Kaleerein 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Tulika Kills Bride

Kaleerein 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Prince smitten by Tulika’s love takes masala chai for her and seeing her bandaged hand asks if he feed her tea. She acts and shyingly says he knows to touch girl’s heart with his sweet gestures. DLJ music plays in the background.

Guru maa comes to Meera’s house. Family greets her. Gurumaa asks Meera to bring havan lemon she gave her earlier. Meera says it is not in kitchen. Dolly says she doubted Tulika since the beginning. Gurumaa says evil soul has entered this house already. Vivan says he does not believe in all this and does not want Meera to be in any tension. Tulika walks with her bag and starts emotional drama crying and says Gurumaa is right, she is inauspicious and will leave this house. Meera falls for her emotional drama. Gurumaa looks at Tulika and via telepathy says she will not let her succeed. Tulika replies she has not yet started her game and is just preparing, wait and watch what she will do. Vivan says they will not let her go till she is married. Tulika thinks she is here to kill Vivan. Gurumaa warns family not to trust stranger so easily, but as usual they reject her suggestion.

Meera takes Tulika to beauty parlor and says she is from SKA and need makeover. Tulika says she will agree for haircut only if Meera also does her hair cut. Meera agrees and sits for hair cut. Tulika does black magic on Meera’s hair and gets them all fixed to her hair. Meera walks away to washroom after haircut. A bride enters parlor. Tulika fumes seeing bride and thinks her sister could not died in bridal dress, she will not let anyone become bride. She turns into witch/dayan with long hair and strangulates bride with her hair. Parlor staff runs away seeing dayan. Tulika is about to kill lady when Meera returns. Tulika pulls bride aside and stands normally. Meera is shocked to see her long hair and asks how did her hair grow so long. Tulika shows hair and says they are normal. Meera says maybe it is her imagination.

Precap: Gurumaa gives medicine to Dolly and asks her to mix it in kheer and give it to Tulika while serving it to family, if she coughs up blood, she is evil soul. Meera coughs up blood instead.

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