Kalash 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 27th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Sakshi calls Monty, Nivi says to Monty to call her to place. Monty takes call and says to Sakshi that i am sorry for misbehaving with you, i insulted you, i was wrong, i shouldnt have done this, i am so sorry, will you forgive me? you became fine so soon and i didnt know how to react, i was so alone in last year, i didnt know that i have a beautiful wife who cares for me, i shouldnt have done this, i want to start afresh and make relation where there is no misunderstanding, Sakshi smiles and says i cant believe you have realized your mistake, i have forgiven you, we will start a new life. Monty says can you meet me at some place? i want to meet you at place where no one will disturb us, can you come to old mandir? i want to start new life with God’s blessing, Sakshi says i will come there, tell me time, Monty says i will message you time, he ends call. Monty says to Nivi that i have trapped Sakshi, she will come to place you asked. Nivi thinks that Sakshi will die tonight.
Sakshi comes to Devika and says you know what Monty said to me? Janki says you look so happy Sakshi, what did he say? Sakshi says Monty wants to start our relation again, he said sorry and want us to become one, Devika says tell me everything, i cant believe it, Sakshi says this is true, he has realized his mistake and he wants to meet me at mandir to start new life with God’s blessing, i am so happy, i have forgiven him, Devika says i am so happy for you, Janki says good happen with good people. Sakshi says Monty will message me place and time. Devika says you have to look beautiful today Sakshi, Sakshi says what about our plan against Nivi? Janki says this is not to think about all this, its time to celebrate your happiness, DEvika says nothing is more important than your happiness. Janki asks Ambika to make Sakshi look great, Devika says i will get Sakshi ready, Janki says i have some work, i am leaving, she hugs them and leaves.
Nivi comes to Raghav’s den, she asks when did you come out of jail? he says its easy for me to leave jail, what work do you have? Nivi says i want a gun, i am sure you must have it, Raghav says i am shooter so i would have gun but why you want it? whom you want to kill? Nivi says i want to kill Sakshi Garewal, Raghav says you know your story is twisted, i think you are mad, before you wanted to kill Ambika then Saket wanted to kill Ravi and now you want to kill Sakshi, Nivi says i have to sort things out and i dont want risk so i will do my work, i can trust you after Saket, tonight i will kill Sakshi so i want revolver. Raghav says i dont have revolver rightnow, Nivi says arrange it from anywhere, Raghav says police is searching anyone so i keep dagger with me not gun, Nivi says this dagger will do my work, i wont let her survive, she will die on spot, i will stab her with dagger.
Devika makes Sakshi get ready and says you are looking so nice, Monty will be mesmerized, Sakshi says you have done so much for me, Devika says you gave up your happiness for me, i cant pay your debt, i just want you happy always, Sakshi says you have always been with me so i cant let anything wrong happen with you too, Devika says i just want to say that forget old things and start new life, i just want happiness in your life, and i know this will happen. Sakshi gets Monty’s message, she says Monty has left for Mandir and asking me to come there too, Devika says i will ask driver to drop you, Sakshi says i will go by taxi, Devika kisses Sakshi’s forehead, Sakshi leaves. Devika thinks that Sakshi will get deserved happiness now.

Scene 2
Nivi arrives at Mandir, she waits for Sakshi and thinks that what you thought Devika that you can make me go crazy? you want me to leave Ravi but i wont let that happen, i have never lost, if i can kill Devika then i can go one more step ahead to get free from her soul, i will kill Sakshi and get rid of Devika’s soul.
Janki calls Devika, Devika says Sakshi has left, she was so happy, i dont want her sad now, she says i thought to go to Nivi’s room, i am sure she must be scared, Janki says okay look for her, where is Ravi? DEvika says Ravi is busy in office, i will go and check on Nivi, Janki says okay and ends call. Devika is about to leave room when she gets call from Raghav, Raghav asks how are you? DEvika says who are you speaking? Raghav says i was against you but now i am with you, i want to tell you some information but you have to pay me good, Devika asks what is your name? Raghav says i am Raghav, the shooter speaking, the one who tried to kill Ravi and blamed you behind it, DEvika says how dare you call me? Raghav says what i am going to tell you is important for you, DEvika says i know Saket gave you money to kill Ravi, i know that and Saket have paid for it, Raghav says Saket has nothing to do it, its about Sakshi, she is going to be killed tonight, Devika asks how do you know? what you want to say? Raghav says i will tell you everything but you have to buy information from me, we are not getting orders to kill even, i want 10lacs, Devika says i will give you 20lacs but nothing should happen to my sister, tell me everything. Raghav says Nivi came to me and asked for gun to kill Sakshi but i said so she snatched my dagger and said that she wont spare Sakshi, she called Sakshi to old mandir. Devika recalls how Sakshi was called by Monty, Devika thinks that Nivi used Monty to kill Sakshi and Sakshi believed Monty, i have to save Sakshi.
Ravi comes to Monty’s office and asks why you didnt leave till now? you should talk to Sakshi, Monty says i am working on project, i will leave later, Ravi says i will leave with you, Ravi leaves. Monty says dont know what is going on near Mandir, i hope Nivi gets successful in her plan.
Devika is in car and thinks Monty has stooped so low, he cheated Sakshi to be on Nivi’s side, i should call Sakshi and stop her from going there, Devika calls Sakshi but Sakshi is not picking call, Devika is agitated and says why she is not taking my call? dont know what is going to happen with her. She says i should tell Janki. She calls Janki and says Sakshi’s life is in danger, i dont know what to do, Janki says she went to meet Monty, Devika says Monty fooled Sakshi, Monty is with Nivi, he said those words on Nivi’s saying, Nivi called her there to kill her, Sakshi’s life is in danger and i dont know what to do, Janki asks where are you? Devika says i am going to mandir, Raghav called me and told me that Nivi took his dagger to kill Sakshi, Sakshi is not taking my call too, Janki says i will call Sakshi too, dont worry, trust Ambe Maa, nothing will happen to Sakshi, Devika says i will call you late, she ends call and calls Sakshi again but she doesnt pick up, she asks driver to drive fast.

PRECAP- Devika says to Sakshi that we will exchange clothes, i will put on veil, she is expecting Sakshi there but she will get Ambika inplace of Sakshi near mandir.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wow nice twist

  2. Nice I like that twist

  3. Good! Finally getting interesting again! Sometimes it’s calm but then twists like these keep viewers engaged! Can’t wait to see developments!

  4. Good episode. Yeah this is great twist. Just wondering what Devika will do with Nivi
    Will she act as ghost? Or will she kill Nivi with knife or trishul? Or will she kill Nivi with another way? Or will she try to make her mentally unstable? What is she going to do? I can’t wait for Monday’s episode.

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