Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj and Sandhya talking. They see Ved and Misri talking to help Sooraj, and sacrificing their wishes and things to support Sooraj. Pari says she has given the ad in paper. Mohit asks Pari not to lie and shame on Emily to make Pari take the blame. Pari says she took Anjali’s help to give this ad, Anjali has seen Emily hiding her pain all these years. She says you told me that Emily has right to be happy, I will find a good husband for my mum. Bhabho asks what is she saying, she has her father, how can she think this.

Pari asks is husband like him, and tells what Mohit did. Bhabho asks what. Pari says he made me think against Emily and when I came to know the truth, I could not bear it. They cry and look at Mohit. Pari says I want Emily to be happy, whats wrong if she remarries. Sooraj tells kids that he is glad that they are thinking so much, but they can just hug. Sandhya asks them to go home and not worry, as Sooraj will manage. Misri and Ved leave. Sooraj says he will try again, see how kids trust me, they have inspired me.

Pari asked Bhabho to swear on her and say did Mohit do a husband and father’s duty. Emily stops her and cries. She says you should have asked me, what I want. Pari says yes, tell me what you want, I will fulfill your wish. Emily says I don’t want anything, you are my everything, I don’t want to remarry. She hugs Pari. Bhabho cries.

Sooraj comes to meet a financer and sees a lady sitting in café. He says he had meeting with her, for bank loan. He says she will not regret if she invests money and shows his hotel design. She says fine, the design is good, but I can’t help you. He says we spoke on phone and shows the card. She says I m Aditi Kashyap, I m not that you are finding. He says oh, I wanted to meet Yogita Madam. She says no problem. Yogita Singh comes there and meets him, saying Vikram told her about him.

Sooraj asks Yogita can she help him in loan. Yogita says its big investment. Aditi says she knows he is big player, I will not give it, I want best player for my team. Sooraj says I know, but I m confident of my project and I will return money in one year. Balwant says its tough to get better player in kabaddi now. She says she is the owner of the team, fine we don’t have time, but I will not depend infront of their demands, we also have self respect and we will find the way. Yogita asks whats guarantee that hotel will run.

Balwant says Abhay is star player, if he leaves our team, we will lose, we don’t have any other player, we should agree. Sooraj talks to Yogita and asks her to think once. Aditi leaves. Yogita says sorry, I can’t take risk and become your business partner.

Sooraj gets inside the lift and Aditi also takes the same lift. The lift door closes. She says we had to go down, the lift is going up. She worries and he says I think your bad was also bad, I heard you. She says I m sorry, my voice get high when I get angry. She says she owns a kabaddi team, the tournament is ahead, and players are demanding high amount. He says his problem of not getting any guarantor. She says money is not a big problem, if person has talent, he can get money, I have money and power, but I don’t want to accept demands.

He asks her to have belief in Lord. She says his advice is good, but she did not get success. They come out of the lift. Sooraj says I don’t know how you will understand, but I have a solution. He asks her to change the way and get new way to reach the aim. He says talent is not dependent of anyone, you can make new team and teach everyone a lesson, that greed is not good. She likes his idea and shares a talk with him.

She says I think our meeting has some reason and asks him to change his way. He asks how. She smiles and says Lord will show a new way, and he has to find it. She leaves.

Aditi calls Balwant and says she will change her entire team, sometimes new routes also make us reach destination. Balwant asks her to think again. She says she will change her team and thanks Sooraj for advice, and wishes his problem also gets solved, all the best. They leave.

Sooraj reads about new team and Sandhya says she changed way by your advice. The man says he will not give loan. Sooraj says what Aditi said and thinks.

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  1. Nice episode.

  2. Kuch palle nahi para matalab samajh nahi aaye

  3. Atlast there is a positive approach.

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