Kanchi Forever (Episode 32)

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Hey guys
Trisha here wd next part of kanchi forever ….!

Today I won’t give any long lasting speech just a little disclaimer …!

Disclaimer ; if my readers found anything inappropriate then it will be just for some sort of laugher that’s it !

( gone serious ? Don’t worry ! I am not that bad to write something too bad ?….anyways let’s start )…

We will go with the Sunday morning …4 am Kabeer is rushing in his car for the airport as some very important person was reaching there !

Kabeer was in the waiting area of airport …!

Kabeer- oh god this Man ! He’s always late from school to clg then clg to hostel nd now look we. R mature nd he just didn’t gave up his habit !

Kusum called Kabeer when he was engrossed deep in cursing his friend ( best friend ) who was out of India for study !

Kusum – aaya vo ?
(Did he came )

Kabeer-(irritatingly )- of course not mom…! It’s been 1 hr I am here…everyone is starring at me like I have done some sort of wrong deeds by standing here !

Kusum – haha ? bccha mr Kabeer sinha who punish his students being a second late has waited for whole I hr …this is the proof of ur frndship beta !

Kabeer- no way maa let that idiot come I am first going to torture him with third degree !

Kusum- oh do u wanna got beated by me !?now stop cursing him …I well know how much u missed him !

The call ended …!
Kabeer was again thinking much abt that “always late” friend !

Kabeer (thinking )— my god even saanchi will not take so much time if I asked her to get ready ! What ? What I just thought ! My god this girl ! She didn’t left me even here ! But wait … what would I tell krish about her …omg ! How can I forgot he’s the biggest flirt ever …! Kabeer ..kabeer…. u have to got him through my whole complicated mrrg …!

A voice disturbed him out of his thoughts ….”seems bhabi ji has much place in ur thoughts “…

Kabeer(looking front )- oh yeah …I mean…you ….oh wow krish…

Both instantly hugged each other ….

Kabeer- when did u came nd why were u again late ?

Krish – of course u are a thoughtful person now …who will take care of me oh god this uneasy world !

Kabeer patted his forehead frm back side !

Kabeer – shut up idiot nd where were u left u didn’t told !

Krish-(trying to avoid the question)- oh that was just immigration !

Kabeer- lie

Krish – truth

Kabeer- what is her name !

Krish – kiana…!
Oops ?…

Kabeer- don’t act I know u well ! Is baar serious ya flirting !

Krish- by god bhai ? serious !

Kabeer- acha kitna tym hua ?

Krish- 2 hrs !

Kabeer- wow ur large heart nd her small brain …!

Both were busy wd their long discussions after all 2 friends have met after so long…unending talks …!

Now let’s see what other girls r doing !

Riya in mr Malhotras cabin !
Mr Malhotra wasn’t there…!
She called someone nd had a long talk…*muted*

Called some undercover man nd gave a full bundle of money…

The man left …

Riya (murmured to herself)- now u will see Sanchi who is real riya Malhotra ….I know abt my father’s deeds nd work out of corruption false surgeries organs black market…Nd as far as I am concerned I won’t hesitate to use his single case against u nd this will a big scam for u …just one day more..just one !!

(She felt something wrong around her turned around nd found nothing there )

Note; there was no person there who saw her …now this is the twist let’s see what happens !

In the hospital @9 am …;
In cafeteria –

Saachi – god this pizza is so cold isn’t there any oven !
(She shouted frustratingly )

Pragya- abeo this is super hot …Nd you too …kyu bhdki hui ho ?

Isha – seems like someone is missing someone !

Sachi- no never ! Don’t even think abt him I am not even slightly missing that khduus !

Pragya nd Isha looked at each other nd giggled …!

Pragya- vese we didn’t took anyone’s name sweety !

Saachi gives them a glare …!

Veer(from side table )- don’t give glares miss golgappa this remind us of that hitler …oh sorry…I mene ur “patidev”…by the way u know u r my fav person from yesterday u …u just nailed his punishment I could have never imagined him that too distributing ladoos …!

He said the whole line in one go nd found her starring at him wd so much anger…!

Veer- fine …sorry ! (Making puppy face )

Saachi- better

Veer-by the way he’s on leave today !

Some hours skipped !

Saanchi entered his cabin around afternoon nd found him there….! She was super happy but tried to look furious !

Saachi- oh wow look who’s here ! You didn’t even bothered to tell me once where were you ! Indeed the fact is u don’t care if somebody was constantly miss….

She realised what she was about to say nd she suddenly stopped !

He didn’t said even a word…just starred her constantly with so much passion in his eyes…
(That will be clear in wallpaper)
He stepped towards her…closed the door with his left hand leaving her heartbeats to fasten …both were having an eye lock nd he was moving a bit towards her…in few seconds he pinned her to the wall beside the door …his right hand rubbed her waist and jerked towards him…she was looking damn gorgeous wd long metal earings …nd wasn’t able to control her hormones as he too looked super hot …! He touched her shoulder with left hand …his touch shivered her…his hands runned down towards her hands entangling his fingers with her…he moved few cms towards her leaving no space between them…she closed her eyes nd he was eyeing her lovingly…
Slowly the romance turned into a passionate kiss…unknowingly his hands holded her from waist nd her fingers rushed through his hairs…the scene shifted to their hands interlocking wd each other …!

