Kamalanayani – an Untold Character of the Great Epic. (Episode 36)

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Here we go into the story..

Kamalanayani wiped her tears off and stood determined entangling her swami’s hands. Rajkumar Abhimanyu looked at her with tons of questions in his eyes. Kamala gently nodded her head though her eyes spilled droplets of love and pain, she controlled it as she can feel his pain more than hers..

Once the dense fog vanished in a few moments, Rajkumari Padmavadhani, Yuvraj Pradyumna and Chandrika and others, rushed towards both of them. Yuvraj Pradyumna enquired about all that happened “Was anything wrong.. Say something.. Why are you both keeping mum?”. Kamala replied “Jyesht, Yeh hamara prem ka pareekshaa hain..” and took deep breath. “Whatever that has to happen has happened.. Whatever that will happen will also happen..  There is nothing under our control..” said Kamala with pain in her heart.

“Abhimanyu, at least you say something clearly.. What happened?” asked the crown prince of Dvaraka shaking Rajkumar Abhimanyu. “A lot happened.. She bore more than she could or has to bear..” said the son of Subhadra with sadness. “What did she bear such?” asked Yuvraj Pradyumna. “A Curse..” said Kamala turning back and moved a few steps away.

“Kumari, What are you saying? Who cursed you? You didn’t do anything wrong but..” claimed Chandrika holding Kamala’s arm. “I don’t need to be consoled, Chandrika.. I am alright.. Shall we move ahead to the temple or am I not allowed inside there” asked Kamala pointing her eyes towards her Swami. “Kamala, you are nirdoshi.. no one can stop you going to the temple, where your mind can find peace..” replied Abhimanyu.

“Wait! is there anyone who can explain me what was the curse and who was behind that.. if not, then now, this minute, I say.. I am not your brother anymore..” said Yuvraj Pradyumna with anger. “Jyesht” gently said Kamala trying to hold his hand and continued “Even you can’t understand..” smirked with tears. “I am a fool.. whomsoever I believed would support me in pain and reluctantly not hearing the pleas of my heart.. I unable to even recall that moment again.. but.. but.. you are getting annoyed on me right.. fine.. I haven’t seen your anger till now.. show that also.. I am sure, I will never forget this day for janmas..”

“Kamala, I understand but, I can help you reduce the pains only when you explain the situation to me.. I am not an antharyaami (One who knows all past, present and future).. ” said Yuvraj Pradyumna. “This pain can neither be reduced, nor be ignored.. but I can explain..” replied Rajkumar Abhimanyu. He continued to elaborate the happenings.

When he narrated the curse, Kamala who was standing kneeled down on the ground and started crying

When he narrated the curse, Kamala who was standing kneeled down on the ground and started crying. Everyone tried to cool her down. Even tears dropped from Yuvraj Pradyumna’s eyes. “Hey Mahadev, why are you testing my sister such.. What wrong did she do.. Why are you playing with her life..” he shouted looking at the sky. “I will inform Pithashree about all this immediately.. Padma, Chandrika both of you take Kamala to her room.. Abhi, you come with me..” said Yuvraj Pradyumna. “I don’t need anyone’s care now, Jyesht.. I am not a normal girl who always weeps seeing pain. Pithashree brought me up, such that I should consider all ups and downs in life as one. Please allow me to go to the temple..” requested Kamala.

“But, if you go there like this, then whole Mathura will know about it.. If they say something without knowing all that happened, then think about Pithashree, Dadashree and Dadimaa.. First let us inform them and surely, I will take you to the temple..” said Yuvraj Pradyumna convincingly.

“I want to see Nagnath immediately.. If I am not allowed to go to see him now, then let him come here…” she continued with,
“Hey Bholenath.. Hey Shivashambu.. Hey Mahadev, I Krishna-putri Kamalanayani, invoke your presence.. If there is nothing bad in my karmas, if I am really your daughter, then show me your dharshan… show me your dharshan…” yelled Kamalanayani with wide reddish eyes and deep breaths. Her body started exposing her tej and krodh.. The clouds looked churning around.. Heavy wind blew.. Trees rustled.. Everyone seemed to lose their balance, but she and Rajkumar Abhimanyu stood still. “Kamala, what are you doing.. ” asked Yuvraj Pradyumna trembling along with others.

A shiva linga emerged from the ground. The environment got stable.

Kamala ran forward and hugged around and sat on its round base

Kamala ran forward and hugged around and sat on its round base. She was able to see herself, sitting on the laps of Lord Shiva and hugging him. “Putri Kamalanayani” said Lord Shiva opening his eyes and time stopped.

Precap: Tridev convince their daughter. Kamala looks at Shani dev and asks “Is this Vakra-drishti, Karmphal and justice, Pithashree..”

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