Kanchi Forever (Episode 28)

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Hlo guys
Trisha here. I just wrote an OS on sanveer I saw some Kanchi fans felt bad so I am really sorry for that it was just few sanveer fans demanded that so I thought penning that…and as for me here is my next episode of kanchi forever …❤️❤️

Thanku all who liked this ff and still if u guys like this episode pls pls drop a comment that means a lot dear …so let’s continue….

Saachis coachings were about to start from next day and a day before there was party that night …. and a lot of exciting twists were about to happen at that time…

It was evening around 6 pm or so ….

Isha – ready for party ?

Pragya- sure …

Saachi- almost !

Pragya – Kabeer jiju knows about this ?

Saachi- no ! And u guys r not going to tell him either otherwise he is going to kill me ok !

Isha- that’s fine but whts this u will wear this ; yuk !

Saachi -ssshut miss drama queen this is perfect !

Isha- eeeuuu noo atleast today try some saree !!

Pragya- yes even I want today !

Saachi- ohk no comments !

There on the other hand veer and frnds were preparing for the party …all group of interns were invited …dr Kabeer knew abt the party but not that saachi was also going there !

Finally it was night …
trio reached in the party …Isha wore shorts and same Pragya ….saachi wore a light green saree she was looking dammn beautiful with silver earings and light makeup…and wedges as footwear…
Veer his frnds Ria with bala and madhu and all other interns joined the party ….!

It was almost half an hr after the party started ….
Kabeer called Sachi ;
Kabeer- saachi ? How r u ?

Saachi- I am fine …r u gone baby ?

Kabeer- yes ! But why u sound so weird ?

Saachi- oho my sweetuuu …!

Kabeer- wait a second ! This music …. r u in the party nd most importantly are u drunk ?

Saachi- hahaha ??…no never ! I ….I don’t drinnkkk shona !

A gunshot was heard …

Kabeer – u know what I am
Not going to leave u …stay there I am coming …!

Saachi- oh no need I am ff…f…fine !

He started driving still taking to her and reached there within 10 minutes ….!
The phone call was cut in the middle of the way…
On reaching thee he saw party going on wd full dance and music drinking too…
Isha and Pragya were seen on the same floor ….they stood still and came backside seeing dr Kabeer….
Kabeer- where is saachi ?

Isha – sir ….she asked she is going inside ….!

Getting the answer he quickly left for her room …!

Just to find a full decorated room…with flowers and heart shaped balloons everywhere still saachi was nowhere…..!

A voice was heard …..

“gunshot was a distraction and today is our anniversary …..if u forgot it’s been one year we r marrd…!
So happy marriage anniversary….I know we had our careers and after that this mrrg would be accepted still just for both of us thts been a long journey ”

Kabeer- oh god how could I forget this I am really sorry…!

She came in front of him in a light green slim saree …he was just mesimerised to see her she looked no less than a angel…a low voice romantic music prevailed…….he took her hand and danced…

Saachi- you have to fulfil a punishment for forgetting this…!

Kabeer- think again u r giving ur senior a punishment

Saachi- no ! I am giving my husband a little punishment !

Kabeer- fine ! Whts that ?

Saachi – I will tell u tomoroww…!

Kabeer- thts ok but madam this is fine now if u remember u hv ur tests so start studying …

Saachi- of course I remembered but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy…
Anyways see what I hv got for u…!

She turned to go but slips….
Both fell on each other…
Sachi upon Kabeer…
Both shared an eye lock…
He leaned onto her…

S- ssh Isha Pragya will come !

Kabeer- I hope u hv told them to stay out for some time..

S- how mean….!

His hands rubbed her stomach…tightening the grip…her hands on his chest he could feel her breath…
He turned her upside down…with a jerk…her hands covering his shoulders …and at last ran through his hairs….he locked his lips with hers …they shared a passionate kiss… after few minutes of ack of air they both parted for some air and she turned red…stood to go but he holded her hands and she again fell in his arms wd a jerk…

Kabeer-“sssh … I never knew someday I will be honoured with you in my life”

Saachi- and I never knew u can be this normal even after crossing the limits of hitlerness ??

Kabeer- wierdo…?

She gifted him a watch…

Saachi- now my gift ?

Kabeer- first pls decide wether u want gift or wanna give me punishment!

Saachi- both !

Kabeer – ahm ohk close ur eyes…

Saachi did as she said…he put a light gold chain with a heart shaped crystal pendant around her neck…and kissed her neck!

Saachi- oh that’s so adorable …. beautiful …thanku for this and btw did u remembered our anniversary….

Kabeer- adorable but not more than u and yes I always remembered…

Precap: preparations on the top…

My dear readers I wanted to end this ff soon after few more episodes …I wanna know ur suggestion and after that I will be posting OS or may start a new ff…

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  1. That was great trisha .
    And want that you post OS on 15 august
    Best of luck for your new ff
    CANT WAIT ???

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku kanchi and sure

  2. It’s awesome Trisha yesterday u scared due to the gun shot but this is so amazing.

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku dear

  3. Awesome episode….
    Why do you want to end it?
    This is one most lovable ff of kanchi…?…… Please continue

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku aafia as u say I am continuing this

  4. Oh Trisha ff is awesome fabulous and I will miss u so much? Trisha but start OS or ff or both because I can’t miss such a beautiful writer??. And update soon love u ???take care????

