My Destination: Cafe Coffee Day- Chapter 24 and 25 by Jerry

“But you know I bet I will be able to convince her, to make her love me back.” He said with a beaming smile that plastered across his face perfectly, to hide the broken him. Rudra and Omkara kept an assuring hand on his brother’s back and hugged him. “Dil Bole Oberoi !” They chorused.

“Sahil will you do a chota sa kaam for me ?” Anika asked crossing her fingers hoping for the best. “Ummm..what I would get in return ?” He asked keeping his hand on his chin. “Urgghh” she groaned and forced a smile towards him. “Whatever you wish for.” She said making a face. “Okay, then each week I will get 5 chocolates, you will buy me a new video game and the foremost important thing you will not touch my hair or apply that ‘powder’ on my face.” He said squinting his eyes. “Pinky Promise ?” He asked. “But Sahil, it will damage your teeth and about that powder thing, then how will you look handsome, I will apply a little only na..” She said holding his cheeks. “No ifs and buts, agree to the deal and I will do your work.” Sahil decided to stay firm in his decision. “Okay !” She said defeated. “What I have to do ?” He asked. “Come here !” She indicated with her hands. She whispered something in his ear and then smiled. He gave a thumbs up sign.

“Hello Jiju !” Sahil greeted Shivaay, who was setting his hair, a little upset after his brothers departed. “Hey Champ !” He said and took him in his arms. “How are you ?” He said. “Not fine.” He tried giving a sad look, focusing downwards. “What happened ?” He asked concerned. “Actually, I wanted to go to the lawn and nobody is willing to take me there, everybody is busy on their own. Anika didi is busy with the women section and Rudra with Saumya and Omkara….” Rudra reasoned. “Okay, okay I got the hint.” He said chuckling a bit at his siblings public display of affection. “I will take you.” He said and went with him towards the lawn.

As soon as Shivaay placed Sahil on the ground, he calmly tiptoed from there. The lawn was a little dark with perfect moon who gave its brightness for the two soulful people. Shivaay searched for Sahil and found that he was not there. Not wanting to waste a moment he was going in search of him when something fascinating caught his eye. He went closer to found something and he stilled.

There was the love of his life, standing beside the ice cream stand which he used when he proposed her, with a ice cream smeared face and lots of the same in her hand. She was eating nonchalantly having no fear of the other. She was looking cute, no very cute as the ice cream puddled her nose, face cheeks and lips. But more than cute she was looking funny. He looked on and then…

Broke into fits of laughter, so much that he could hear his own echo. He laughed and laughed holding his stomach. Anika saw him and waved a ‘Hi’ at him with her ice cream smeared teeth looking all funny. He again laughed and literally he did a ROFL.

Anika smiled as her plan worked and continued to stare him. “He looks so handsome and cute in this attire. I am not able to control myself. Freaking hot ! Today many girls would be drooling for him, but as I am his so called girlfriend, I will not let anybody come near him. What I have made myself ? Today I also wanted  to look the best, but its okay I can do anything for his smile. I lov…” She applied the brakes to her thought. What is she even thinking. She cursed herself numerous time for thinking like this.

After a hearty laugh of about 10 minutes, he went near her and said, “Anika look at you. What are you even doing ?” He asked. “Hey, now I can bet, Utkarsh’s ice cream are not better than yours. Your’s are amazing.” She complimented and then felt satisfied seeing a genuine grin placing on his lips. “Well, thanks.” He said. “You look awesome when you laugh.” She said. “Ohh !” He said unable to hold all the appreciations. “Let’s go for the Ceremony.” She said. “Like this ?” He chuckled. “Ohh, sorry I will change soon.” She said and, “By the way you look really handsome.” She complimented running back to the restroom proud of her task. “Praise number 3.” Shivaay exclaimed. “Not bad” he smiled and then he thought of his mom’s work. He turned the other side to see the drool, if her mother was that accurate but she had already left. He grinned foolishly, “She will be the death of me !!”

The three brothers felt a little weak and emotional while seeing their sister getting engaged but their lady love’s were ready for their men and mustered courage in them. Priyanka touched everyone’s feet and went towards her brothers. “Tu itni badi kab hogayi ?(How did you grow so fast ?”) Rudra asked with tears. “Bhaiya, I toh growed up har harayike and now don’t cry, give me a khidkitod smile.” Said Priyanka glistening. The brothers were dumbfounded and gazed at Priyanka who spoke with so much ease in front of a huge crowd. Their eyes turned towards Ranveer and now they knew why. He was the reason behind it. They didn’t had words to thank him and expressed their gratitude through their eyes. Ranveer smiled. “Prinku ! Language ! Your in laws are there.” Shivaay and Omkara said slowly. “Its okay, Shivaay and Om, she is my daughter. I won’t stop her.” Kamini came forward and planted a kiss on Priyanka’s forehead.