It’s next day !
There was nothing new just a popular gossip topic of the hospital…Nd the drama queen was behind her king continuously asking for something …let’s have a look at them !

In his cabin-

Kabeer – Saachi dont irritate me it’s been 8 hrs u r being so stubborn…!

Saachi- (acted like crying)
Oh god see kanha ji what a day my patidev is saying I torture him !

Kabeer- drama queen say truth I said irritate not torture. !

Saachi- same thing huh !

Kabeer- different things !

Saachi- whtever ! Now this is last time I am asking u tell me what the last patient told u !

Kabeer- nd thts my last time I am telling u no ! No ! No !

Saying this he left frm there to ward !

Saachi too followed her !

Saachi- please I am curious Kabeer ?

A nurse looked at her suspiciously …
Saachi- I mean dr Kabeer !

Kabeer(he was too too irritated till that time as she was following him since mrng )

He holded her hand nd dragged her to store room ;gave a paper nd pen in her ??

Kabeer- write nd solve u will know that I can’t say !

Puzzle is …
Depends on keypad of phones…
2 steps right to “a”
3 steps before “p”
4 steps after “g”
2 steps right to “q”
1 step after “z”

This is first word…second is “only ”

So patient said …
” puzzle*** only ; do u need I have many wd me ”

Saachi stood still for few minutes ; solved the puzzle nd then suddenly laughed hard nd blushed at the same time …!

Kabeer- I hope I had shut ur mouth now. !

She left from there asap !

Precap – veer signalled Kabeer to look behind …he turned to find saachi there wd A cute puppy face…
Kabeer – now what ?
Saachi – d a r e !

Kabeer was giving a …”you r gone Kabeer beta” look !!!

So guys if u think I wrote something inappropriate u can just write ur views in the comment I will stop the ff…!

Still I need ur reviews this time too much so pls cooperate readers !

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  1. It’s so good Trisha as usual ur amazing. Plzz tell what that riya is upto can’t wait for the dare. Plzz post nxt episode asap. Eagerly waiting for ur writing. Love ur writing do much. ????????

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku so much dear…Nd sure I’ll try my best …??

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    Sooooo excited for next update .
    Waiting for another chapter

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku so much alia…Nd sure sweetie

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      Thanku divya

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      Thanku anu for this so sweet sa cmmnt love u sweetie nd sure

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      Thanku so much nkh…for this beautiful comment ..Nd sure ??

  6. Nice epi??
    well done dr?

    1. Trisha139

      Thnku so much mayoori

  7. Wow nyc..really loved the episode…but one question wat is the answer of the equation ??

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      Thanku freedom …u need to solve the puzzle it’s so easy looking at your keypad of ur phone …if u still couldn’t guessed then tell me I will answer u dear I just want u to try once

      1. Hey was the puzzle tar.. i’m still not able to find the ans

  8. Palak.Sharma

    Amazing Trisha can’t wait for the next part

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      Thanku palak ! Glad you liked it ?

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    1. Trisha139

      Awwwww thankuu so so much ashnita sweetie for such a lovely comment I was just like “awwwww” while reading the cmmnt ! Thts so sweet of u Nd sure

  11. Hey sweetie amaz episode n plzzz tell me the answer of equation i did’t understand kanchi romance is mindblowing n t airport part is funny n cute too especially kabir said ur big heart n her small brain lov u dear udate nxt soon u make our day speaial with ur beautiful ff ideas n i dont think so in t epi nothing is worse or else

    1. Trisha139

      Hey niyaa first of all I didn’t wanted to tell the answer myself I wanted u guys to solve that herself stilll I saw few readers r asking so i m telling here ; the answer is “delux”… Nd thanku for ur wishes Nd cmmnt dear

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  12. Hey sweetie amaz episode n plzzz tell me the answer of equation i did’t understand kanchi romance is mindblowing n t airport part is funny n cute too especially kabir said ur big heart n her small brain lov u dear udate nxt soon u make our day speaial with ur beautiful ff ideas n i dont think so in t epi nothing is worse or else

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      1. Trisha139

        Freedom ; the answer lies in reply of niyaas cmmnt

    2. Trisha139

      Hehe ? right thanku riya I always wait for ur cmmnt …Nd u guessed right …yes ??me too eager now what to do with Kabeer beta ???

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    Amazing episode yaar

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      Thanku sweta

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    Amazing one Sweetie…my first expression after reading the puzzle was laughing out loud…omg I laughed so much….what a puzzle..that patient is crazy….i wonder what will be the dare and what that stupid Riya has planned……coming to the episode as always it was superb, fabulous, mind blowing, astonishing, stunning,perplexing,excellent…the words can’t describe you…Superb love you loads???

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      I hv every discontinued that ff dear

    2. Trisha139

      I mean only unspoken feelings

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