Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Guddan marries AJ

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
AJ stands up in shock. Everyone is bewildered. Kaushaliya is happy. Lights turn on. AJ says Guddan.. Durga says what are you doing here? Where is Shweta? This means you married AJ? Papa says Guddan how are you here? Saru says when we brought Shweta here it was Guddan. Kaushaliya wonders how did Perv convince Guddan? He calls Kaushaliya and says see your dream is fulfilled.
Saru says we don’t consider you our daughter in law. Kaushaliya says my daughter is married to him. Where will she go if they don’t accept her? They have ruined my daughter’s life. Guddan says enough mummy. It doesn’t matter if they accept or not, we are married AJ. You wanna know how I came here? I locked Shweta in the washroom and took her place. I did this to save my sister’s

life. I didn’t wanna do all this. I would never marry AJ. The person who kidnapped Revati said he will kill her if I don’t marry him. Kaushaliya is dazed. She says where is revati? Saru says don’t lie. How are those two things related? Guddan says I did that to save my sister. Laxmi says do you have a proof? Guddan says I will show you. She checks her phone but the video isn’t there. Guddan says where did that video go. Durga says don’t do this drama. You did this for AJ’s wealth. I know girls like you. Guddan says I did this for my sister not money. Dadi I told you that I don’t wanna marry AJ. My sister’s life in danger. He will kill her if I didn’t marry you. Revati comes and says what are you doing here? Guddan hugs her and says are you okay Revati? Revati says you married? Guddan says to save your life I did this. If anything happened I would never forgive myself. Did he harm you? Revati says who? i was sleeping in the guest room. Who would kidnap me? Kaushliya goes to find Perv.
Durga says stop lying to us. You can’t do anything. You can never be our mother in law.

Kaushaliya says where are you Perv? Come out. how dare you use my daughter in all this. Guddan was blackmailed. I know she isn’t lying. If you dare doing anything with my revati I will kill you. Prev laughs and says angry? Look at how your daughter is AJ’s wife now. SHe can never prove all that happened. I have deleted the videos. Your revati was fainted all the time so she didn’t see anything. Your dream came true. He leaves. Kaushaliya says thank God Revati is fine.

Laxmi says she doesn’t have any proof. Durga says you did this drama to marry AJ for his money. Shweta comes and says I will tell you all the truth. Shweta says she first attacked my head and then locked me in the bathroom. She wore my dress and married AJ. She is very dangerous. er mom says you ruined my daughter’s life. Guddan says please trust me. I didn’t want to hurt anyone. I did this to save my sister. AJ says enough. AJ says thank you for coming to this wedding. If you are all done you can leave. All the guests leave. Durga says we have to tell all these people about the reality of this girl. AJ drags Guddan upstairs.
Saru says no one can save her from AJ’s anger.
Aj shoves Guddan in the room. She says listen.. He says this is disgusting. You did this to marry me? She says I did this to save my sister. AJ breaks stuff and says you did this intentionally. You made me say no to this wedding. I called my wedding off with you because you asked. And then you are my wife now? People were right about you. You only think about money.
Precap-Guddan tells AJ everything. He is angry at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Poor Gudden, har tarf se dushmano se ghiri hui hai… I hope AJ understands her and she gets aj and dadi support…

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