Twin troubles IshRa SS Part 14

Divya dressed in glittering red traditional wear for her first Karwachauth.

Abhishek:Divya…you look like a bride.

Divya:Then my pati dev.Feed me and break my fast.

Abhishek hugged her from side:Sure sweet heart.

She viewed his face through the Sieve.

He broke her fast with water and morsel.

Suddenly she fainted in his arms shocking him.

They called the doctor.

Abhishek:I had told Divya not to fast.Still she fasted and ruined her health.

Dr:It’s not because of fasting.


Dr:Divya is pregnant.

All were surprised.Divya was shy.

Raj:Naughty Abhishek…

Abhishek was shy:Dad…you too made mom pregnant.Right?

Raj became shy.They both laughed.

Rano kissed Divya:You gave me a big happiness.

Ishita and Raman saw each other’s face through the sieve with a smile.

Raman broke Ishita’s fast.

Ishita:I know that you too fasted for me as you believe in traditions.

He smiled.

She fed him water and food.

Knowing about Divya’s pregnancy Ishita and Madhu showered love upon her.
Madhu stared at Ishita:You too think of becoming a mother.
Ishita:Mom…I have a long way to go.
Madhu:Stop giving excuses.Stop modelling and stuff for some time and start a family.
Raman:Momji…don’t force Ishita.We will start a family when she is ready.

Madhu:You are too soft with her.That’s why she is like this.I thought marriage will make her responsible.But she has not changed even a bit.
Raman smiled.
Ishita thought:Poor Raman.He is longing for a baby.But for me he is suppressing his wish.If Raman can fulfill all my wishes why can’t I fulfill his wish?

Ishita was there with Divya to take care of her.Simi was there to help Abhishek Divya in everything in Ishita’s absense.

Divya:Thank you so much Simi for looking after me so well.
Abhishek:Seeing you with Divya never felt that you are not her real sister.

Simi:Oh come on…Divya is like my sister only.
Abhishek and Divya smiled at each other.

Divya:So sweet of you Simi.
Divya kissed her cheek.

Abhishek pampered Divya a lot.He always arranged special food for her and fed her.

After some months….

Divya delivered a baby boy.
Everyone pampered the baby.
Ishita hugged Divya:You made maasi..
Divya:When will I become an aunt?
Ishita blushed.
Rano:Did you guys think of a name for the baby?
Divya:Yes.Divek.Di from my name Divya and ek from Abhishek.Because this baby is the symbol of our love…a part of us.
Everyone smiled happily while Abhishek embraced Divya.

Raman was surprised to see the room decorated.
Ishita came near him shyly:Raman…


Ishita:Did you like it?

Raman:I loved it.

Ishita:Raman…I want to give you a lovely surprise.So I thought this room need to be grand.

Ishita:Ya.A grand surprise for you.

Ishita held his hand and kept it on her belly:Somebody is coming to call your dad.

Raman could’nt believe it and looked at Ishita.She nodded smiling.

Dil kahin Rukta Nahi 

Dil Kahi Rukta Nahi

Chalta hi Jaaye Teri Ore

Dil Meri Sunta Nahi

Raman embraced her in excitement:You gave me the biggest happiness Ishita.
Ishita was very happy seeing his happiness.

Ho Saari Fiizaayo Me Hai Mehki Hawao Me Hai Tera Aur Mera Fasana,

Jaanu Mai bhi yeh, Jaane hai tu bhi yeh, Jaane Ye Saara Zamaana 

All were celebrating Ishita’s pregnancy.Divya stood by Ishita to look after her.But since Divek was not leaving her even for a moment it was Shagun who stood with Ishita as a help.

Raman brought food for Ishita.
Ishita:I don’t want it.I am eating too much.
Raman:No diet control now.After delivery you can lose your weight.But now you should eat well for our baby.
He fed her food.

Ho Saari Fiizaayo Me Hai Mehki Hawao Me Hai Tera Aur Mera Fasana,

Jaanu Mai bhi yeh, Jaane hai tu bhi yeh, Jaane Ye Saara Zamaana

Ho Kabhi Kam Na Ho Ye hai Chaahatein

Pal Pal Badhe ye hai Mohabbatein (x2)


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