Kalash 8th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Ravi comes to Devika’s home, Devika sys i have to give my leave application, he says bring it, she goes.
Savitri is discussing about money with chachu, she says to Rekha that sell Tanu’s jewelry and bring ring, Rekha says Ajay have already given her jewelry to bank to start new business and Tanu doesnt even know it, Devika’s father comes there and says i dont like that guy Ravi, why did he comeback now? he was talking to Devika alone, Rekha says he must come for some work, father says then why he was talking to Devika, Savitri says maybe he is planning something against us as he is Anuja’s son, Ravi comes there, Savitri ask why were talking to Devika? Ravi says she was giving application of leaving to me, i have come to give you something, he gives ring to Savitri and says my mother made this ring for my marriage, i have no plan to get married soon so thought to give it you, give is to Saket tomorrow and when you get money then give it back to me, i have no problem, Rekah thinks we were thking wrong about this guy, he is really nice, Rekha ask why you are doing this? rAvi says i am doing this for my friend, i cant see her in problem, savitri says you are an angel, i will never forget this favor, Ravi thinks that now Devika will keep smiling, Rekha thinks friends? Dada says to Ravi that its difficult to find a person like you, you have pure heart, without any relation, helping others is a great thing, Ravi says i am happy that i helped you, Dada says i pray to get everything you want, Savitri ask him to sit, Ravi says no i wil leave now, he leaves.

Scene 2
Devika is talking with Pallavi and Sakshi, Sakshi says to Devika that now you will get engaged and will have no time for us, ou jeeju is super fast, he is doing engagement, Tanu comes there too, Devika says i am nervous, Sakshi says i will not be nervous, i will make my groom nervous, Rekha comes there, she ask them to go away and sleep, let Devika sleep too, Sakshi, Pallavi and Tanu leaves, Rekah comes to Devika and ask what happened? why you are nervous? DEvika says dont know i am feeling not well, Rekha says Ambe maa with you, dont worry, marriage is important for everyone, after marriage, once get peaceful life, if your mother was alive then she would have been, Devika says i see you as my mother, if you are happy then my mother would be happy too, Rekha says life partner is the one who protect your family, who helps them in need, who hides your flaws, who give you love and who become your best friend, Sakshi recalls how she became friends with Ravi, Rekha says you can share every problem with him, Rekha ask her to sleep.
Amit is checking designs of every employ and is clicking pictures, sending to someone. Ravi comes there and shows his design, Amit clicks picture and says nice, Amit says we will get winner soon. he talks some girl on phone, he says result is out, i sent my designs to Navidita, she is my sister and head in absence of dad, he says she liked designs, she liked a designs which had great landscaping, Ravi recall how Devika changed landscaping in his designs, Amit says Ravi you are winner, Ravi gets happy, all leaves, Amit says to Ravi that you are talented so we have given you promotion, he says i am going to london, Navidita will come, she is very demanding, she can make you and break you, he leaves, Ravi thinks that Rakesh have made her head so she must be something, i have to meet this Navidita but first i have to meet Devika, i have won competition because of her only.

Scene 3
Chachu ask Vikas to call RAvi, he do everything fast, Devika thinks Chachu is praising Ravi, Dada ask worker to call Ravi, he do everything nice, Devika he too? Rekha comes and ask Dada where is Ravi? i have to tell him about arrangements, Devika is shocked, she ask Dada that no one knew about Ravi and today all are talking about him, whats the matter? Dada says you dont know what he has done your engagement, he looks more own than Saket, she ask what he did? Dadi calls him, he leaves, Devika thinks that girls go gaga over him thats understable but how did he impress my family so much?
Ravi comes back home and i got raise in salary, Anuaja ask about his boss? he says i have not met her, why you are asking about her? she says she increased your salary so she is lucky for you, Ravi thinks i think someone else is lucky for her, he says i will go to Vikas. he leaves, Anuja says i hope that boss is nice.
Ravi comes to Devika’s house, Devika ask who won? Ravi says i won because of you, when you need treat? Devika says you won because of your hard work, i just made small changes, Ravi says i won because of those changes, Kabhi na sukon aya plays, she ask what magic you did on my family, all are praising you, Ravi says nothing like that, i am just doing work.

Scene 3
Saket is in Savitri’s house, he gives guest list to Savitri, Savitri is shocked, Rekha says to Savitri that the ring which Saket has bought for Devika is not fitting her, Savitri tells this to Saket, Saket sys i will take her size and will change it, he gets a call and says ask someone else to do it, Ravi comes there, Savitri says will you do some work? Ravi says just order, Savitri says ring size of Devika is small, can you change it? Ravi says yes, she ask to take Devika’s size, Ravi goes to Devika’s room but Sakshi stops him, Ravi says i have to take her ring size, Sakshi thinks he is finding way to meet her, she says oh marriage will stop and you will feel bad, he says thats why taking her size, she says i know its all reasons to meet her but you have to give me bribe to meet her, he ask what you need? she says give anything, i wanna see how much big heart you have, he puts something in her hand and ask her to close eyes and check after i go, she says ok, he leaves, she opens her hand to finf 10rs, she says very smart, atleast there is someone who can fool Sakshi but i have made him fool too as he doesnt know Devika is not in her room.

PRECAP- ring is stuck in Devika’s finger, Ravi tries to bring it out, they get closer, devika watches him closely, they share eyelock.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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