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku divya that’s not so soon there are some more episodes left for now

      1. Thanks Trisha for continuing this ff

  5. U can continue this na why ur ending this…pls continue….

    1. Trisha139

      Sure prema I am not ending this

  6. Trisha anything u do we will always be the lucky ones because we know u never let down our expectations… we evn read the os of sanveer though a kanchi fan bcz we know the writer is damn good… and trisha as always we cud feel the ff, the romance of the handsome doctor… it’s awesome ??

    1. Trisha139

      Oh thanku so much nkh that is so sweet of u love u a lots for this beautiful cmmnt

  7. Trishu if u want to end its your decision dear. But I loved it so much. Please write more os or ff on kaanchi because I really like to read from you.

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku anee nd I guess I am looking to continue it

      1. Anee

        that’s good thankuu.

  8. awesome

  9. ????Wow.what a amazing story yaar.i can’t express my feelings.thank u so much for such an adorable writing????

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku anu for such praise sweetie

  10. Muje sanveer ki story vi bhut a66i lagi thi trisha????keep it up yaar

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku anu glad u liked that

  11. So sweet:-)

  12. first of all Trisha dear, u should take ample rest & take care of ur health…..
    coming to the episode, u really scared us with that gun shot……but thnk god…….nothing wrong happened………btw, a sweet hubby-wify pair……….awwww ……so cute………..enjoyed each & every moment of kanchi……….
    eagerly waiting for ur next ff(but plz it should be based on kanchi not sanveer)…………..luv u a lot dear………..

    1. Trisha139

      First of All thanku riya for ur consideration ….I am so glad nd happy too that I liked this and don’t worry now tht will be Kanchi only wether os or ff …love u sweetie

  13. Abhilasha

    Amazing as usual and their romance was aww……. But why r u ending… Its hr decisions but plz start a new fff aso can’t digest my food… Learn my lessons without ur ff…. So pls continue this one or a new one .

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku abhilasha …I have seen few opinions nd urs too so the result is i am looking forward to continue this one so don’t panic just enjoy ? nd kepncommentng ?

  14. Hema69

    its gud trisha you can start os r ff but kanchi be there lots of love to you

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku hema for the support

  15. Nutts

    So sweet n great

  16. This just high voltage part it was shock awesome and many more. All the best for ur new os .luv u

    1. Trisha139

      Hihi ?Thanku ashnita Di love u too

  17. Tejaswini Srinivas

    Best of luck for your new ff

  18. As always it is awesome… But Der is a little mistake…. If kabir didn’t remember his mrg anniversary den how can he bring gift for banchi…he didn’t remember na..r u getting me???Otherwise ur gf is awesome.. And I love it

    1. Trisha139

      Bhagyashree I got what u r trying to say dear nd I hv mentioned later that he do remembered …the anniversary

  19. U r amazing dear love u a lot keep continue writing ????

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku niyaa nd love u too dear

  20. It’s Amazing nd I love it

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku anandi

  21. No words to say u r awesome writer Trisha u always bring smile on my face while reading your ff or os . I wake up at night only to read your ff . Trisha one complain dear why did u wrote short episode plzz update next episode little longer. One more question Trisha from which state u belong

    1. Trisha139

      Awww that’s so so sweet of u neera …and thanku so much sweetie …and I am from Haryana nd sorry for the short episode ?

  22. Soooo cuteee episode Yarr Trisha. I never imagined that the episode will take such a great turn. I thought it would be emotional but it was romantic and beautiful. Really very surprising

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku vrushti I guess I made u guys cry earlier but not again ?

  23. Hi Trisha episode was awesome as usual and the gunshot hearing was Nothing but saanchi did it u gave a good twists to ur readers

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku sanu glad u like it

  24. Swetatitli

    Wonderful episode yaar ???

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku sweta ?

  25. trishna sorry for late comment..
    i love this ff..waiting for next one
    definitely waiting for your os and new ff about kanchi

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku sundari glad u like it

  26. RuCh23

    Aww so romantic ??? I really didn’t expect their anniversary thought Sanchi got shot? but dear this episode was epic. Even if ur gonna end this fic then right a new one dear otherwise we’ll die missing ur writing ??

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku ruwani I am so glad a writer like u liked this that means so much to me

  27. AnahitaAnnie

    Of course we are not angry at all. I am proud that being a kaanchi fan u listened to others request. Thats what makes u our queen and an amazing author.. Amd today’s episode.. I don’t need to tell u becoz u nailed it as always and it was the cutest thing ever. U are ending it.. I won’t protest since I am ending mine too.. But only OS’s won’t work..?? i want ff from u. Still not ready to let go of my fav writer.. Start a new ff. Pls pls..?

    1. Trisha139

      Awww thnku so much annie
      Being appreciated by an aj Thor like u is a great thing

      1. Trisha139

        Nd sure I will start a new one

  28. Amazing story… keep writing… ?… and please if i can write then plzz put more romance other than liplock..?

    1. Trisha139


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