Kalash 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Sakshi says to Janki that my first wish to scare Nivi like she made by giving me wrong medicines and also to bring happiness between Ravi and Devika, Janki says you deserve happiness too.
Ravi and Devika comes in room, Ravi says if you wantd to spend time with me alone then you would have told me, Devika says nothing like that, Ravi hugs her from behind and says you should have told me, i am always ready to have romance with me, Devika says see Janki there.. Ravi pulls away being conscious, Devika laughs and says you got scared, Ravi says i can show you my guts, Devika runs away from him, Ravi grabs her and they both fall onbed in process, with Ravi on top of Devik, they look at each other, Ravi leans in but Devika pulls away and leaves being shy. Ravi says Nivi is lying, Devika can never lie to me, i have to make her say that she is Devika and not Ambika.
Nivi is scared in her room, she mistakenly breaks vase and screams, she says i can not live like this, i should call Saket about Devika’s soul.. she says oh God Saket is dead, i am alone, i never felt so much alone, i dont have Manju or Shweta here too, Ambika has done this to me, i used to fight with them but i could talk to them, i cant share feelings with anyone now, Devika has returned, she will kill me like she killed Saket. Nivi says but i called Devika’s soul so Ambika has killed Saket, she made Manu go to jail and Shweta to leave house but why she is doing all this? is Ambika Devika in real? then it means there is no soul of Devika, even if Ambika is not Devika, Devika’s soul has gone, i have to bring Ambika’s truth to Ravi.
Janki says to Devika and Sakshi that Nivi will be composed till tomorrow so we have to shock and scare once more tonight only, Devika says you are right, we should not waste time, Sakshi says tell me what to do, Devika says come with me.
Nivi is sleeping in her room. Sakshi comes there and glares Nivi like ghost, Nivi wakes up and is scared to see her, she sees lights flickering in room. Sakshi grabs her neck and says i will kill you, Nivi says what has happened to you Sakshi? Sakshi says i am Devika, whom you killed. Nivi says forgive me Devika, please spare me, Sakshi says remember when you killed me, i was begging to not kill me but still you threw from cliff, you dont deserve my sympathy, Nivi says i did wrong with you, i will confess what i did with you to everyone, i will go to jail too but dont kill me, Sakshi is strangling her neck. Nivi cries.
Ravi turns on bed and doesnt find Devika on bed, he wakes up and sees Devika not in room, he says where did she go at night? i get worried for her, i should go and check.
Nivi tries to get free but Sakshi says i wont forgive you, you should have thought before killing me, even if your truth comes out, i wont get peace till i kill you myself. Devika comes there and pushes Sakshi away. Nivi tightly hugs Devika and cries, she says she was trying to kill me, Nivi says she is not Sakshi, she has Devika’s soul in her, Devika says calm down, i am with you, Sakshi acts like fainted. Ravi comes there, and asks what happened? how Sakshi fainted? Sakshi thinks that should i remain acting like fainted? Devika says lets take Sakshi to her room. Ravi lifts Sakshi and leaves with her.
Ravi lies Sakshi on her bed, Devika tucks her in bed. Ravi asks what Sakshi was doing in Nivi’s room? how did she faint? what happened there? a lot is happening in house, you are my wife so tell me everything, Devika says i will bring water for Sakshi, Ravi says tell me what Sakshi was doing in Nivi’s room? Sakshi thinks that dont know how Devika will handle him. Devika says i didnt want to tell you but you are doubting me so let me tell you truth, i sent Sakshi to Nivi’s room with milk, Nivi didnt have dinner so i asked Sakshi to take milk for her but then i heard Sakshi’s screams, i went to Nivi’s room and saw Sakshi was beaten by Nivi, one side she was beating Sakshi and otherside she hugged me and said that Sakshi has Devika’s soul in her, i think we should Nivi to doctor, her mental state is not right, Ravi says you take care of Sakshi, i will bring water, Ravi leaves. Sakshi wakes up and says you made good story, we will used it against Nivi, Devika says we have to be careful, Sakshi lies down and acts like unconscious.

Scene 2
Nivi is sitting in her room and is scared, she is paranoid and keeps looking at door, she sits on sofa and goes to sleep.
Its morning, Devika is getting ready, she recalls how Ravi and she fell on bed, she thinks that why i am thinking so much? i should get ready. She applies lipstick, she recalls how Ravi used to take her out for dinners, flashback shows Devika saying to Ravi that we are not going out for dinner, your boss cum girlfriend Nivi will come to take you, Ravi says my wife is so pretty so why would i look at my boss? Devika says go to office, Ravi says you are so beautiful, you dont need any makeup, Devika says i didnt do any makeup, i just applied lipstick, Ravi says your lips are most desirable, i get attracted to them, i am jealous of lipstick, you dont get attracted to me like that, Devika says you apply lipstick too, maybe then i will get attracted to you, Ravi says apply it, i am not denying, Devika says close your eyes, he does, she applies pink lipstick on his lips, he looks in mirror and screams, flashback ends. Devika smiles, Ravi comes there and says why you are smiling? she says some old incident came in my mind, he says tell me, Devika says i saw a movie in which wife did makeup of husband, i was thinking you would look funny in makeup, Ravi recalls his lipstick moment with Devika too, she says did you really saw that movie or was it really that happened with you and you are remembering it? Devika is shocked.

PRECAP- Nivi says to doctor that we appreciate your efforts, will you take tea? Sakshi comes there dressed as Devika, Nivi gets scared seeing her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Well…… Finally Saket is dead, now reading updates. Hope it’s not a dream or some sort of plan. Can’t wait for Nivi to get her just punishment, she deserves the gas chamber.

  2. Yes true…. finally…. i love devika…. she is so beautiful

  3. finally someone got punishment

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