Kuch Kuch Hota Hai….SNS & DBO….Season 1 Part-13: RIKARA & RUMYA’S ROMANCE

Part 13-


Della Resorts

In RuMya’s room

Soumya:What are u talking about??…
Rudra:I was talking about Svet….
Soumya:Dusro ko hi dekho?….Khudki biwi ko mat dekho??….
Rudra:U are misunderstanding me?….I saw her looking at Om, so I thought maybe but she is quite old for him….But u…
Soumya:????No I don’t think so that Om Bhai has any hots for her….I was talking about Gauri….I think she loves him but Om Bhai aren’t sure about his feelings yet….
Rudra:But how did u know it????….
Soumya:U won’t understand?….

She goes from there….Rudra follows her….Just then rain starts????….

Rudra holds Soumya’s hand….He tries to apologise her…She looks at him angrily??….

Soumya:Rudy u won’t understand because u have no sense???….

Saying this she goes to enjoy the rain while Rudra too goes after her….She teases him….

Ladka bada anjaana hai
Sapna hai sach hai fasana hai

They dances in the rain❤❤❤❤….

Hay hay ye pagla bilkul na badla
Ye to vohi deewana hai

Paas rehke bhi thi doori
Jaane kaise thi majboori
Vaqt vo bhi ajeeb tha
Jab tu mere kareeb tha

Omkara is shown watching RuMya dancing….Just then Gauri comes outside….Gauri sees Omkara and smiles….Omkara’s eyes meet Gauri’s eyes?….Gauri imagines dancing with Omkara while he looks at her❤❤❤….

Kho gayi tu ye kis jahaan mein
Main wahaan hoon dekh to zara

Ladka bada anjaana hai
Sapna hai sach hai fasana hai
Dekho ye pagli bilkul na badli
Ye to vohi deewani hai

Hum bheed mein bhi thi tanhai
Yaad har pal teri aayi
Roke koi mujhe zara
Bhar na aaye ye dil mera

Behke behke mere kadam hain
Aise mein tu sambhaal to zara

Ladki badi anjaani hai
Sapna hai sach hai kahaani hai
Haan haan ye pagla bilkul na badla
Ye to vohi deewana hai

Suddenly Omkara comes to senses…He turns his face away….

Omkara(In his mind):What’s happening with me???…Why was I looking at her like that????…

He goes from there while Gauri’s eyes are fixated on him?….

Tumne na jaane kya sapne dikhaaye
Jaage na sota hai
Kuch kuch hota hai
Kuch kuch hota hai

RuMya gets into a liplock?….

Kuch kuch hota hai
Kuch kuch hota hai


In RuMya’s room

Rudra is shown seated on the bed….He is shown in red T-shirt and blue jeans….Soumya comes to him…She is shown in red off shoulder knee length dress, red shoulder length earrings, straight open hairs….She seats on Rudra’s lap….Rudra looks at her…She naughtily looks at him….He as usual doesn’t understand that????….

Soumya:Why can’t u understand anything?…
Soumya:Let it be?….We should concentrate on uniting Omkara Bhai and Gauri???….
Rudra:Yaa!!…But are u sure??…
Soumya:I am ?% sure??….We should try to keep Svetlana away from him…

Scene shifts to the Resort

Omkara is shown in swimming pool relaxing….He is in shorts….Gauri is shown coming in that direction wearing a yellow bikini….Svetlana is also shown coming in that direction, just behind Gauri….She is in blue bikini….Omkara gets mesmerized to see Gauri???….His eyes? are only on her….Svetlana sees that and thinks it’s for her….She blushes?….

Tum Bhee Ho, Mai Bhee Hu, Pas Aao, Toh Keh Du
Aakhir Kyun Pal Mein Yu Diwana Mai Ho Gaya
Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha, Tumhe Jo Maine Jana – (2)

Gauri sees Omkara’s gaze on her….She blushes?….She jumps in the pool and swims towards Omkara….Omkara takes her in his lap??…She faces him and bents down….

Jo Hosh Tha, Woh Toh Gaya
Badan Kee Yeh Khushbu, Jagane Lagee Jadu

Gauri’s hands are on Omkara’s neck….Omkara holds Gauri by her waist…He kisses on her neck?…She feels heavenly??….

Toh Hoke Bekabu, Dil Kho Gaya
Tumhe Jo Maine Socha, Tumhe Jo Maine Mana

On the other hand

Svetlana imagines seducing Omkara???….

Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha, Tumhe Jo Maine Jana
Jo Hosh Tha, Woh Toh Gaya
Itni Kyun Tum Khubsurat Ho, Ke Sab Ko Hairat Ho
Duneeya Me Sach Much Hee Rehatee Hai

Suddenly Gauri comes to senses and blushes??….She jumps in the pool and swims towards Omkara….

