anika calls Neha and inform her about Gouri ‘s call and her arrival to Kerala and kanfi ‘s arrival to Kerala. Neha is very happy for Anika because she knows that how much Anika Missing Gouri. And she is very excited for meeting Kanfi. She says Anika that you don’t bothers about Kanfi ‘s birthday surprise .she will plan the surprise with Sumi and Ahsana. She says her too enjoy your days with Gouri.

After lunch Anika goes to Kochi with Soumya in her car. After two and half hours they are reached at Kochi airport. Gouri and team are already comes there and waiting for them. Anika goes to her and hugs each other.
A”You are changed a lot dear, you are not like that old Revu, you are more beautiful than earlier ”
G”You too changed a lot Anamika ”
A”How are my champ, he /she is fine na? ”
G”baby is fine and very excited like his /her mother because he/she was meet her /his mother’s best friend ”
A”And Revu. You are says na you are coming to Kerala at 3.30’s flight. That’s why we are coming to kochi after lunch ”
G”yeah dear we are decided to comes at 3.30’s flight but flight was delayed, it’s will come two hours late. So we decided to came here through our chopper. We are comes half hours before. I calls you for informing about it but you are not take my call ”

A”Oh may be my phone is in silent mode, that’s why I didn’t notice your call ”
G”its OK yar. And Anamika this is Rudra, Om ‘s younger brother and this is Priyanga, Om ‘s younger sister ”
A”Hi Rudra and Priyanga. Nice to meet you both ”
R/P”Nice to meet you too Anika Di. We both are hear a lot about you from Gouri bhabi. We both are very happy for meeting you ”
R”And Anika Di who is this ”
A”This is my younger sister Soumya ”
R”Hi soumya ”
S”Hi rudra ”
G”Anamika where is Veer? He is fine na? ”
(Ranveer is Anika ‘s younger brother. He is two years younger than her. And he is elder to Soumya,all are calling him as Veer)
A”He is fine. He is now taking care of Papa ‘s business. He is starts an branch of our company at Delhi. He was now there and Revu where is your husband Omkara?you says na he too come with you”
G”I says na we are coming here for meeting my would be bhabi also .After coming to kochi Om and Bade bhayya goes to Trivandram for finding my would be bhabi. They will join with us after two days ”
A”Oh ”
G”Now we are going to My uncle’s house in Aluva, my grandma also living with my uncle. Today we all are stay their .The next day we are going to visit south Kerala. After Going to Delhi I didn’t came here. I wants to enjoy this week with you all. I wants to enjoy the beauty of Kerala, ”
A”sure dear. We can spend this week together ”



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