Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 11

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Cutie “Ma…..but I have a question…..” Naina breaking away from the hug looked at Cutie. Cutie “Why hero and heroine never become friends?” Naina “They can be friends…..” Cutie “How?” Naina told something to her. Cutie hearing that yelled in excitement!
Naina “How Cutie? Are u ready to start the game?” Cutie “Yes Ma! This is so fun!!!” Naina kissed on her cheek and made her sleep.

The next day,
Cutie was waiting for her school bus and that’s when she saw a lady kissing Abhi. Cutie, How can she kiss Friend when di should be the one kissing friend!!!

She marched towards them with her arms folded in anger. Abhi was facing the lady so he couldn’t see her coming towards them.
Cutie yelled “Friend!!!!” Abhi was stumbled hearing her loud voice. Abhi turned back and looked at Cutie still with her arms folded. Abhi “What are u doing here Cutie? Isn’t it time for your school bus to arrive?” Cutie still looked angry and she frowned at the lady. Abhi “Why are u frowning at her?” Cutie “Who is she?” Tanu “I am Tanu…. Who are u tiny??” Cutie got angry hearing the word tiny.
Abhi carried her and said “Tanu! She is my friend! My smartie cutie boss! Am I right Cutie?” Cutie hearing that smiled and kissed him on his cheek.
Tanu seeing that laughed sarcastically. Cutie hearing that was annoyed. Abhi “Why are u laughing Tanu?” Tanu still laughingly said “No….it’s just that I never seen such a tiny boss in my life!” Cutie “Friend! She is not good….” Abhi “No Cutie she is good, just that she is making fun of u!” Tanu “Aww…finally u said I am good Abhi! This day is for party yaar!! I should thank Cutie for this too!!” Cutie again got irritated hearing her speaking. Tanu came closer to kiss Cutie but Cutie slapped her hardly on Tanu’s cheek.
Abhi was shocked seeing Cutie’s action. Cutie “Don’t try to kiss me!! If not I will do AM!!” Tanu started grumble and complained to Abhi. Abhi tried to convince her but Tanu left from there by crying. Abhi “Oh Cutie! What have u done? She is my Boss’s sister! Now I don’t know what she is going to complain to my boss!” Cutie “She is not my sister!!” Abhi “Oye Cutie…she is my boss’s sister….the boss I am working for!”

Cutie “She is looking like a monster friend!!” Abhi hearing that chuckled and let her down. Abhi “I don’t know why u are so angry towards her but u had done something good too….” Cutie “What friend?” Abhi “I don’t like her too…she kissed me suddenly! I don’t like that…” Cutie “Friend! She is a monster! We should do AM next time!!!” Abhi asked “What is AM?” Cutie shouted “Attack Monster!!!!” Abhi “Okok! You go and wait for your school bus now….”

Cutie by saying that walked back to the place she waits for school bus and felt proud that she chased the monster away.
Cutie, Ma is right….just like in the story she said….that monster looks handsome and this monster looks beautiful!! I must protect friend!!!
As for Abhi he drove to his work place and found something unusual at his cabin.
Abhi, Flowers? Who placed it here?
He went out of the cabin to check when Pragya passed hurriedly and hit against him.
Abhi in a rush said “I am sorry….” Pragya looking at him panicked and quickly took the files and papers she had dropped on the floor. Abhi kneeled and helped to pick the files and papers. Pragya not looking at him said thank u as he passed the files and papers to her.
Abhi “Do I know u before?” Pragya “No….” By saying that she turned back and walked hurriedly. Abhi “Ms Pragya!! You missed something!!” Pragya hearing him calling her name was even more tensed. Pragya stood there in shock and Abhi walked towards her. Abhi “You missed your ID card…..” Abhi was holding her card and she turned back to take the card from him.
Abhi still looking at her said “Ms Pragya…..I didn’t expect u to be so shy…” Pragya just forwarded her hands and was waiting for him to give her ID card. Abhi gave her the card and smiled.
Pragya smiled back and said “Thank u!” Abhi “But I think I have seen u before….Your face looks very familiar….” Pragya didn’t answered anything. She just turned back and walked away.
Pragya, All this is because of her!! She purposely made me walk here!!!
Abhi, Strange….I think I have seen Pragya before but I can’t remember her…Nowadays I forgot so many things!! Am I getting old not being able to remember things…..
Pragya, I hope he don’t remembers me….if he does then a lot of questions will be asked by him which I am not able to answer!! I am not at all prepared to face and talk to him! But now he would have known that I am working as the secretary for Boss! Why did I in the first place agreed to work here?

As she was keep on thinking in this way, her boss entered the room. Boss “Thinking about him?” Pragya not realizing her presence said “Yes then who else would I be thinking of?” Boss “Hello Pragya! There is still so many of us who are concerned about u!!!!” Pragya realized what she had said and looked away. Boss “Silly girl! You love him but you are hiding it!” Pragya, I am not hiding but I am avoiding…..

Abhi “Ms Pragya….I think I have missed you somewhere and that’s why I am getting missed calls from your number….” Pragya hearing that looked stunned.

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