“Khotiyoo..ab now don’t cry !” Dadi exclaimed seeing a tensed atmosphere. Everyone broke into fits of laughter.


Chapter 25
“Anika Di, what are you thinking ?” Sahil asked looking at the tense figure. She turned to face him and her eyes were watery. He cupped her face, asking the reason, to which he received countless sobs from the person whom he hated to see tears in her eyes. “Sahil, I am not able to think what to do further !” She said amidst her sobs. “What happened Di ?” He managed to ask trying hard to maintain his composure. “Sahil, you know Billu ji, loves me. He had proposed me on the Drami Beach and you won’t believe that it was one of the cutest proposals I had ever seen.” She smiled a little and told him everything and cleared all the doubts which were in his mind.

“Toh now what is the problem Anika di, don’t act stubborn. I bet he is the one for you. He loves you Anika di, for god sake. Try trusting him for once, he is one of the best persons I have met on this planet.” Sahil said a little shaken and angry after he got to know that she had said no to his proposal. “But will he able to take care of me ?” She questioned him and more to herself. “Anika di, remember all the moments you had spend with him. Has he ever made you feel uncomfortable or something kind of that. I am sure he must have taken care for you.” Sahil explained his point of view.

Going through a quick flash back she lived the moments once again. How he had protected her while her finger was gonna chop, risking his finger. How he had scolded her and consulted a doctor for the minor burn on her hands. And then, how he had come with a naughty idea to feed the other with their hands. She still remembers those butterflies which she has cursed when he deliberately licked her finger. He cares for her, but her mind interjected. “Will he care for you if something serious will happen. This was a little cut and anybody who would have been at his place would have done the same thing. “But he cares for her damn it !” Her heart shouted to the brain.

“Anika di, do think about it.” Sahil said giving a quick goodnight kiss
to her. This time he didn’t felt ashamed, she was in a problem and it is his duty to protect her and tell her the right path, at least he thought so.

The moonlight fell over to a godly figure who was toddling here and there drowning in the thoughts of his beloved. He was thinking about her. He had not seen her after that Ice cream fiasco. She was looking so beautiful in that too, yes with the ice cream smeared face too. Suddenly the naughty part within him awoke. “Let’s take a sneak peak !” His heart declared tired of her teasing in his dream. Shivaay placed his hand over his chest, right on his heart. “Sure, your wish will be granted.” He said with a naughty smile on his god damn gorgeous face.

Shivaay’s POV

Fingers cross, fingers cross, I told my myself and did the same. And yeah the lottery was mine. Anika was alone in her room. Maybe Sahil had gone to sleep in Rudra’s room.

She is looking so beautiful. Just like a pari, a fairy sweet and cute. In sleep she just looks gorgeous not that tadibaaz girl. Huh !! Can’t resist myself more.

Placing myself neatly, I sat beside her. She was in a deep sleep. I leaned forward and touched her forehead but….
It was damn hot ! Burning and blazing. It means she has fever, high fever. I was getting angry on myself, it was all my fault. She ate ice creams for me, to make me happy, I know this from before. But I hadn’t thought of the consequences. I cursed myself. Gosh ! What I have done ?

Thinking for a while I processed my mind and thought that what she would be suffering from. She must be feeling horrible. The body ache must be unbearable and being the so called self less girl, she couldn’t have cared more. I hate her for that but I love her much more. She is my jaan. And this moment I have to be with her, how can I let her go. She needs someone this time who can hold her hand and tell her that I am here for you. Sahil is too small. I will be that ‘special one’ at least for today. I will take care of her in every possible way. I love her, I love her !!!!!!

End of Shivaay’s POV

Immediately the cell came out from his pocket. “Shivaay Singh Oberoi !” He roared over the phone. “Okay, hmm !”

He rushed out from there and came back with a bowl of water and a thin white cloth. Taking her head on his lap, he looked at her teary eyed. “It was all because of him.” He was guilty.

He bent over and kissed her forehead, “I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Whole night passed as Shivaay tried his best to lower down the temperature. He would cry sometimes cursing himself or would simply hope for her to recover. He would keep his head on her and look at her with affection. It happened because of him.

At four in the morning, he checked her temperature again. It was normal. He was relieved. Kissing her forehead and taking her hand in his, he wished that he must be in the place of her. He caressed her face.

“I love you Anika. I promise I will try never to come in front of you. You would be free Anika, you would be fine. I love you like one could ever possibly do.” He said as he descended from her room not before peacefully tucking her in. And then he smiled, amid his watery eyes.


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