Pariyo Se Bhee Jyada Pyaree See Ladki Koi

Omkara sees Gauri coming towards him….He puts his hand in front of her….Gauri gives her hand in his hand….He caresses her fingers??….She gets shy and closes her eyes….He was to kiss on her hand, when he came back to senses…

Han Itanee Kyun, Bolo Hasin Tum Ho, Jo Dekhe Gum Sum Ho
Dekho Na Mai…

He looked around in confusion….Meanwhile, Gauri who reached him by that time, on seeing his open hand, gave him a taali??….He looked at her….

Gauri:I thought u need a taali, that’s why?….

Svetlana sees them and thinks….

Svetlana(In her mind):What must have happened there??…I need to find out…

She was to go when Aru came to her….She made her busy in talks, to stop her from going to RiKara???….

Omkara(In his mind):Again I imagined her?…What’s wrong with me???…

He goes from there while looks at him?….


Scene shifts to Kune Waterfall

They all arrives there….

Aru:What a picturesque place???….
Dharam:Then let’s click a selfie??….
Gauri:Me too??…
Dharam:Yaa come?…

Gauri is shown in white top and black knee length plazzo, white and black medium size earrings, bracelet, open hairs…..

They click selfies??….

Svetlana:Enough guys!!!…Let’s go up before it’s too late??…

They climbs up….RuMya are shown holding hands and walking….All looks at them like???….

Mr Sharma:I think this up is enough?….
Meera:Yaa sir even I too think the same?…
Gauri:Nooo???….More up???…
Svetlana:Then we should go more up!!…
Mr Sharma:Ok then!!…Let’s go?…

They goes more up….Finally, they reaches their desired place???…

Gauri:Now this is call life???….

Omkara looks at her weirdly???….

They all seats on a rock and water from the waterfall falls on them….They splashes water on each other??? and enjoys a lot….

Just then Gauri turns to go other side…Due to slippery slope she falls but she tightly holds onto Omkara, who is standing besides her….They both falls down….They are shown rolling in the waterfall….


Gauri is shown over Omkara….They gets into an eyelock?…

Jo na keh sake tum
Jo na keh hum(x2)

Gauri tries to get up but her bracelet gets stuck in Omkara’s shirt….She again falls on him…

Omkara:Never mind?….

He tries to remove her bracelet from his shirt….

Kehne lagi dono se who
Khamoshiyaan…..O Saathiya
Kehne lagi dono se who
Khamoshiyaan…..O Saathiya

Finally, both gets up….All comes to them…

Meera:Are u both ok??…
Omkara:Yaa we are?!!…

Gauri looks at him surprised….RumYa are shown very happy….Mr Sharma comes to Svetlana….

Mr Sharma:Wish instead of them, we were like that?….
Svetlana(In her mind):Yeh kaha se aajata hai?…..
Svetlana:I think we should leave now?….
Mr Sharma:This is also good…

Svetlana gets irritated???….

Meera:Come Gau☺…

She looks at Omkara and turns to leave….Omkara too looks at her….

Saathiya Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya(x2)


Aru after seeing a showpiece, imagines dancing with Dharam???


Meera gets tired of walking, so asks Dharam to lift her?….

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  2. Riana

    Romantically Excelllent Episode Manuuuu ????????????????
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    1. Mansi

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    Amazing dear! All scenes were nice! Dance was superb! Don’t know why my love for your FF just keeps on increasing! So yeah update the next part soon! And don’t forget I am waiting!
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    Ohh so RuMya were talking about different people?????n I thought they were talking about me????

    Soumya is angry on rudra as he can’t understand anything???????

    Rudra trying yo apologize her n their dance was mesmerizing?????????? with one of my fav song in the movie❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


    RuMya’s liplock??????????

    Swimming pool scene was outstanding with RiKara imagining each other romancing the other????❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Omku is still confused?

    So RuMya made a plan to unite RiKara?????but keeping me away from Omku?????

    Gauri is very naughty????

    RiKara together rolled in the waterfall?????their eyelock with Saathiya BG❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Mr Sharma???????

    My part was marvelous??????

    Precap is mind-blowing???????

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  12. Jasminerahul

    rumya scene was funny.rudra is a funny duffer.rain dance and romance was so beautiful. gauri imagining dancing with om and om looking at her was romantic. in the movie this song was on the lead couple.here your decision to use them on the other couples was good.enjoyed it.gauri in bikini.can’t imagine it as she is a gawar in IB.rikara imagining separately about romance in the pool was romantic. swetlana imagining seducing om.funny.rikara water fall rolling…eye lock and bracelet part were romantic

    1. Mansi

      Yeah in the movie this song was on the lead couple??I thought this song would also suit them perfectly???Glad u enjoyed it???here Gauri is a modern girl n loves these types of clothes??

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